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Tama-Do History with the Light

Fabien Maman, Spiritual Sound Master and Visionary of Tama-Do Academy'
Fabien Maman, Spiritual Sound Master & Visionary of Tama-DoAcademy
Photo by Julian Melanson

Revolutionary Spiritual Teacher Fabien Maman,
the Founding Father of Vibrational Sound Therapy and
Master Visionary of Tama-Do Academy

"We come from the Light. We are all star Light.
And because we are Divine in nature, we are just beginning to remember..."

TAMA-DO, (The Way of the Soul) The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement® was founded in 1988 by bossa nova jazz musician/composer, acupuncturist, martial artist and bio-energetician, Fabien Maman, whose mission it was to teach the Light.

FABIEN MAMAN received the Call to build the Academy from a series of contacts from an Invisible Community of Light Beings. They chose Fabien to be the leader of a Community of Energy Practitioners of the Light, dedicated to the evolution of Human Consciousness through research, teachings and creative Soul-expression.

This is the movie of his life.

Fabien Maman, Sound Master and Visionary of Tama-Do Academy - his life story'
Movie by Julian Melanson

FABIEN MAMAN'S first contact with the Invisible was when he was four years old, standing on the roof of his family house with his father, waiting for the first star to appear in the night.

The Invisible Guides of the Academy first communicated to Fabien through a vision, when he was a 14 year old boy scout in Switzerland. Lost in the forest and surrounded by huge spruce trees, Fabien Maman saw before him a Greek temple with 2 columns of marble, on top of which, in big green, emerald letters, was written: "Académie de développement pour l'Humanité". (Academy for the Development of Humanity).

Later, on the same day, he saw the Sun going down, the Moon rising and Venus in the middle. Fabien remembered being overwhelmed by the beauty of the triangle created by the Luminaries in the sky. Upon his return to Paris, he drew the picture which was in his head.

Nearly 20 years later, it would become the Logo of Tama-Do Academy.

Tama-Do Academy Logo'

The triangle represents music; the 7 flames, the power of Nature that links us to the Cosmos. The arc of Light around the triangle represents the three veils of the non manifest in the Sephirotic Tree, mirroring a diamond in the center of a circle at the base, which is Kether, the Source of all Light. Tama-Do Academy is grounded with the Light of the Divine.

Fabien Maman's life as a jazz musician in his 20s and early 30s was catapulting him on the road to stardom. He was in his prime, playing in all the big concert halls in the world. Yet the closer he got to fame, the more he pulled away. Deep within, he knew he was looking for something more ~ his Spiritual calling.

He became vegetarian, macrobiotic and raw food fanatic, practicing Transcendental Meditation and hatha yoga while his fellow band members got stoned on hashish and LSD.

In 1975, after playing with his jazz quintet in Carnegie Hall, Fabien Maman embarked on a pilgrimage into the Sahara Desert, where he received his Spiritual Awakening. The Invisible Community of Light Beings transmitted to Fabien a simple message, which he received from the Light of the stars:

All life is vibration.
Vibration is Light. Our Souls are Light.
Within each of us there is a song ~ a song of the Soul ~
and when it is revealed ~ there is harmony and exchange in the Universe... We are all one with the Whole.

Fabien Maman returned to civilization, a changed man. He quit his professional career as a jazz man and began his journey toward becoming a Spiritual teacher.

For more on Fabien Maman's life please see The Musique of the Sky

NO GURUS, please !

Fabien Maman's life in the 70s was filled with magical experiences with mystics who showed him the Way of the Light. But these were not ordinary religious masters. During the 70s, there were plenty of gurus with whom Fabien could have met: Mikhael Aihvanov, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Krishnamurti... but he did not.

"I was not really interested in following a guru nor becoming one, so none showed up. Instead, I was sent extraordinary messengers,
simple men and women who were followers of the Light ~
who did not belong inside any organized religion or group."

All the Spiritual Masters Fabien met at this time, were followers of Christ, who had chosen to leave the church. Jacque Duponchelle, Fabien's spiritual healer and friend, had been an Orthodox priest, but slammed the door on the face of the church when it refused a poor man entry.

As a son of a son of a Rabbi of many generations, it was a surprise to Fabien that all the men and women who he met came from the Christique Lineage, and yet they felt familiar to him. They had no flock. They had no agenda of self aggrandizement. They carried withinin each of them a burning flame of truth, justice and devotion to God and all God's children under the sun.

They were Beings of Light, incarnate ~ part of a collective consciousness who shared the wonder and joy of Being alive in the Light ~ which they were happy to share with whomever they met.

Their silent revolution against organized religion, guru-dom, fame and fortune captured the heart of Fabien, who, to this day, remains discrete and humble ~ believing that the Light is a God-given gift within each of us. Nobody has the power to give this Light to us - nor take it away.

