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RSVP for Tama-Do Academy
Shamanic Journey in the Swiss Alps
July 10-July 23, 2016

____YES! I am registering for the Shamanic Journey in the Swiss Alps July 10-July 23, 2016

____YES! I understand that Tama-Do Academy’s Shamanic Journeys have been created to expand consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration. This subtle approach to the vibrational realm is called – Shamanism of the Light – for it is the Light from whence we came, and where, as Souls, we are going. Tama-Do Academy does not practice nor approve of any Shamanic practice involving “soul retrievals”, “shadow”, or any other “dark” exploration. We only are interested in exploring the joy and wonder of being alive in the light. If this is not my cup of tea, I understand I need not apply.

____YES! I understand that Tama-Do Academy’s Shamanic Journey creates the opportunity to reach beyond our selves. I commit to:

  • ____ Respect the Masters’ Lineage from where these teachings have come.
  • ____ Honor the Devas of Nature and what they teach us. I understand that the Sacred Songs of the Devas, Trees and Stars are Sacred to Tama-Do, having been transmitted to Terres Unsoeld orally from Nicole Bartolucci, French Druidic High Priestess. While I will learn how to channel my own songs, the songs given to me by Tama-Do are not to be reproduced or transmitted to others in any form whatsoever. This is strictly private information for initiates ONLY.
  • ____ I pledge to Nicole Bartolucci and Tama-Do Academy, that no part of these teachings will be reproduced or transmitted verbally or in any form of teachings or ceremony, or, electronically or mechanically, including photocopying, recording or by any information or retrieval system by myself or anyone else. I will especially honor Nicole’s request to not transmit any of the songs of the Trees and Devas to others… this is strictly private information for the above initiates of this Shamanic Journey of the Light.
  • ____ Honor the teachings of Tama-Do. I understand that all I have come to learn is for my personal self development and is proprietary to Tama-Do Academy. I pledge to not teach, distribute, morph into my own form the sacred teachings I will learn. I understand that the teachings are based on the Mystery Schools – to be kept secret and sacred and not shared to anyone outside the Sacred Circle. I understand that as an Initiate, if I do share with others my experience, the initiations that have been transmitted into my energy field will disappear.
  • ____ Respect the Teachings, the Teachers and the Group. Leave all expectation and previous modalities at the door so that I may enter with an open heart and open mind.
  • ____ Protect and respect the group energy. Hold space for fellow group members in a Sacred Circle
  • ____ Reveal myself “on the Hot Seat”, where I will be asked to express myself through Sound, Color or Movement® in front of the group.
  • ____ Honor the challenges and what they teach us. Be willing to participate in water, fire and earth initiations. Flying is optional.
  • ____ Be flexible.
  • ____ Practice positive thinking throughout the day – even during initiatic moments.

___YES! I understand that Tama-Do Academy’s Shamanic Journey in the Swiss Alps requires moderate walking and good health. I accept full responsibility of my physical health and well being. I am ready to:

  • ___ Participate in initiations involving water, fire, wood, earth and air
  • ___ Travel in gondolas and lifts in the air and along precipitous paths in a car
  • ___ Be bathed in streams fed by glacial snow.
  • ___ Hike in the rain
  • ___ Pee in the woods outdoors. Remember childhood camp outs.
  • ___ Hang glide with a guide. (this is the only optional activity. Please state Y or N)

Physical health and condition:

I walk an average per week ___1-4 miles ___5-10 miles ___10+ miles

Terrain: ___sidewalk ___ gravel paths ___ hiking trails ___flat ___uphill

I have difficulty walking but am willing to make special arrangements financially with taxis and a rental car to assist me.

I also understand that there may be some excursions I will not be able to participate in, but I am happy to support the group from far.

Medical attention:

  • ___ I am under doctors care. For what reason?
  • ___ I am currently on medication. For what?

  • ___ I am using drugs recreational drugs for my own purpose (ie: marijuana, cocaine, etc)
  • Name of drugs._________________________, but I am willing to quit and be drug free for 3 months prior to the trip.
  • ___ I smoke (cigarettes or pot or plants) but ___ I am willing to quit and be smoke-free for 3 months prior to the trip
  • ___ I understand that if I am not drug or smoke-free for three months, I will not be allowed on the trip and there will be no refund. (please initial).

___ I have difficulty with altitude above 4000’

Diet restrictions:

  • ___ I have a restricted diet. List: ______________________________________________
  • I understand that if the chef cannot easily accommodate my diet, I will pay a special diet supplement. (please initial) ___ or provide for my own food (ex: nuts, dried food, etc)

___YES! I understand that Tama-Do Academy’s Shamanic Journey in the Swiss Alps base their lodging In a mountain house Swiss chalet. Beds offered range from double, triple and dormitory lodging. I understand that priority is based on first paid, first served.

____YES! I understand and accept the following Tama-Do Academy Policies: (please initial each box)

  • ____Tama-Do Academy reserves the right to accept or reject the qualifications of any student to participate in any Tama-Do class, workshop, etc. Tama-Do further reserves the right, at any time, to rescind the participation of any student in a class, workshop etc, with no refund, if the student is disruptive to the energy of the Teacher, the Teachings or the group.
  • ____All Tama-Do Academy Summer Trainings are PRO- ENERGY FIELD. This means that we are SMOKE FREE, PERFUME FREE, DRUG FREE and ALCOHOL FREE. Use of such substances clouds the mind and emotion as well as the energy field – negating all the good energy work that is being experienced. Any student found smoking or using recreational drugs will be expelled immediately with no refund.
  • ____ASSUMPTION OF RESPONSIBILITY OF HEALTH AND WELL BEING: I am aware that a trip such as this may involve potentially dangerous activities in remote areas of the world. I am also aware that medical services or facilities are not available or accessible during this trip. In order to partake of the enjoyment and adventure of this trip I am willing to accept full responsibility for my own health and well being, and will not hold Tama-Do Academy or any of its affiliates, liable for any sickness, injury or death that may occur, regardless of cause, such as the forces of nature, my own negligence or the negligence of others.
  • ____Snoring: I understand that if I am a snorer, it is my responsibility to make efforts to not disturb others around me. Actions I might be required to take include but are not limited to paying for a private room, sleeping in a tent, or ensuring that my roommate is not disturbed by me.

____Cancellation Policy for the Summer Shamanic Trainings in Europe: NO REFUNDS

Signature of Agreement______________________________________________

Printed Name____________________________________________

Tama-Do Academy Shamanic Journey in the Swiss Alps
July 10-July 23, 2016



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COUNTRY CODE ____________

COUNTRY _____________________________________

PHONE _______________________________

EMAIL _______________________________________

In case of emergency please notify the following: (include address and phone number)


_____ I will be ready to be picked up at the Train Station in Grindelwald July 10 at 4pm.

For Soul Chart Readings:

Date of Birth _______________

Place of Birth ________________________

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Birth Name _________________________

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