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Dear Friends,

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When the sun begins his descent toward winter, there is usually a Lightness of Being felt in the air and across the land.

With hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria, earthquakes in Mexico, and fires along the west coast of America, how can we feel the Light?
Mother Earth, for sure, is trying to give herself one big Cosmic adjustment, to balance the chaos of these times.  The Dragons are waking up ~ whose tasks are to destroy in order to heal.
This is certainly not the time of peace.  Like the trees in autumn, who lose their leaves, it is the time to let go ~ to begin again.
Lightening loves the Oak tree.  She splits him in two with her mighty force ~ yet the Oak seldom dies.  Slow and steady, the Oak survives most calamity.  I have seen the California oaks burned black from the fires, only to spring forth with new green in the spring.
Those of us who suffer from what is happening around us, like the Oak, we must slow down and connect with our Divine Light within.  TRUTH, LIGHT and LOVE can prevail  when we rise to the highest level of our Soul.
When we contact our Souls, we can be strong like the Oak, and transcend these crazy times.
I have written a new book, Shamanism of the Light, in which I describe the 8 Levels of Consciousness of the Soul.  As we live our lives, we experience 8 gates to pass.  These are required initiations to pass through if we wish to achieve the Light.
The Autumn Equinox is linked to the Gate of our Masterhood.  This is the time of our life when our Soul must express her power.  We must let go all the negative “memories” that we do not take to the other side.  We must stop fighting ourselves and others.  Body, mind and spirit must work in harmony.  We live our lives with grace and dignity.
While the world rages around us, we, the Tama-Do Light Workers, have our inner work to do.
In these times, we must empty ourselves to welcome our true goal of incarnation:  to integrate our Luminous Light Body inside our subtle bodies, chakras, meridians, organs, cells and DNA ~ to become a Light Being ~ a Being of Light ~ a channel of Light from the Divine ~ inspiring others to open to their Way of the Soul to the Light.
Fabien and I stand with you on your journey of the Soul.
Love, Light and Chi
Terres and Fabien

Rainbow under a Storm
Fabien and I got caught in a storm on one of our last hikes of the season. As the storm cleared, we saw below us, a rainbow!  We felt like 2 Guides looking down on the world, and all was well!  It was a beautiful moment!
Dear Tama-Do Students, Friends and Family!
A solar eclipse is a physical/metaphorical and spiritual moment in time when darkness spreads across the land.  

In terms of energy, the basic subtle effect of a solar eclipse affects the very fabric of the universe. Although unknown to modern science, they nevertheless permeate all tangible and intangible things. The negative effects of these unpredictable energies can be changed only by a energy-spiritual practice.

That’s why the Tama-Do work is so important — now more than ever.

As Tama-Do Light Workers, it is our job to find the place of stillness in the center of the storm.  We must remind people that the human spirit is greater than the violence that is provoked by a few.  We must turn chaos into harmony.   

We encourage all of you to intensify your Spiritual practice.  Rise vertically to the Light, that you can shine like the sun! 

Be vigilant!  Sharpen your weapons of discernment.  Know what is truth and what is not.

Do your Tao Yin Fa Qi Gong that you can bring the Light into your daily life.Tune with your Tama-Do tools of Sound, Color and Movement!  Create love and harmony and random acts of kindness!

There is always a moment of grace that happens when loving beings are touched by challenging events of the Soul.  The best of us comes out of us.   People become more soft and caring of their fellow travelers.
We must therefore be ready to react to an unusual situation, to make a decision in order to make the right choice and above all to continue to live our life as our luminous vision first projected it at first.

This is definitely the time to get back in our central axis and make sure our level of consciousness is the one we have chosen to live in.

It is important not to be overwhelmed by the chaotic situation of the world at this time.  It is essential to remain calm and in harmony, through a daily practice of meditation, prayer and chi-gong.

We must practice our belief that the forces of Light will always be victorious.  And so it shall be.  3X3X3.

We remain connected with you as always, in the Light with Sound the Color and the Movement. 

We send Love, Light, power and courage to you and our fellow Tama-Do carriers of the Light.

Tama-Do’s Shamanic Journeys of Light®

Tama-Do means “The Way of the Soul”, a journey toward Pure Light and love, wonder and joy. To help us along our way, Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld created a series of Shamanic Journeys of Light which expand our consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration. We call this subtle approach to the vibrational realm – Shamanism of the Light – for it is the Light from whence we came, and where, as Souls, we are going.

The Shamanic Journeys of Light have been crafted to follow the first 3 levels of incarnation according to the Sephirotic Tree.

The first level, the Swiss Shamanic, is linked to Malkuth, our incarnation on Mother Earth.  We re-source and express our inner Light in the Heart of Nature.  

The second level, the UK Shamanic, is linked to Yesod, the moon, our foundation of the Universe.  We practice Light memories in the energy field of our Soul amongst the Master Trees, Stones and Flowers of Beltain.  

The third level, the Scotland Shamanic, is linked to Tiferet, the sun, the place of Spiritual incarnation.  We empower our Noble Way of the Soul as we commit to the Light of the Master Stars and Trees, Stones and Sea.

Our Shamanic Journeys of Light create the opportunity to reach far beyond our selves.  In the heart of Nature we ask that each student respect and join a sacred circle created by the group, so that the finer vibrations of wonder and joy may flourish.  Our teachings have been passed down from a Masters’ Lineage with love and care.  We practice respect for the teachings, the teachers and the group.  All expectation is left at the door so that we may enter with open hearts and open mind.  The Way of the Soul ~ it’s a beautiful journey….