Fabien Maman playing his first Tama-Do Seasonal Harmonizing Concert in 1978
Fabien Maman playing his first Seasonal Harmonizing Concert in 1978

Receive the Mysteries and Remain Practical!

After Fabien Maman's Spiritual Awakening in the Sahara Desert, he stopped his professional musical career and embarked on a series of studies which would become the foundation of Tama- Do Academy's Initiatique Teachings of the Light.

He studied with his Masters Boris de Bardo (Master of acupuncture and energy), Sensei Nakazono (Master of acupuncture, aikido and Kototama) and Jacques Duponchelle (Master of energy and Spirituality). He also met Nicole Bartolucci, a clairvoyant and Master astrologer, beginning a 40 year collaboration. He taught her Kototama and she taught him about the stars.

For more on Fabien Maman's Master Lineage, click here.

All Fabien Maman's Master Teachers were Divinely guided, yet grounded in practical applications of their esoteric science. Each followed a hidden structure and tools that kept them from tipping too fanatically into the Invisible powers of the Light. They all shared Fabien's humility and healthy sense of humor.

And, like Fabien, none of them called themselves Masters. They considered themselves simple people, here to serve the Light and to give love to the people through their practical skills.

Fabien Maman's creativity exploded as he explored ways to transform hidden ancient teachings into practical applications of Love, Light and Chi.

In 1977 Fabien Maman became an acupuncturist and created the now famous system which uses tuning forks on acupuncture command points.

In 1978 he performed his first Seasonal Harmonizing Concert, based on his research that certain instruments and modes correspond to the energies of each season, and when played, there is harmony between audience, player and the energy field of the nature.

In 1981 Fabien Maman conducted a revolutionary sound/cellular biology experiment showing the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields.

Photo 103: Cells of Jacques with Fundamental Note Photo copyright Fabien Maman 1981
Photo 103: Cells of Jacques with Voice
Fundamental Note
Photo copyright Fabien Maman 1981

His findings, documented in spectacularly beautiful slides, changed the landscape of Sound Healing as we know it today.

Fabien Maman found that through a series of acoustic sounds, healthy cells would change color and shape according to the pitch and timbre of each note. He also discovered that when healthy cells felt a 'vibratory affinity' with a certain note, the cells' aura would transform into a mandala shape with vibrant colors of pinks and blues.

Maman concluded that this was the cell's 'fundamental note', and if the person 'tuned' with it, harmony could be achieved within the cells, the energy field of the person and the outside world.

Sound/Cellular Research click here.

Guided, Fabien Maman began to extend his vibrational research to the world. If he could harmonize cells in a petri dish, why not harmonize the whole Human Being, or Humanity itself?

Fabien Maman began a tour of lectures in Europe, introducing his research. This eventually led to workshops on sound, color and movement.

In 1984 Fabien performed his first Tama-Do Sound Harmonization (originally known as a therapy concert).

Fabien Maman conducting a Tama-Do Sound Harmonization in 1984 (the original soundbath!)
Fabien Maman conducting a Tama-Do Harmonization in 1984 (the original sound bath!)

All Fabien Maman's techniques were the hidden means to transmit the Light to others.

Sound baths, gong baths, crystal bowls, "singing bowls" and tuning fork techniques have all been inspired by Fabien Maman's sound research.

Sound Healing Academies throughout the world sprang forth from Fabien Maman's roots.

Even Dr. Masuro Emoto, famous for his "Messages in Water", was inspired by Fabien Maman's Sound/Cellular biology experiment, which preceded Dr. Emoto by 10 years.

Can you imagine how the world might be a different place today had all the self proclaimed sound healing gurus who followed in Fabien's footsteps had kept sound healing as a pure form of Light transmission, rather than a means for fame and fortune?

STAY SIMPLE : The Man of the 12 Sounds

In 1988, Fabien Maman met French Sensitive Patricia Janusz in London, who helped him channel the Tama-Do Guides, who transmitted to Fabien the structure of the Academy.

It was to be a three years course. They put a tiny leaflet on some trees in Hampstead Heath, and waited to see what would happen. More than 100 people signed up! And the official Academy began.

The first Academy classes were in London; Vevey and Zurich Switzerland; Paris and Leningrad in the former Soviet Union. Tama-Do students signed up in advance for three years of study, meeting one weekend a month in their respective cities, with a longer intensive summer course in the South of France.

Fabien taught three generations of three-year courses in Europe. He expanded to Edinburgh in Scotland, Munich and Frankfurt Germany, Berne in Switzerland and Oslo, Norway. This was before e-mail, fax machines and computer. Fabien rarely used a telephone. Communication was sent into the 'grid' and directed by the Guides through the energy fields.

It was a heady time, filled with exploding creativity and all possibility!

It was also a time of false prophets ~ self-proclaimed gurus who transmitted sacred ancient teachings for sex, power and money.

