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Tama-Do Certified Practitioners®
Code of Ethics and Conduct®

This is a moral, ethical and legal contract between Tama-Do Academy and The Tama-Do Certified Practitioner® for the purpose of protecting the integrity of the Tama-Do teachings and work for future generations; and promoting the growth of the Academy so that Tama-Do Certified Practitioners can flourish and prosper.

As a Tama-Do Certified Practitioner, I , _____________________________ (NAME), pledge to conduct myself in accordance with the following principles:

1. I will honor the Purity and Integrity of Fabien Maman’s teachings, the Tama-Do work and the Tama-Do Lineage. I will protect and honor the Tama-Do Mission, as symbolized by the Tama-Do logo:

“Tama-Do (“Way of the Soul”), The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®, founded in 1988 by Fabien Maman, one of the world’s leading experts on vibrational sound therapy, uses Sound, Color and Movement® and Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts® to ground the Soul in daily life. We are an Academy dedicated to the evolution of Human Consciousness through research, teachings and creativity. We offer trainings for practitioners as well as those who wish to further expand their consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration. The Tama-Do name and emblem appear on all Tama-Do books, recordings, websites and other publications, assuring the reader that the work originates with the Academy established by Fabien Maman and faithfully conveys the integrity of his teachings and preserves the purity and integrity of the Tama-Do work and mission for future generations.”

2. I will commit to preserve the purity and integrity of Fabien Maman’s teachings and the Tama-Do work and mission for future generations. This means that I will always communicate to others from where I received the knowledge. I will not re-shape and re-name the Tama-Do teachings for my own personal use outside Tam-Do Academy.

3. I will honor the Teachers, the Teachings and the Group. I am aware that my energy affects the entire Tama-Do group. I will be supportive of fellow Certified Tama-Do Practitioners® as well as The Academy. I will help to build the Tama-Do Community. Share information. Stay in touch.

4. I will conduct my daily life according to the Tama-Do Practitioner Ethic (see attached):

5. I will continue to follow the Tama-Do Practice Protocol:

  • Practice Tao Yin Fa or QiGong every day.
  • Deepen my understanding of the Tama-Do Teachings and Techniques by reading and
  • comprehending The Tao of Sound and Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color.
  • Be “in the field” of the Tama-Do work. Embrace compassion, understanding and good will in my daily practice. Be open and willing to learn.
  • Be “on the path” of the Higher Consciousness, which is necessary to further the vibrational work of the Academy... This means furthering self awareness through additional practice such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation, reading, music, etc...
  • Practice Aikido of Life. Be Light.

6. As a Tama-Do Certified Practitioner®, I will conduct my Tama-Do sessions consistent with the process and curriculum as developed and taught by Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®, and call it as such. In all communication with my clients and the public, I will site Fabien Maman’s and Terres Unsoeld’s work and the Tama-Do Academy as the source of my training.

7. To retain my Tama-Do Certified Practitioner® Status, I understand I must return once a year to Tama-Do for a Master Class or a Shamanic Journey.

8. I will not infringe upon the intellectual property of Fabien Maman, Terres Unsoeld and Tama-Do Academy. This includes but is not limited to pictures, writings and teachings. I will not copy any of theTama-Do materials including but not limited to the cell photos of Fabien Maman, the Tama-Do website, leaflets, books or CDs for publicity or teachings without asking permission first from Tama-Do Academy. I will not copy nor share written materials with other individuals or groups without first asking permission from Tama-Do Academy. I will not re-shape nor re-name the Tama-Do Teachings for my own personal use outside Tama-Do Academy.

9. I will use the language given me inside the Tama-Do Certified Practitioner Brochure for my publicity. By doing so, I understand that I strengthen the name recognition of Tama-Do Academy, which can only help my practice. If I wish to make any changes to the Tama-Do language describing Tama-Do’s Teachings and Techniques, I must ask permission first from Tama-Do Academy. In all my publicity, whether it is in leaflet, or website, etc, I shall link to the Tama-Do website:

10. I acknowledge that after completing Level II, I shall not have permission to teach these Tama-Do Techniques, nor any Level I or other Tama-Do Teachings or Techniques, under any title or designation. I acknowledge that the techniques I have learned and am about to learn are proprietary to the Tama-Do Academy. This means that they are registered and certified and the sole property of the Academy. I agree that I shall not advertise nor hold myself out to the public or to students or prospective students as a Tama-Do Teacher of this or any other Tama-Do techniques, unless and until I am granted permission to do so in writing by Tama-Do Academy, after completing the Tama-Do Certification Requirements. Unless and until I am granted such certification, I agree that I shall not, under any designation or description, without permission, teach any courses that are derived in part or in whole upon any of the Tama-Do Sound, Color and Movement® techniques that I have and shall learn in the Level I and II trainings, or in any future Tama-Do Academy trainings, books, CDs, or written or electronic materials.

