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Terres Unsoeld's

"May the trees forever rise to greet us
and the stars sing in wonder from above ~
May the Sun shine warmly on our faces
As faeries, flowers devas share our love.

As we stand side by side with the Master
Staying true and staying good with what is right~
May the love of the Universe keep us
together and forever in the Light."

Terres Unsoeld

The 8 Initiatique Rites of Passage

Faery Shaman TERRES UNSOELD created a new paradigm of healing which expands our consciousness through energy work, Spiritual practice, self knowledge and creative Soul expression in the heart of Nature.

She calls this subtle approach to the vibrational realm,
~ Shamanism of the Light ~
for it is the Light from where we have come, and where, as Souls, we are going.

In order to go to the Light, Terres Unsoeld believes that we must first know why we are here as a Soul and where we are going. What is our Soul purpose? What is our Arrow of Destiny ~ our Soul path that will take us to the Light?

In Terres Unsoeld's books, Shamanism of the Light and Initiatique Trees of the Light, she describes our Arrow of Destiny as our Noble Hero's Journey to the Light®, which develops over the course of our life by passing through 8 Initiatique Rites of Passage.

These 8 auspicious occasions (birth, ages 7, 21, 33, 42, 50, 60 and death) offer a tremendous convergence of Divine energy that supports the growth of our Soul.

The 8 Rites of Passage, predestined by our Soul before we are born, reveal themselves in concentric circles that expand ever-outwards from our incarnation, spiraling ever-upward toward the Light. This is our Noble Hero's Journey.

In Tama-Do Academy, Terres Unsoeld has incorporated her Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® into all of her teachings. The correspondences she has found with the 8 Stages of Life of the Noble Hero and the 8 chakras, 8 subtle energy fields (aura), 8 Qi Mo, 8 power dates, 8 Master Trees, 8 Master Stars and beyond are profound and seemingly endless.

In 2018, Terres Unsoeld made her Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® into 8 Movies of Inspirational & Spiritual Teachings in the Heart of Nature. (more than 3 hours of Sound, Color and Musique) to inspire us to “Wake UP!” and “Go to the Light!”

Exquisitely filmed by Julian Melanson, during Tama-Do Academy’s Shamanique Journeys of Light in the Swiss Alps and UK, we plunged into the heart of Nature and found ourselves at HOME in the Light of the Divine.

Birth: A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® created by Master Guide Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld

This is the time when our Soul enters our baby body and we anticipate the joy of being born! It is a powerful initiation! It takes a huge act of will to come into the world. WAKE UP! to the joy of being alive in the Heart of Nature! Remember the miracle of who you are!

Faery Magique: A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® created by Master Guide Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld
Faery Magique!
(age 7)

This is the time when our Soul is mirrored by the magical realm of the faeries. Many of us are happy to be born, but once we arrive, we receive a shock. We either become a good soldier, losing our inner faery, or we check out and become a faery disincarnate. Feel the magical wonder of being alive inside our physical body, on Mother Earth, NOW!

Becoming of Age: A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® created by Master Guide Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld
Becoming of Age
(age 21)

This is our rite of passage into adulthood. It is like the quest of the knight. We are physically strong and ready for adventure. Free at last from family, community and structure, we often haven't a clue where we are going! This is a time when the Universe offers a time out from our busy-ness, so that our true life, our Spiritual life can begin.

Spiritual Awakening: A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® created by Master Guide Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld
Spiritual Awakening
(age 33)

This is when we open to the poetical aspect of our Soul in the daily life. We are in the peak of our physical chi. We have the power of action to do whatever we want in our life. We are faced with choices. Do we put first the social/emotional aspects of family, children and career, or our Way of the Soul to the Light?

Master's Path: A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® created by Master Guide Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld
Master's Path
(age 42)

This is when we stand in the truth of our Soul. We walk the path of our Destiny. This Path is not for everyone. If we have answered the call of our Soul, if we choose to step on our Master's Path, with the Masters who have come before; we shoot like a rocket into our future.

Spiritual Re-Alignment: A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® created by Master Guide Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld
Spiritual Re-Alignment
(age 50)

This is the time when our Body physical body is experiencing change. It is a time to reach out to the Universe and ask for Spiritual help. Challenge will force us to accept that we are not eternal. For some, this is the "dark night of our Soul." For others, it is a time of great opening. We learn to pray. We receive the Light of the Universe.

Masterhood: A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® created by Master Guide Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld
(age 60)

This is the time when our Soul is in full power. We have no choice but to embody our Spiritual Way. If we have prepared ourselves, this is an exciting moment in our life, when we become the Master of our Destiny. We have metabolized our gates and turned them to gifts. We become a channel of Light ~ inspiring others on their Way of the Soul to the Light.

Transformation: A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light® created by Master Guide Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld

This is our final passage to the transmute all dark into Light. Death is the ultimate initiation. It is the last (end of things) that opens to the first (rebirth). This is a time to remember all our Light memories here on Mother Earth. We let go of our physical vehicle and pass to the other side. The Way of the Soul to the Light is a beautiful journey, which is never finished...

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Gates and Gifts

Gates are portals to the Light.
Pass the gate and find the Gift!

On each of the 8 Stages of our Life, we, as Noble Heros must face an initiatique test that we must pass to progress on our Spiritual Way. (Initiatic is spelled Initiatique, which is more soft and poetical.) In life, whether we want them or not, gates happen. How we behave when they happen is what is important. Terres Unsoeld sees them as opportunities for growth. If we want to be a Noble Hero, gates are required. It is the gates that shock us to WAKE UP! They will test our determination to reach the Light. Gates can also be the shock that kills us. It all depends on what level of consciousness we choose to pass through the gate.

The most efficient way to discover who we are, as a Soul,, is to recognize the gates we have had during our life. It is through our "crises' that opportunities for growth become manifest.

The Spiritual Noble Hero has about 10 Initiatique tests or gates to choose from. Our Arrow of Destiny shall encounter these gates during the 8 auspicious occasions in our life.

Underneath the 10 gates are 10 gifts waiting to be revealed.




Physical disability









War (loss of homeland)




Life. Immortality


Mental and Spiritual Freedom


Empowerment and Compassion






Seek Within and Above

No borders. Peace


No Separation

Once we identify the gates, we learn to receive the gifts that have been hidden, waiting to be revealed.

The Way of our Soul is to realize our gifts.
The key to healing is to practice our gifts! It's that simple.
This is a fundamentally new approach to therapy: Find the gate and flip it! Make it a gift!
This is the foundation of Shamanism of the Light.