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Hello Terres and Fabien

Thank you for sending out this beautiful movie with Fabiens background music. His research on the effects of vibrations to our body and his teachings about sound and light are a gift for humanity. I will pass around this movie to others that are interested in vibrational healing.

All the best, love and light

Thank you for this beautiful film - it brought a smile to my face, tears to my eyes and joy to my heart - thank you 💖

with love Janet Britton😘

Thank you!

Just beautiful to experience!

Anne xxx

Dearest Fabien and Terres,

Absolutely Beautiful!!! Watching the film makes me miss the two of you so much. Wonderful to see the short period of green after the Malibu rains captured on film, the hills were so alive.

much love, Penny, California

Cari,Fabien e Terres...grazie per questo video...purtroppo non capiisco la lingua,ma è sempre un emozione rivedervi e sentirvi.Grazie..grazie..Fabrizia, da belluno. Italy

Dear Fabien and Teres, Beautiful! Powerful healing work! Thank you!!!

It touched my heart ❤️ moved me to the core.

Thank you for your dedication to your mission for the benefit of all.

With love and profound gratitude,
Graciela 🙏

Such a beauty !! Such a light!! Such a joy!!! while visioning it.

Julian and you all did a masterpiece in transmitting the spirit and essence of Tama-do 's "royally-delicious" way of teaching the light !!! Felt I was there with you ... Bravisssssimo!!

I offer my help in the translation for the spanish subtitles!!!

May this message expand to the infinite and inspire all beings thirsty of light !!!

Much Love and light and Chi!!!
marta, Barcelona, Spain

Wow, Fabien, Terres and Julian

I think this I one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen. I didn’t expect it to be so awesome and so inspiring. As always, when something moves me, it brought a tear to my eye. Happy happy.

So excited about this and all that will follow.

With Light and Love


Absolute Thanks for this Gift ! AMAZING.

LONG life here with us for Fabien !

This little movie change today many things for me...


Hello Teres and Fabien

Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring movie ! Thank you so much for sharing ! Congratulations!, also to Julian who is very talented indeed.

Love and light, Lisa Switzerland

Dear Julian,

no doubt that you have accomplished a key piece to share the all vision of TamaDo with the world.

You brilliantly succeed to give a shape which is respecting the sense of the work of Fabien and Terres.

Images and sounds, movement as well, are perfectly matching, creating a delicate symphony where it is not only about what it said, but a deep wave which seems to speak beyond our comprehension.

It is certainly not easy to help Fabien to be so deep and natural in front of a camera, but you made it.

It is so wonderful to see all your skills dedicated to the work of the invisible, when nowadays it is so rare to see pure light unveiled, specially trough a screen.

Only open heart can do so. Please, keep going this way.

Thanks so much for this Opus Magnum !

Shamanism of the Light Reviews

Dear Wonder Writer,

How could a single person write something of this magnitude? I am in awe! I am about to begin Volume IV: The 8 Master Trees of the Tree Zodiaque. The opening of this magnificent treatise. which gives the reader insight into who you are and what brought you to this place in your life was totally fascinating (and informative for me, since I thought I knew you). The names and references to Beings of Light are totally out of my realm of knowledge, but I always felt better after your descriptions and identifications.

Terres, all I can say at this point, is that this is a beautiful book, well designed and written with amazing photographs. It is magical for me, other worldly, yet within my scope of the world. For instance, I call on all of the Light Divas within my morning meditation. I am connected to my Loving Guides, and beautiful Angels, and your book has identified some of these Beings and have created a basis from which I resonate. I have often wondered why I love trees so much and recall when a child that the trees were my friends, my safety, and my soul friends, without whom I would have been more lonely than I was as a young lad. Also, I don’t know if I have ever told you that on several occasions in my life, I have had psychics tell me that I was a Shaman in another life, as well as being a Healer. I do not relate to either of those ‘tags’ but do have an ongoing quest to know more about the spirit, soul, brain, and body to achieve Enlightenment in this lifetime. Your books as well as Fabien’s have helped me on this journey. Both of you are great resources for those fortunate enough to know of your work, your Being. I am grateful!

Thank you for this legacy; this will be my bedside companion, and from it I will derive information, confirmation and inspiration—and think of you.

