Tama-Do Academy is proud to announce the arrival
of our NEW BOOK !


Accessing the Energy Field of the Soul
with Sound and Astrology

In 1981, French musician/composer and acupuncturist Fabien Maman conducted a revolutionary sound/cellular experiment, documenting for the first time under a microscope, the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells. His brilliant photos and revolutionary conclusions changed the landscape of vibrational sound healing as we know it today.The results inspired 30 years of additional sound research, leading to the creation of Tama-Do (The Way of the Soul), The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement…

In 2011, Tama-Do Academy published Fabien Maman’s, The Tao of Sound, an encyclopedia of acoustic sound healing…

Now, in our new book, The Musique of the Sky, Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld explore the energy field of our Soul, taking us deep within the sounds and musique of our astrological chart.

Offering tools of self discovery from Star to Cell, Fabien and Terres help us to rise our consciousness to the Light.

We journey through our Terrestrial and Celestial Energy Fields, receive ancient knowledge of our zodiac and embrace our Celestial heritage to prepare for the ultimate teaching of the Musique of the Sky: learning to play our astrological theme ~ the Song of the Soul!

By merging musique and astrology we reach for the stars ~ ascending to the Light and harmonizing the very essence of our Soul.

Tama-Do is a beautiful journey which is never finished!

Hard cover book weighing 3 pounds
276 pages including full pages of glossy color photos from outer space

Retail Price: $75 US dollars

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This book is self published by Tama-Do Academy in the Czech Republic.
Proceeds go to Tama-Do Academy’s Research and Education Fund.
We appreciate your participation in raising consciousness to the Light.

For More information:
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Love, Light and Chi,
Fabien Maman
Terres Unsoeld