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The Arche of Sound®

The Arche of Sound

"The energy was so strong; I could feel myself flying
out the top of my head, yet being pulled deep
into the womb of the Earth."

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We use the Arche of Sound® to clear energy fields and realign people with their central axis. For those trained in the Tama-Do work, standing in the arche, feeling the earth and sky energies expanding our awareness, is a Shamanic journey taking us back to where we have come from and reminding us of where we are going.


This magnificent instrument, standing 13 feet high with 15 sound tubes (over 10 feet high each), is a "womb of sound". The Arche of Sound®'s Gongtubes produce extremely low frequencies, less than 10Hz (excluding the high A). When rung one time, the sound can last more than 15 minutes! These low frequencies also produce very high overtones.

In France, in our Level II training, we use the Crystal Sephirotic Tree®, based on the Kaballah, to further align the subtle fields with their soul's purpose.

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