Fabien Maman’s new CD: Breathing the Soul !

From: Terres
Sent: 3/8/2013 7:51:20 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

Tama-Do Academy is proud to announce
the arrival of
Fabien Maman’s new CD

Master Guide Fabien Maman and Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld have been leading Shamanic Journeys in France, UK and Switzerland for more than ten years.  Created for Tama-Do (“The Way of the Soul“) Academy, these journeys expand our consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration in the Heart of Nature.  We call this subtle approach to the vibrational realm –Shamanism of the Light® – for it is the Light from whence we came, and where, as Souls, we are going.
This CD is a meditative journey to re-Source our Inner Light.
The quiet sounds of Nature wash our auric field as acoustic instruments played by Fabien Maman, Terres Unsoeld and Benza, call our Souls to wake up and breathe….

To Order please call:
or email: info@tama-do.com

Price:  $22
($15 for Tama-Do Certified Practitioners)

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