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Sound Healing

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"Music is silence and sound dancing together in space…"

"Human consciousness has been traveling through the long labyrinth of history, and within the hearts of all beings, without exception, is an inexhaustible source of vibrations - the sound of love and wisdom…

Any conflict can be dissolved through sound or music, as from sound and music comes Harmony. The balance of mind, body and spirit depends on whether we can create these energies of harmony or not."

Fabien Maman


"We need to be conscious. Sound Healing is about playing music in a way that ensures that human beings, nature and the cosmos can come into healing harmony. Sound Healing can only happen if we respect the reality of the Laws of nature and the Cycles of the Universe. And to do this requires a little bit of research and science, which brings you to a deeper joy of playing…."

As a musician, Fabien Maman was already aware of Sound Healing: the interaction of the music with the Chi of the people in the audience. On a tour in Germany he said he could actually feel the Souls of the people responding to the music. What better form of sound healing is there than playing music. Later, when he was studying acupuncture, he realized that it was the key and mode of the season that struck such a deep chord in the people.

As he learned the energetic laws of Sound Healing through acupuncture and Aikido, Fabien Maman became more tuned to the invisible world of the subtle bodies and sound.

"I began to sense the design of a subtle form of sound healing linking music with our own DNA, acupuncture meridians, organs, Chakras and energy fields |and expanding outwards to the greater spiral of nature, the seasons, the stars and beyond…

If we keep within this structure of Sound Healing, we achieve harmony. I wanted to prove that structure."


Grounded by the laws of acupuncture, and inspired by the vibrational messages of the stars, Fabien Maman has spent nearly thirty years of research, corroborating that a living structure of Sound Healing does indeed exist.

Fabien Maman's Sound Healing research started with the ancient classical acupuncture texts which vaguely referenced 5 notes for the 5 Elements of Nature: Wood (A), Fire (C), Earth (F), Metal (G), and Water (D). He went to China several times looking for people who used these notes with Sound Healing or Sound Therapy. He found none. He spent years of research corroborating that these 5 notes resonated with the energetic qualities of the Seasons.

Later, he transposed Indian ragas and ancient modes based on Pentatonic and Byzantine scales to the key of each Season. These 5 notes per mode, per season became the foundation for his Sound Healing Harmonizing Concerts.

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Sound Healing Harmonizing Concerts click here

In 1977, as an Acupuncturist, he discovered the 12 notes for the 12 acupuncture meridians. He created the now famous system of Sound Healing which uses tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture command points. (it took 7 years to prove this chart!)

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In the early 80s, he conducted his revolutionary Sound Healing biology experiments showing the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells. Through his findings, he developed protocol for finding one's fundamental note, which helps to empower the cells in one's body.

Sound Healing Cellular Research click here

He also developed his own Sound Healing musical correspondences for the Chakras, Subtle Body Command Points and more, and a system for healing the aura, with musical instruments around the body.

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And finally, Maman created the magnificent giant Tama-Do Sound Healing Instruments to 'shatter' negative patterns and bring harmony into the field.

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Tama-Do Sound Healing Instruments click here

Each Sound Healing technique took nearly seven years to test and apply. He is in the process of developing more…

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Maman says simply: "We want to be efficient in our Sound Healing work. Research gives us that."

We want to be joyful! What can be more joyful than harmonizing through sound and music!?

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It opens all dimensions of one's being - from ancestral memories to cosmic purpose…
You are flying between heaven and earth.

Your heart, your emotion, your spirit is free!

You are one with the sound. You are one with the silence….


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