With love and respect (not to mention admiration), Jim Austin, Texas

Dear Terres

I'm sorry to be so late saying thank you for the lovely new book you sent--we've been going through several Initiations here, one thing after another. We have been clearing out a lot on many levels, and my Soul is expressing Herself authentically in the world. I am absorbing the Wonderful Wisdom in this beautiful book and continuing to shed and move through the Gates. I am an Oak Tree who is weathering many storms and continuing to grow and change. Thank you for your part in all that.

I am so grateful for you and Fabien and the profound effect you have had on my Life and its Authentic Expression.

Thanks, again, for everything.

I love you, Sibyl

Dearest Terres & Fabien

Thank you both so much for the brilliant knowledge you have brought to light for our world to explore. I truly value the insights, awareness & information I received during your Tama-Do class. I have begun to integrate some of the information and have been using specifically the color essences with my clients & in group work. This has brought more depth and value to each of the experiences. I look forward to seeing what happens as I explore further.

I have all of the color silks hung up on a wall in my office. I sit in the rainbow light for hours each day. In doing so I've noticed a centering & calming that has entered my being. Also, I have used both of your books as I talk with others about sound & color.

I appreciate all that I have learned from you both.
With blessings of love & light,


Dearest Terres

I just laughed and cried my way through your most special story. It is the ultimate story. reading it, I allow my heart to open and my spirit to SOAR!!!!! Every child (young and old) deserves to have this magic as their medicine for remembering who they are. I can think of many "big kids" who need this message as much as any child. it will be the birthday present of presents for many of my loved ones going forward. Thank you for making the great effort to put his gift to the world together.

You are a blessing to the All.
I love you.
Always Us!

Dear Terres and her devas,

This was Dee Lightful and provided deep great chi!

I've read it three times and each time I find another layer. I needed a good thwacking from the musical and giggling Tchali and Keanu! What wonderful characters!

Father Tree of life and safety of the story telling circle, the spunky spark of life, racing to meet the dramatic Father Sun, Lady Rainbow, 100 thousand year old jokes from the stars, frisbee delivered apple pies from Mother Earth, Muya the inter elemental child teaching us the 5 elements, gnomes that each (by example) us to build our dreams, the sleeping minerals in Mother Earth's Dreaming Nrsery with garden stakes marked Peace on Earth, Peace on Water, etc... (loved all illustrations but loved the dream feed and seed bags!!!) challenging silkve rdragons, best way to explain air and metal and freedom, the green eyed mermaid siren and the snap out of it Seagull.

I loved the journey from song-less, name-less and dream-lessness into a harmonic elemental musical being. And like a dragonfly landing on the back of a turtle, the story came to an end!


This was so much fun to read as you put all kinds of information in creative ways. Things I love: acorns were great, climbing on the Sun to feel with your heart, lady rainbow will carry you.... great! -- fairy bells from the 10000 stars, gnome workers of the earth, dream gardens...

so much information, I think there are at least 3 books here... If that junk like the movie series about the twilight and vampires makes a hit, why not this information...?

much love,

Dear beautiful faery,

Oh, WOW! Oh, My! I was stunned by the books. As I reported to you on the phone, I read your faery book to Suzan the very day we received it. She was creating one of her wonderful meals and I kept asking ('cause I felt guilty just sitting there and reading instead of cutting vegetables, etc) "Do you need or want help?" "No!" she exclaimed, just keep reading; you are having such a good time." It was fun to read the story aloud and I must admit that I was giving an inspired reading, not because of my ability (I hasten to add) but because the story and wonderful illustrations were inspirational. The illustrations are truly wonderful, fun, and vividly suppport the story!

Thank you, Terres. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful lgenerosity and spirit. Congratulations!

Until anon, boundless blessings,


Dear Terres,

“I have to thank you for such an amazing and inspirational course. It took me right outside the boundaries of what I already know and it is lovely to open to a wider perspective. I really feel quite different and almost liberated ! It was especially wonderful to meet you !"

With love and light,
Lindel Graham,

Dear Terres

"Thank you for your generosity and loving support that you have extended to me practically since the moment we met! Tama-Do has changed me and my life in ways that I never had imagined, and for this I am eternally grateful!!

Love always,
Candice Cheadle,
North Hollywood, CA"

Dear Fabien and Terres

"Thank you for the jaw-dropping, Spiritual experience that you provided me the entire week. Each day I looked forward to the start of class to see what new learning I would experience. The positive energy of the group helped to intensify the experience even more. The room was always filled with joy and wonder. Thank you once again for the wonderful experience!"

