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In registering for this Level I Tama-Do Course, I understand and acknowledge that I am a Level I student of the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. I understand than in addition to sums I have paid as a fee for this course, part of the consideration that I must provide in return for Tama-Do Academy’s agreement to provide this training to me, is my acceptance of the following conditions and terms, which I now acknowledge and accept.

  1. 1) I acknowledge that after completing the Level I training, I may practice these Tama-Do Techniques taught within this workshop, but I agree that I will not call myself a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner, nor advertise in any manner (such as leaflets, business cards, websites and social media...) nor hold myself out to the public or to clients as a Tama-Do Certified Practitioner or a Tama-Do Practitioner unless and until I am granted permission to do so in writing by Tama-Do Academy, after completing the Tama-Do Practitioner requirements. This means that I will not advertise that I offer any or all of the Tama-Do Techniques in writing or online or in any other way until I have been certified as a Tama-Do Practitioner. However, in being given permission to practice the Tama-Do Techniques, prior to my Tama-Do Practitioner Certification, I agree that, in all communication with my clients and the public, I will site Fabien Maman’s work and Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement as the source of my training.
  2. 2) I acknowledge that after completing this course, I shall not have permission to teach these Tama-Do Techniques under any title or designation. I acknowledge that the techniques I am about to learn are proprietary to the Tama-Do Academy. This means they are registered and certified and the sole property of the Academy. I agree that I shall not advertise nor hold myself out to the public or to students or prospective students as a Tama-Do Teacher of this or any other Tama-Do techniques, unless and until I am granted permission to do so in writing by Tama-Do Academy, after completing the Tama-Do Teacher Certification Requirements. Unless and until I am granted such certification, I agree that I shall not, under any designation or description, teach any courses that are derived in part or in whole upon any of the Sound, Color or Movement® that I have learned in the Level I and II trainings I have taken and am about to take, or in any Tama-Do Academy books, CDs or written or electronic material.
  3. 3) I further understand that the teachers of Tama-Do Academy are not medical doctors, nor will they give me medical diagnosis nor medical treatment procedures. I come to Tama-Do for the sole purpose of furthering my own self awareness. I understand that, while working with sound, color and vibration, some individuals may experience strong physical and emotional reactions. Whereas Tama-Do can offer me tools and facilitation in this process, I understand and take responsibility for my own health and well being.
  4. 4) I understand that all Tama-Do Academy books, CDs, handouts, and photos are copyrighted and protected under copyright law. I understand that if would be a violation of copyright law to photocopy, photograph, scan, record or copy by any other media, any documents and charts without permission from Tama-Do Academy.
  5. 5) I understand that there is NO PHOTOGRAPHING nor RECORDING during the Tama-Do workshops.
  6. 6) I agree to the following Tama-Do Policies: Product is non refundable non returnable.
  7. Cancellation Policy for Workshops with local teachers: Before 4 weeks prior to the start date: Full refund minus the deposit. 4 weeks or less from start date: No Refunds. Cancellation Policy for Europe Workshops with Terres Unsoeld or Fabien Maman: Before 12 weeks prior to start date: full refund minus deposit. Less than 12 weeks prior to start date: No refunds. Cancellations for Shamanic Workshops: No refunds.

    Tama-Do reserves the right to reject any student from participation in any class, with no refund, if the student is disrespectful to the teachers, the teachings or the energy of the group. All Tama-Do Academy Trainings are PRO- ENERGY FIELD. This means that we are SMOKE FREE, PERFUME FREE, DRUG FREE and ALCOHOL FREE as it affects the energy field. No hallucinogenic plants of any kind. Students must be clean and sober (alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs and hallucinogenic plants) 3 months before a Tama-Do Training and during the entire course of the training - day and night - or they will be expelled immediately with no refund. Thank you to honor the energy field.

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