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The Tama-Do Sound Harmonization® is the original sound bath.

Fabien Maman conducted his first Therapy Concert in 1978 in a little church in Tourrettes Sur Loup, a tiny village in the South of France. He played his modes for the season on his guitar to harmonize the audience with the energies of the season and the stars.

This was years before Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy, would conduct his now famous sound/cellular biology experiment in 1981, documenting for the first time under a microscope, the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells.

The results of Fabien Maman's sound/cellular experiment changed the landscape of Sound Healing to what we know it to be today.

Modern Sound Healing modalities such as gong baths, sound baths, singing bowls, crystal bowls, etc.. all originated from the inspiration of Fabien Maman's sound research.

That's why Fabien Maman was named "the founding father of vibrational sound therapy" in Websters Dictionary. He was the first.

Tama-Do Sound Harmonization® - Fabien Maman drums softly on a giant African Calimba for the Earth element
Photo Julian Melanson

Harmonizing the Chakras and Aura
with Acoustic Instruments
and Elemental Sounds

Fabien Maman first developed his Tama-Do Sound Harmonization® technique in 1988 so that Tama-Do students could experience how profound the effect of acoustic instruments can feel in one’s chakras and subtle energy fields (aura) when one is in a deep state of relaxation.

Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld developed the Shamanique aspect of this work by adding elemental instruments that corresponded with the overtones in the Nature.

We had no idea how deep this work would become. By harmonizing the chakras and energy fields with acoustic instruments, elemental sounds, voice and color, participants melt into a deep resonance of ancestral memory. They harmonize within themselves, the 5 Elements of the Nature and the Cosmos.

We use natural acoustic musical and elemental instruments set up around the body in the order of Fabien Maman's Cycle of Fifths for the Chakras®, starting with low F at the root.

The fifth interval is one of the most important factors of expansion in sacred geometry. The pentagram is the fundamental model for the human being. The scale of resonance works perfectly to stimulate the chakra energies and expand one’s consciousness toward the Sky.

The acoustic, natural musical instruments used for each chakra are determined by the qualities of the five elements of nature. For example, the root chakra is linked to the earth element, so we use natural skin drums in the root chakra, preferably tuned to F.

Tama-Do Sound Harmonization® - Fabien Maman and Christo Pellano play Calimbas for the Water element
Photo Julian Melanson

The Five Elements and the Chakras

When we tune each chakra, we use specific acoustic instruments which resonate with the element that is linked to each chakra. In The Tao of Sound, Fabien Maman describes the zones of the body which correspond to the chakras and link to the seasons and five elements.

He uses these same correspondences for his natural symphony of instruments to harmonize the chakras.

Pure acoustic instruments are made of the same elements found in nature. A wood flute, metal bells, an earth-made ocarina, stringed guitar or water drum can awaken the fire, earth, metal, water and wood within each of us, reminding us of our inherent harmonic link with nature and the Universe. We feel the Earth within us. We realize that we are the Earth. There is no separation.

When we harmonize with the elements of nature, we create a two-way healing effect. As we refine our energies, healing our elements within, the nature itself receives our resonance, just as we receive the resonance of nature. Tune each instrument to the pitch of the chakra.

n the art of healing, we must always remember the great Mother Nature,
from where we came, and give back to her more than we received.

Tama-Do Sound Harmonizations® can be practiced one on one for deep Sound Healing, or on a group, as a more relaxing harmonization with the 5 elements of Nature.

For more information, please read The Tao of Sound and The Musique of the Sky, both written by Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld.

How to conduct a Tama-Do Sound Harmonization is part of our Level I Professional Certification Program in Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Chi Movement. Click here for more information.

Tama-Do Sound Harmonization® - Fabien Maman plays the Tongue drum for the Wood element
Photo Julian Melanson
Tama-Do Sound Harmonization® - Fabien Maman plays the Faery Bells for the Air element
Photo Julian Melanson
Tama-Do Sound Harmonization®
Terres Unsoeld, Fabien Maman and Christo Pellani "Faery Clapping" at the end of the Tama-Do Sound Harmonization
Photo Julian Melanson

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