Angelina Badillo,
Los Angeles

"They say a master appears when you are ready to receive and yet a master is really a humble catalyst for your own alchemical change. Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld are two souls who have journeyed through their physical, emotional and spiritual energies and they speak with authenticity, from deep inside their beings. If you want support in your journey through life with the use of either color, sound or movement, here is a fertile place to meet your needs."

Dr. Martin Allbright

Dear Fabien & Terres

"I just wanted to say thank you again for the amazing journey this past week. It was more than I ever could have imagined. Thank you Tama-Do !

See you soon,”
Rebecca Campalans
On the road

Dear Fabien & Terres

"Thanks to the little Lutin Terres who put us in wonder. Everybody has been enchanted by this workshop. I am de-Lighted of our collaboration!”

Paris, France

“I attended this course with an open mind and had no idea what to expect. We were guided through a series of exercise and meditations which had a profound effect upon the group and individuals. It exposed your vulnerability testing the limits and expanding boundaries. Throughout the whole experience you felt the support and love of the group and its leaders. It increased confidence rather than destroyed it, encouraging you to explore new beliefs and be open to new ideas. It taught you to listen to your inner voice and take stock.

It was a journey of discovery about oneself. Finding out who you truly are and the many things you are capable of.

The introduction to the colour healing therapy was a very powerful experience. It made you realize the intensity of each colour and what it was capable of. A veery rewarding and enlightening experience.

It was a voyage of self discovery and true enlightenment.”

Jane Mellalieu

“The Tama Do Colour course plunged straight in at the deep end! From Day 1 we were working in pairs and sensing each other's colour messages. What struck me about this was how the colours inwardly sent, in a meditative state, were accurately received by the 'client', also in a quiet, still space.

We each received an interpretation of our three favourite colours, what they tell us about our entry into this life, how they assist us, and what we can work on.

Very inspiring, and in my case at least, I can say "spot on!"

There is nothing to beat group work when all the participants are open and respectful towards each other and this allowed each of us to radiate our inner nature to the group and receive spontaneous, inspiring and reassuring feedback. Additionally, in pairs, we practiced 'growing' and healing the etheric/astral bodies of our partner, along with very helpful affirmations related to various parts of the body.

There is too much to describe here altogether so I'll move on to day three, when we were taught the art of diagnosis within the etheric, astral and mental fields, followed by healing techniques using colour and aroma.

Without exception everybody (and many are new to this) were able to sense differences within their partners' fields and apply adjustments in colour and scent which then corrected any imbalances.

Many thanks to Terres for so skilfully running the workshop, with care and humour and total positivity, and to Carrie for organising and skilfully assisting during the workshop.

Fabien Maman, who brought Tama Do into earthly existence, was constantly 'around', occasionally popping in to the workshops, and of course, my gratitude to him and those who inspire his work.”

David Griffiths.


Dear Terres and Fabien

“I just wanted to tell you what amazing work you're doing and how blessed I feel to have been able to be part of the workshop. It is clear, fast and impactful. I know I will be processing more and more.

It has to be heartwarming for you to see so many wonderful and talented people from all over the world wanting to embrace and understand your work. The mixing of cultures, languages and ideas made the experiences even more enriching.

With gratitude and new insightfulness,”
Deidre, California


“I just want to thank you
With all my heart

Tama-do has been a revelation to me
Like a cornerstone in my life
I could almost tattoo the Tama-do symbol on my skin

But I won' t … cause I know that all the Tama-do colors are in me now and I know how to stay tuned.
Thanks to you

I feel like I ve been painfully searching for something all my life and now I m reborn

It s so deep and so much fun too !

Up till now, I only had a few pieces of truth like a Jigsaw Puzzle.
But you put everything together
Now I got The Big Picture
And It looks so good
And you brought all this with so much clarity , grace, beauty, joy and fun that I must tell you I would always be gratefull to you.

There were so many things that happened within those 2 weeks, I sometime felt I was dreaming the story of my life.

I have to assimilate all this , but it s good food !

Tama do has open a way for me, a bigger one that my own personal path , I feel like walking with 1000's of light people

You have open a way for me that I ve been longing for !

