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Shamanique Journey in the UK ~
Land of the Master Trees, Faeries & Stones

“Remember your Roots and
Bathe in the Full Moon of Wesak”

During the Full Moon of Wesak

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You have been invited on this special Quest to the UK ~ back to the Druidic land of the Master Trees, Faeries & Stones ~ back to a time from whence you came ~ to remember who you are.
The Master Trees are the Ancient ones who retain the Song of Creation within their massive trunks. We shall give thanks to the mighty ones, before they are no more…

Faeries are Beings of Light who live in the color-filled energy fields of flowers & trees. We shall dance and sing in their faery rings, celebrating the dawn of Spring, when Life is full of hope and promise, and the Hawthorne and Bluebells bloom across the land…

The stones stand watch over Time. They are Masters of Light… portals through which we can pass to a time not yet written upon this Land. We shall stand before them… and ask to be received…

This is a journey to remember our place in the great tapestry of Earth & Sky.

Welcome Home

Tama-Do ~ The Way of the Soul

“Tama-Do” means “The Way of the Soul”, a journey toward Pure Light and love, wonder and joy. To help us along our way, Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld created a series of Shamanic Journeys which expand our consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration. We call this subtle approach to the vibrational realm – Shamanism of the Light – for it is the Light from whence we came, and where, as Souls, we are going.

The Shamanic Journeys of Light have been crafted to follow the first 3 levels of incarnation according to the Sephirotic Tree. The first level, the Swiss Shamanic, is linked to Malkuth, our incarnation on Mother Earth. We re-source and express our inner Light in the Heart of Nature. The second level, the UK Shamanic, is linked to Yesod, the moon, our foundation of the Universe. We practice Light memories in the energy field of our Soul amongst the Master Trees, Stones and Flowers of Beltain. The third level, the Scotland Shamanic, is linked to Tiferet, the sun, the place of Spiritual incarnation. We empower our Noble Way of the Soul as we commit to the Light of the Master Stars and Trees, Stones and Sea.

Our Shamanic Journeys create the opportunity to reach far beyond our selves. In the heart of Nature we ask that each student respect and join a sacred circle created by the group, so that the finer vibrations of wonder and joy may flourish. Our teachings have been passed down from a Masters’ Lineage with love and care. We practice respect for the teachings, the teachers and the group. All expectation is left at the door so that we may enter with open hearts and open mind. The Way of the Soul ~ it’s a beautiful journey

Here is some information about your trip:

This is a 13 day pilgrimage back through time… We will be traveling into one of the most magical areas of southwestern UK. By car, we will take you through an ancient forest, across the Salisbury Plain to Cornwall and the Sea – and then back to London/Heathrow. We will follow the path of the Master Trees of the Sacred Tree Oracle. With the Full Moon of Wesak lighting our way, we’ll contact the Masters of Light. We shall sing to the trees and to the faeries – to the earth and sky – and bathe in the beauty of Beltain – with its rejuvenating abundance of bluebells, apple blossoms and sea pinks ! We shall give thanks to all Light Beings that we encounter along the way.

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