Tibetan New Year Meditation

Happy Losar ! (Tibetan New Year !)
 (also known as Chinese New Year)
I am sure that you all know this is the year of the Yang Fire MONKEY
It is linked to the Shao Yang (Gall Bladder – Triple Warmer).
This could lead to a certain amount of explosion ~ or fire disease.
Certainly, we are in for some kind of test.
But initiation, as we know, always leads to spiritual evolution.
The forces of redemption are always active when one is on his “way of the soul.”
There are always challenges, but always negotiations between you and the divine within yourself.
Of course we reap what we sow.
The Divine sends us an exaggerated mirror of what we already feel, think and do.
The Divine energy field is located high in space and it is as high in space as it is deep in our self.
If we issue thoughts and feelings of joy, the Divine energy field will echo back – 3X3X3.
If we give into catastrophic thoughts, Divine energy field is happy to send catastrophe back – 3X3X3.
This is the sacred law of attraction.
So it is our choice!  In this monkey year – as in any other year – we must practice
right thought and feeling and action to keep us in balance.
This is the way of the Tao.
Losar carries the energies of the new seed within.
Like Imbolc, we are given a chance to start anew ~ to awaken to our true potential ~
and let go the dark of Winter.
Stay focused in your healing practice.
Practice your Kototama mantras, meditation and qi gong.
Practice aikido of life and remain in the center of your self ~ feeling the support of the Universe.
Use the D tuning fork on LU 7 and the green light on the heart chakra to open the way.
If you are not afraid, you will pass through the drops.
The more peaceful place in a tornado is in the middle of the eye of the storm.
This year, take what Monkey has best to offer:  his great sense of humor!
He always laughs when he falls from the tree and eventually rolls in the grass.
Be happy.  Be flexible!
And thank the Universe that we are still alive!
love, light and chi
Fabien and Terres