Advice to Light Workers for the Coming Age 2013

November 2, 2013

Tama-Do, The Way of the Soul : 

 Advice to Light Workers for the Coming Age
by Terres Unsoeld, Senior Instructor of Tama-Do Academy

Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Colour and Movement, was received by musician/composer, acupuncturist, sound researcher, Fabien Maman more than 30 years ago, in a tiny café in East London.  A 3 years course, filled with non-invasive techniques using Sound, Colour and Movement, to ground the Soul in the daily life – was scribbled on the back of a napkin – a direct transmission from the Guides of the Academy.  Today, Tama-Do (meaning ‘the Way of the Soul’) is still going strong.

I have been the Senior Instructor of the Level I Training for 13 years, and, together with Fabien Maman, we have watched the blossoming of the new Age consciousness.  We thought it might be useful to share with you some of our Tama-Do Guidelines for Light Workers of the Coming Age.

“Go to the Light”.  In Tama-Do Academy, this is our daily practice.  Our thoughts create our future.  If we believe that the Spiritual Way of a Light Worker is to strive toward the Divine Light, then each thought, each feeling, each action must reach toward the Light.  And this is in public, as healers and teachers, as well as in the privacy of our own room.  Wherever we are, we must choose to go to the Light, and not into the suffering and drama of the daily life. This takes self discipline and dedication to achieve.

‘It’s a noble path.’  The Tama-Do Way takes patience, practice and perseverance.  It takes a lot of discipline and hard work.  We have to watch our thoughts and emotion 24/7.  When we’re tired, its’ so easy to slip into negative self doubt or be influenced by others.  Be Aware. Be Vigilant!

Just because our business card says we are Light Workers, doesn’t mean it’s an easy road.  Au contraire !  Once we touch the Light – we can never go back to sleep again.  And the more Light we become, the more the dark forces want to take us down.  Stay the course !

As Light Workers, our Souls demand that we stand noble in the face of adversity.  This means we have committed to a cause higher than ourselves.  We strive to make the world a better place than when we arrived.  We want to take our ancestors one step forward – beyond where they were able to go.

Using Colour, Sound and daily Qi Gong can help us stay clear, centred and focused on the light whatever the life challenges are thrown at us.

‘Become a Disciple of the Light.’  To be a Light Worker, we must become Disciples of the Light.  This means that we commit our Souls to the Light, and this comes first, above all else.  Choices we make along the way must be made to serve the Light.  The social requests made by friends, family, job and country take second place to the Way of the Soul.  This is a serious commitment,  it’s not easy but these choices are often our Soul Initiations.

We, as Souls, come into each lifetime with 3-5 tasks that we have chosen to undertake.  We might have chosen a dysfunctional family, harsh environment or physical weakness.  Like the Knights of yesteryear, we must prove our commitment to the Light.

I know, I can hear you crying out that YOUR challenge is really demanding !  And it’s not fair !, etc.  But this is the personality crying out, not the Soul.  It is our Soul’s job to receive her chosen initiation and GRACEFULLY metabolize it into Light. Our Soul has chosen the themes that we will face this lifetime, but it is the personality that sees the challenges as disasters rather than opportunity. It is our choice.  What is this new Coming Age, after all?  It is the ability to rise the consciousness to see the Light, rather than the dark.

In addition to the themes our Soul has chosen for this lifetime, we can affect the journey of our experience by our ongoing thoughts and emotions. All too often we do not need to endure as much as we do. We create our own “train wrecks.”  We pollute our energy field with negative thoughts and negative emotion.  We allow ourselves to live in toxic environments, filled with toxic behaviour.  Like attracts like. The more dark there is in us and around us, the more dark we attract.  The more LIGHT around us, the more LIGHT we attract.  It’s really that simple. Hence why its so important to clear our auric fields. The scientific Research done by Fabien Maman shows that gentle Acoustic Sound combined with colour , grounded with movement (Qi Gong) is the best way to clear the Auric field and link us with our Higher perspectives.

‘Light Work is not a vacation.’  Some ‘Spiritual people’ go looking in exotic places for spiritual enlightenment. They go on holiday in Peru or Kilimanjaro, or Everest base camp, then go home to their “day job.”  They complain that they have to compartmentalize their spiritual work, holiday, day job and family. Then they go looking in another direction until they have been on every ‘New Age’ workshop there is and yet it doesn’t change the nature of their everyday life.

For those of us on our Way – there is only One Way – to the Light.  No matter what we are doing – working in a bank, being a healer, or a mother, the Way is the Light.  This is the Way of the Soul. Dion Fortune always said, don’t be a tourist.  Don’t dabble in multiple modalities. Choose one way and go all the way to the deep of it. 

His Holiness the Dalai Lama always says that it is not the “getting there” that’s important – it’s The Way. 

How do you know your Soul Path?

Many Light Workers believe they are “guided” in all there actions.  While this is the goal, it might not be the daily reality.  Our auras pick up the thoughts and feelings of those we spend time with and this energy can effect so much that we perceive it as ‘being guided’ when actually it’s interference. This influence can be more powerful than any guidance from a Higher source. Then there can be interference from beings in the Invisible World that seek to influence us and distract us from what is our true path. How do we know when it is our Guides speaking, rather than any of this interference. A healthy dose of discernment is required.  The Tama-Do magic words are:  “Are you here for my Highest Good?  Is this for my Highest Good?”  ‘Do I feel energised and fed by what I am currently doing?’

In Tama-Do, we also use key words to help us find our way. Joy.  Wonder. Self Power.  Nobility.  Whatever you are doing, check yourself with these words.  If you feel these things – you are on your Way ! If you do not, you are possibly being distracted by outside influence.

Grounding the Soul in the Daily Life.  In Tama-Do Academy, we use Sound, Colour and chi Movement to ground the Soul in the Daily Life.  We clear the field so that our Soul can express herself in her true essence.

Colour opens us to the Light.  Sound clears the Way.  Movement grounds the Light in our body.

Tama-Do – it’s a beautiful journey !