That' s it, I just want to express my gratitude for the light of love and the love of light you brought back to me.

It s a honor to be your student

And I m so happy to reconnect with you each morning with the Chi-gong Dvd...

Avec tout mon cœur »
Paris, France

PS: I just realized the meaning of your name in french... ( I' m a bit slow...I know)


“Dear Terres!!! Dear Fabien!!!

I would like to express my deep gratitude for all that we live these days, I'm still savoring in every cell what I lived there. It was a beautiful and unforgettable experience. My senses were heightened in relation to my inner and outer world.
Infinite thanks.
I have in my mind and in my heart, what we shared during our walks and everyday I realize, litle by litle, how deep is the transformation that is occurring in myself. I am living the afirmations I imprinted in the fire and everyday I realize my inner strenght gets stronger.... I am living the path of my soul...
Love, light and Chi”
Grindelwald 2013

“Dear Terres!!! Dear Fabien!!!

It is great hear news from you. And as Josefina said, in many ways, we are still in Switzerland. I am still processing all we lived there. For me, the Shamanic is a beginning, a new life, a new way I want lo live. Certanly in many ways it was challenging also... But I have not enough words to thankyou... I had never had, in my life, an experience as intense, as the Shamanic.... Thanks Terres, Thaks Fabien...
We have been talking, but for sure you can count on us for the Shamanic 2014.
WE ARE IN.... We have been talking also to go to Malibu...
With love, light and Chi,”
Grindelwald 2013


“I wait for you in the shade of the birch and the alder. Graciously I travel through the veils between the worlds. I am One with the forest and its creatures. Blue silver light, you can't catch me. I dance with the faerys and the mysty clouds on top of the tallest pine trees. Trolls amuse me, gnoms marvel me with their treasures deep down in the ground and I dream with the dragons the song of mother earth. If you quest for discernment, if you search healing and wholeness in the quietness of the green forest, I show you the way. I offer you the songs of the birds and the magic melodies of the wind and the trees.

The animals will watch over you and the forest will offer you her wisdom and love.
I will rest with you in your heart and share our song.”
Lisa Leicht, Switzerland
Shamanic Grindelwald, 2014

Hello Terres & Fabien

"My trip back home was good, and feeling the difference between the subtil energy of Grindelwald and the more dense here at home, even though I feel so good. I've brought with me so many tools for my daily life!! My flower and Star have done poetry in my life and I feel with much more self power!! Thank you!!!

I want to thank you so much again for your support in Grindelwald and for the group meditation. I felt so accompanied. I wish your re-entry to be good.

Your dedication on all the Shamanics have been superb a always!!"

I send you Love, Chi and Light
Shamanic Grindelwald 2012

"Today I had a wonderful experience - an amazing epiphany of the past three years of my life. It began a few days ago with some major realizations about my life. My mother in law died with lymphoma last spring, so the thought of me having lymphoma was a little overwhelming and caught me completely offguard. I remembered our conversation in Switzerland about your suggestion of changing my singing from melancholy to a more upbeat and uplifting sound. When you first said that to me I was a little angry. I felt that what was coming through at the time was how I was authentically feeling. I knew what you were saying to me, I was just resisting. So, today I spontaneously started to sing a song I had written 6 years ago, in a completely different tone and beat and it was so amazing what was coming through for me.

I realized going through the journey of cancer was an opportunity for me to heal myself, release my anger of the past and to make room inside of my body for my spirit to be more present in my life. When I was singing it was so joyful and I really felt the presence of my spirit for the first time in a long time. I felt like a little seed in the ground slowly moving towards the light allowing myself to reveal my true beauty to the world. I feel very hopeful about my future, even though my physical body has not caught up with the rest of me yet, I believe it will.

I still think about our air initiation when I am feeling overwhelmed by life, remembering the freedom as I soared in the air, like a bird in flight.

I am still learning to speak my truth and to set healthy boundaries in my life to help me to be compassionate to myself and others without getting bogged down by all of the drama of the day to day life. I continue to take baby steps in my life and I know I am a work in progress! Ha!”



Thank you, Terres

“Your emails always brighten my day...and yes, it helps a lot. I am grateful for that.

Thanks for your teachings(shamanic UK empowered and inspired me)... and the reminder to focus on the positive aspects of our life(to recognize the gift).