11. Tama-Do Academy, in fulfillment of this agreement, pledges to grant the following privileges:

  • My 150 word bio, photo and contact information will be placed on the Tama-Do website.
  • I will be recommended as a Tama-Do Certified Practitioner® to people in my area.
  • I will be given a PDF of the Tama-Do Practitioner Brochure®, with Tama-Do Logo and description of the Tama-Do Techniques, which contains my personal bio, photo and contact information. This PDF is mine to print and make copies of for promotional purposes.
  • I will be given a PDF of the Tama-Do Practitioner Business Cards, with Tama-Do Logo.
  • I will receive 30% off books, CDs and essences so that I can re-sell them to my clients.
  • I will have special access to Fabien and Terres via phone and email and special Power Date meditations and messages.
  • I will have contact to the Tama-Do Certified Practitioners around the world via conference calls and special gatherings.
  • I will have the support from the Academy if I wish to organize a workshop or concert in my area for Fabien or Terres to come in and teach.
  • After 2 years of Tao Yin Fa® practice, I can be tested and certified to teach Tao Yin Fa® Series I.
  • I will have permission to conduct Tama-Do Harmonizations and Harmonizing Seasonal Concerts.

12. I understand that if I fail to uphold my commitment to any part of this moral, ethical and legal contract, then Tama-Do Academy has the right to revoke my Certified Tama-Do Practitioner Privileges.

13. I also understand that if I fail to uphold my commitment to honor the Tama-Do teachings, the teacher and the group, Tama-Do Academy has the right to rescind my participation in any and all current or future Tama-Do teachings with no refunds. I also understand that if I violate any copyright or intellectual property laws, including but not limited to Tama-Do Academy teachings, techniques, books, CDs or written or electronic materials, Tama-Do Academy has the right to take legal action against me.

I have read and agree to all terms of the Tama-Do Practitioner Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Practitioner Name____________________________________________________________



On behalf of Tama-Do Academy__________Terres Unsoeld________________

___Terres Unsoeld______________________________

Date___October 30, 2015____

This Code of Ethics and Conduct is adapted in part, from the “Code of Ethics and Conduct” Music for Healing and Transition Program, IncTM, which adapted it in part from the “Statement of Ethics and Conduct for the Practice of Therapeutic Touch” of the Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International Inc of Las Vegas NV” REVISED FINAL June 2014

Tama-Do Practitioner Ethic

  • It’s a pure illusion to try to change others.
  • You can only change yourself. o Meditate 
o Do Chi-Gong o Tai Chi...
  • Love. Ask nothing. Expect nothing. We are a channel of love, like the sun pouring its rays on the Earth; like the rains watering the plants. We are filled with compassion. We are not different from the ones we heal. We are the same.
  • Cultivate purity of intention.
  • Respect our client’s process. They are the one’s on the journey, not us. They must 
follow their own rhythm of healing.
  • Honor the laws of Nature. Nothing must be forced before it’s time.
  • Let go. Have absolute confidence in and complete love for the Great Force which presides over life. It doesn’t mean “do nothing”, but demands that one agrees to live what is to be lived and that there is no such thing as chance. Once we have done everything in our power to prepare, the rest is “in our hands”, guided by the powers of the Universe.
  • Perseverance and Patience. Practice, learn and exercise.
  • Become Transparent. Leave ourselves at the door.
  • Believe.
  • Humility. We serve. We make mistakes. It is not about us. We serve.
  • I will always remember that the Soul of the Academy is the People. We are here to serve the elevation of the consciousness of the people. As they change, we change. We are never static in our work. 
Obstacles to watch out for:
  • Knowing it all. It leads to power.
  • Desire to “heal” or “fix” your client.
  • Will power. “I want to know it all or fix it all!” • Judgement. 
“We can teach people nothing. We can only help them discover that they already possess within themselves everything there is to learn.” - Galileo 
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