Imbolc Meditation 2015



(Imbolc in Malibu (truthfully looks more like Beltain!))
Dear Tama-Do Faeries
Imbolc is the midpoint of the dark half of the year. 
(Wednesday Feb 4, when the moon is 15° in Aquarius)
This is the time of “Faoileach,” the Wolf month, when families huddle around the fire,
hearing the wolves howling in the night…. dreaming of summer.
It is the time to light the Sacred Fire ~ to melt the snows so that Spring can arrive.
Prepare your altar with 7 candles.
Take your usual full moon bath (tomorrow night!!) with sacred herbs…
(rosemary, sage or star anise and bay)
ask for purification.  ask for strength to make it to the summer.
Then conduct the following magique ritual:
Before you light the candles – speak the incantation.
Say it again and again until it fills your aura.
make it tangible.
Take it away, take it away !
Winter is melting
We’re heading for May!
New life is stirring
Birds have been chirping
Rise up Rise up
The fires are now burning!
Feed the Fire ~ feed the flames
Feel my desire as I call the names
of loved ones both far and near ~
Come dance with me !  Be of good cheer !
(NAME 7 loved ones: ____ _____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____)
(take the time to feel their aura enter your circle)
Burn the old ~ burn the bad
The Sun is rising ~ joy is to be had.
Transform the dark ~ make it Light
Make it good ~ make it right !


(light a match or candle to light each of the 7 candles)
As my loved ones are my witness,
(light 1st candle)  With this first candle I burn all __________ (name what you want to burn- release it).
(light 2nd candle)  With this second candle I burn all ____________(name what you want to burn- release it).
(light 3rd candle)  With this third candle I burn all _______(name what you want to burn- release it).
(connect with the loved ones who you have called.
connect with what you have released.  Be honest.  Keep with this until you feel a release and lifting up)
(light 4th candle) With this 4th candle I look to the future and see ______________
(light 5th candle) With this 5thcandle I look to the future and see ______________
(light 6th candle) With this 6th candle I look to the future and see ______________
(light 7th candle) With this 7th candle ~ the Winter is over ~ the Fire is rising.
When you are finished scoop chi up from the 7 burning candles and clear your aura one final time.
Feel the power of the fire of the Divine warm you and feed you.
We are loved.
We are chosen.
We are Light.  No longer frozen.
Daughters of Springtime
Sons of the Sun
Happy Birthday to everyone !
(blow out the candles)
(give thanks to the 7 who appeared ~ and send them back to where they belong)
love and light
Terres and Fabien
See you in the MoonLight!
make it good ~ make it right !