Divine Light strikes a Master Oak  photo by Terres Unsoeld

On this day of the Autumn Equinox, when the sun begins his descent toward winter, there is usually a Lightness of Being felt in the air and across the land.
With hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria, earthquakes in Mexico, and fires along the west coast of America, how can we feel the Light?
Mother Earth, for sure, is trying to give herself one big Cosmic adjustment, to balance the chaos of these times.  The Dragons are waking up ~ whose tasks are to destroy in order to heal.
This is certainly not the time of peace.  Like the trees in autumn, who lose their leaves, it is the time to let go ~ to begin again.
Lightening loves the Oak tree.  She splits him in two with her mighty force ~ yet the Oak seldom dies.  Slow and steady, the Oak survives most calamity.  I have seen the California oaks burned black from the fires, only to spring forth with new green in the spring.
Those of us who suffer from what is happening around us, like the Oak, we must slow down and connect with our Divine Light within.  TRUTH, LIGHT and LOVE can prevail  when we rise to the highest level of our Soul.
When we contact our Souls, we can be strong like the Oak, and transcend these crazy times.
I have written a new book, Shamanism of the Light, in which I describe the 8 Levels of Consciousness of the Soul.  As we live our lives, we experience 8 gates to pass.  These are required initiations to pass through if we wish to achieve the Light.
The Autumn Equinox is linked to the Gate of our Masterhood.  This is the time of our life when our Soul must express her power.  We must let go all the negative “memories” that we do not take to the other side.  We must stop fighting ourselves and others.  Body, mind and spirit must work in harmony.  We live our lives with grace and dignity.
While the world rages around us, we, the Tama-Do Light Workers, have our inner work to do.
In these times, we must empty ourselves to welcome our true goal of incarnation:  to integrate our Luminous Light Body inside our subtle bodies, chakras, meridians, organs, cells and DNA ~ to become a Light Being ~ a Being of Light ~ a channel of Light from the Divine ~ inspiring others to open to their Way of the Soul to the Light.
Fabien and I stand with you on your journey of the Soul.
Love, Light and Chi
Terres and Fabien