I more often practice a fairy laughter :)))) and Qi Gong is a heavenly gift that transforms what the work of the mind can't accomplish.

Every day brings more and more tests to pass. All is going to be well, at the end, in light and love,”

Cypress and New York
Shamanic UK 2014

Hello Terres

Hoping all is well with your summer teaching and that the weather is being kind to you. We have had a lot ofsunshine with temps hitting 19 degrees!!
Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful and far reaching experience over the UK Shamanic. Very profound big shift and integrating.... I am only wearing glasses for reading and driving now!
Lots of love,
Shamanic UK 2013


Thank you again for the two very intensiv, magical and insight full weeks and your comprehension and you sharing. joy and light to you and Fabien and save travels.
Lisa Leicht,
Shamanic Scotland 2014


“Dear UK Colour Course Students !

Thank you so much for being part of the joy that was the Tama Do courses last week. It is so joyful for me to watch the light in your eyes and energy shifts and clarity descends. When I came to Tama Do, I was in one of the darkest points in my life and Tama do was like suddenly someone turned the light on and showed me who I was, ive never looked back. I owe much of who I am to their inspiration, coaching and wisdom. It s the academy of star to cell and working with clearing the body and aura is but the first layer of what they do. Their work reaches to the stars and when you start to link with this aspect, you really start to fly.

I send light to help you shine like the sun! especially now that the days are shorter and darker.

With light,”
Carrie Mitchell
Tama-Do Academy Senior UK Instructor and Organizer

“Dear Candice and Luke,

It is a blessing that we have all found each other this life time. Spiritual brothers and sisters UNITE!! :)
It is wonderfully amazing when we connect to the joy in our hearts and learn how to share it with the world!
You can bring anything you would like----healthy is always great!
See you and Roxy on Sunday :)
love and Spring Light,”
Pat Aoki
Tama-Do Academy Senior Instructor USA and Guide


Dear Terres,

My apologies for not including a note to you when I previously cut and pasted the registration form. I only now just realized my oversight.
I received your marvelous book today and I am sitting here absolutely transfixed by your words...the beauty and wisdom of your soul and your powerful gifts! It is extraordinary to discover that consciousness exists on this elevated and profound level. I am also finding that many of my own beliefs about the universe and natural world (that I harbored as secrets to myself since childhood) are being given validity by your writing. This is thrilling! I am feeling so happy and so blessed to have discovered you and Fabien at this juncture of my life. Our summer together cannot come soon enough!
In gratitude to you,

“Dearest Terres & Fabien

Thank you for your lovely Autumn message of the alignment transitional point of our Sun marking this Equinox. Here on the East coast, it is being shown at every instant through the evolving color rays from gilded gold to rubified reds of the leaves on our Master Trees; with a new breed of flowers where their vibrant petals are sustained through cool silvered-dewy mornings, and the celebrated songs sung and echoed freely beyond the auric sky by our feathered and furry friends in preparation for their migration, hibernation, and adaptation of this nocturnal shift.
I now vibrate in sync where my Heartstrings sing to F note with Red passion. :)
Love & Chi,”
New York

“Hello Fabien and Terres

I hope your travels were great and that you are back home, maybe relaxing a bit?

I am sorry to even bother you with this dream I had 3 days ago, but I literally feel now that I HAVE to tell you:-)

So 3 nights ago I had a dream, I was walking down a street, this was during the day! and then all of a sudden "everything stopped", there was a big Silence and then the sky lit up! I mean it was a very deep blue like at night, but it was day time... I had to lay down on the road to look at everything!

There were brilliant Stars, so brilliant as if they were really close, then a white/gold light started going from one star to the next, to the next forming a shape, and I realized maybe it was a constellation?

Then next there appeared a Spaceship, it was immense, huge! with orange lights, it was as if the spaceship "turned on its lights" because it "wanted me to know it was there" and flashed its lights on and off, when the lights were off, you could not see the spaceship in the sky... Then another structure appeared, it was round, made of 2 circles, big! in the sky on top of the spaceship and to the right, the center was really red, like the sun, and it too was shining on me, and the constellation was flashing and all of a sudden I felt "Activated"?? My whole body was vibrating, not shaking, this "activation" went on for sometime, then it stopped. Then the sky went back to normal. Then I woke up... It was amazing!

Thank you for listening.
Much love,