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Tama-Do Academy’s Level II
Summer Intensive in Switzerland!

with Master Teacher Terres Unsoeld

June 13-26, 2024
(2 weeks)

in Person!

This can be combined with Level I - June 3-17, 2024

Contact Tama-Do: 310-456-1014 - info@tama-do.com

NCCAOM Approved Provider

Level I and II will  return to our Spiritual Home in the Swiss Alps!  It is a beautiful center nestled high in an alpine meadow (1700 meters) surrounded by snow capped mountains, icy waterfalls, an ancient larch forest and flowers, flowers, flowers!  We are absolutely thrilled to be in the Heart of Nature on the Italian side of the Swiss Alps!  It is a UNESCO Nature Preserve and Heritage Site.  Perfect for our subtle natural work.

This is the first year that we offer the opportunity to take both Levels I and II over the same summer!  Level II directly follows Level I.  Ask us for more information!

Whereas the Level I training focused primarily on healing techniques, Level II offers the foundation of Spirituality through energy and creativity.  Through self knowledge we manifest our destiny .  We take a stand in the Universe.

With Master Teacher Terres Unsoeld, you will explore the Ancient Mystery Teachings of the Sephirotic Tree, Soul Astrology and Celtic Power Dates, as well as Fabien's own Spiritual practice which includes Mantras, Meditation and Prayer, The Law of the Eight Elements®, The Etheric Chart of Divination®, Tama-Do Sound Harmonization®, Fundamental Sound® and Fundamental Movement®, Tao Yin Fa® Series I-IV, Zhineng Chi Gong and the Seasonal Harmonizing Concert®.

The first three days will be an immersive opportunity to practice and receive the Level I techniques.  Students will review the TEP, Musical Spine, Shu Points, 8 Qi Mo and Comparative Diagnosis as well as the Tao Yin Fa series I and warm-up.  These days can either be for one's own benefit, or it can count toward the Level I Test (if you have finished your 50 practice sessions).

Mornings begin with the Tao Yin Fa®, Series I, adding Series II, III and IV, which integrates Qi Gong movements with the Eight directions, the eight main stars, the chakras, organs, and the eight extraordinary meridians.  Evening gatherings will include sacred chanting, overtoning and meditations.  The course will end with a Tama-Do Sound Harmonization®.  All activities will reflect the unique spiritual/energetic perspective of Tama-Do. 

This change in consciousness will lead you to a new perception of your Soul and your Path and what you must do this life time.  Deeply transformative, Level II changes our life. We experience profound shifts as we realize and align with our soul path, opening to our true essence.

Level II consists of the ancient Initiatique Mystery Teachings of the Light received by Master Teachers Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld. 

Level II courses include:

  • Channeling the Light through the 3 Crystalline Ethers of the Head® by Fabien Maman
  • Fabien Maman's Etheric Chart of Divination®
  • Sound and Color in the Energy Field
  • The Cycles of Time
  • Energy Field of the Soul ~ Astrology based on classic and Initiatique tradition
  • Activating our Celtic Power Date with Sound and Color®
  • Channeling the 8 Sacred Stars of Tama-Do®
  • Fabien Maman's Qi Gong of the Light®: Tao Yin Fa Series I®-II®- III®- IV®-V® and Zhineng Qi Gong
  • Sound and Celestial Acupuncture: Fabien Maman's Law of the Eight Elements®
  • Kototama, the Ancient Language of Light as arranged by Fabien Maman®
  • Mantras, Meditation and Prayer ~ Activating the Light Within®
  • The Ethics of a Spiritual Life in Tama-Do Academy® by Terres Unsoeld
  • The Sephirotic Tree
  • The Sephirotic Tree with Terres Unsoeld's Noble Hero's Journey to the Light®
  • Fabien Maman's Fundamental Movement of the Soul®

All registered courses (®) are created by Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld and the exclusive property of Tama-Do Academy.

Tama-Do ~ The Way of the Soul

Tama-Do’s Level I Intensive creates the opportunity to reach far beyond tuning fork techniques. We offer the practice of giving, receiving and sharing as Human Beings. We ask that each student respect and join a sacred circle created by the group, so that the finer vibrations of wonder and joy may flourish. These teachings have been developed for more than 30 years with love and care. We practice respect for the teachings, the teachers and the group. All expectation and previous modalities are left at the door so that we may enter with open hearts and open mind. The Way of the Soul ~ it’s a beautiful journey....

Schedule your trip:
We recommend you arrive a couple days early to get over jet lag and enjoy the beauty of the Swiss Alps.
Thursday, June 13: Official arrival and check-in by 4pm
Wednesday, June 26: Leave after breakfast.

Schedule flights home:
Give yourself 2 1/2 hours to travel by train from the Center back to Geneva. Then 2 hours for security at the airport...

The center is more than hundred years old. It has been carefully renovated with beautiful lecture halls, bedrooms and lounges, preserving the natural wood of Switzerland.. The energy is fantastic, encouraging personal growth, community and creativity. The sleeping rooms are in a mountain lodge with beautiful with views of the forest, valleys and mountains. Bathrooms are shared. The kitchen prepares balanced and richly varied meals with choices of vegetarian, chicken, fish or eggs to fulfill our protein needs. Private rooms are limited and must be paid for in full to reserve.

How to get there:
From Geneva airport take the train to Brig and then Goppenstein. You will transfer to the Post Bus that will take you to the end of the road “and to the stars!” (That’s their motto!)

What to bring:
A set of loose white clothes for the Tao Yin Fa in the morning and meditation in the evenings*good walking shoes*bathing suit* sweaters and/or jackets for the evenings*battery alarm clock*little flashlight* if you insist on bringing a hairdryer make sure you have the appropriate electrical converters for Switzerland!

All fees include tuition for all Level II courses, food, lodging and workbook. (Not included: Tama-Do tools and transport to and from the Retreat Center)

Early Bird Registration:
4000€ if paid in full by cash, check or wire by Dec. 31, 2023. (Early Bird registration is non-refundable- wire transfer fees must be reimbursed).

Regular Registration: 4500€ if paid after Dec. 31, 2023
(Fee covers lodging, food, tuition, workbook. Not included: Tama- Do tools and transport to and from the Retreat Center)

Special Level I and II price: 7500€. (fee covers lodging, food, tuition, workbook for both Levels I and II - which can be taken over a period of 24 days). ask for more details on timing of the payments.

Private Room with bath (limited space) 1200€ extra.

Reservations are not firm until paid in full and RSVP form is received by the Academy.

Full fees and RSVP form due by March 15. (A 10% late registration fee will be added to all registrations after March 15.)

Payment plans are available.

Tama-Do Academy Cancellation Policies: Product is non refundable and non returnable. Cancellation Policy for Workshops with local teachers: Before 4 weeks prior to the start date: Full refund minus the deposit. 4 weeks or less from start date: No Refunds. Cancellation Policy for Europe Workshops with Terres Unsoeld: Before 12 weeks prior to start date: full refund minus deposit. Less than 12 weeks prior to start date: No refunds. For students on payment plans: There are no cancellations and no refunds allowed. The full payment is due, whether you come or not. Cancellation Policy for Shamanic Journeys: NO REFUNDS

Tama- Do reserves the right to accept or reject the qualifications of any student to participate in any Tama-Do class, workshop, etc. Tama-Do further reserves the right, at any time, to rescind the participation of any student in a class, workshop etc, with no refund, if the student is disruptive to the energy of the Teacher, the Teachings or the group. Tama-Do is PRO Energy Field: Perfume, smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs are not permitted as they affect the energy field. No hallucinogenic plants of any kind. Students must be clean and sober 3 months before a training or they will not be permitted to participate. Anyone drinking, smoking or doing drugs during the courses (day or night) will be expelled immediately with no refund. Thank you to honor the energy field of yourself and the group!

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