Fabien Maman could easily have become the Sound Guru of Europe ~ yet his aversion to fame and the Tama-Do Guides, cautioned him to go slow and remain hidden.

Fabien Maman was instructed to present himself simply as the Man of the 12 Sounds ~ a sound researcher who first discovered the 12 notes for the 12 master points of the acupuncture meridians of the body.

Fabien Maman remained discrete, avoiding fame and fortune as well as the very real witch hunts that were occurring in France at this time. Alternative forms of therapy such as acupuncture were being lumped together with gurus, cults and sects. To be seen as a guru or cult leader could lead to imprisonment, financial ruin or death.

Fabien Maman's Paradigm of Healing

Fabien Maman's Man with Auras chart copyright Tama-Do Academy 1988.
Fabien Maman's Man with Auras chart copyright Tama-Do Academy 1988.

Fabien Maman continued to deepen his Spiritual practice, yet remained the Man of the 12 Sounds in the eyes of the public ~ building his Academy on research and science, grounded in the classical traditions of music, mathematics, astrology and Chinese medicine.

He created an entire subtle sound structure for the 21st century, linking acoustic sound and musique with our DNA, acupuncture meridians, organs, chakras, energy fields, and expanding outwards to the greater spiral of nature, the seasons, the stars and beyond...

He has developed more than 30 healing techniques of Sound, Color and Movement to ground the Soul in the daily life. Each technique took at least seven years to research.

One of Fabien Maman's fundamental principals, is that the potential for vibrant health, as well as illness, begins in our subtle energy fields (aura), and that acoustic sound, along with color and chi movement, are the most effective tools we can use to dissolve negative energetic patterns to enhance healing and harmony.

It is through a daily practice of energy that the Light can be achieved.

What is a Revolutionary Spiritual Teacher ?

Fabien Maman always honored the Spiritual Masters who came before him. He was careful to remain humble and to keep a sense of humor. He expressed himself as practical, rather than Spiritual.

Fabien Maman believes that within each of us is the memory of the ancient knowledge. It's not a mystery ~ it's a reality. And it can be manifested through the practice of energy.

In order to be able to harness your Light ~ to eventually pass it on to others
~ you have to have a daily practice ~
an energy and Spiritual discipline that keeps you from exploding!

We keep safe by channeling the power of the Light through the healing techniques of Tama-Do.

This is revolutionary! Rather than build a community on charisma and charm, marketing and PR, business plans and logarithms of exponential gain... Tama-Do Academy has built a community dedicated to healing and helping others ~ not because of the fame or the money ~ but because it has always been our calling ~ our mission.

We are a community of Energy Practitioners of the Light.

At the peak of the Academy in Europe, the Invisible Community of Light Beings instructed Fabien Maman through his Tama-Do Guides, to expand his vibrational work to America.

In 1988 Fabien Maman introduced vibrational sound therapy, and specifically tuning forks to the United States at the World Research Foundation's World Congress in Las Vegas.

The rest is history. Tuning Forks for therapy is a booming industry ~ as is sound healing, gong baths, sound baths, energy medicine and vibrational sound therapy - all thanks to Fabien Maman!

Sound Therapy:

"Treatment based on the finding that human blood cells respond to sound frequencies by changing color and shape, and the hypotheses that therefore sick or rogue cells can be healed or harmonized by sound. The therapy was developed and researched by French musician and acupuncturist" FABIEN MAMAN....

Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary
BD&L. New York, New York ©1993

"This work with energy and musique is the Spiritual work for the coming age. When scientific research, Spiritual practice and artistic expression work together, heaven and earth are in resonance.
This is Tama-Do, the Way of the Soul to the Light."

Fabien Maman

Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld, Spiritual Healer and Revealer,
Creative Visionary and
Master Teacher of Tama-Do Academy

Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld, Spiritual Healer and Revealer from her 8 Movie Series, A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light
Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld, Spiritual Healer and Revealer
film clip from her 8 Movie Series, A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light

TERRES UNSOELD received the Call of the Light from a series of contacts from an Invisible Community of Light Beings. They chose Terres Unsoeld to join Fabien Maman to lead Tama-Do, a Community of Energy Practitioners of the Light, dedicated to the evolution of Human Consciousness through research, teachings and creative Soul-expression.


TERRES UNSOELD'S first contact with the Light happened before birth.

Her Soul, on her way toward incarnation, rode into Mother Earth's atmosphere, on the "wings of a dragon", during a cosmic storm of Aurora Borealis peacock turquoise fire that knocked out the lights across America and sent balls of fire across the European skies that were so intense, people wondered if a new war was coming. (see 1957-1958 http://www.solarstorms.org/SRefStorms.html)

The cosmic storm lasted for seven months.

Terres Unsoeld remembers choosing to be born. There was a flash of Light and the thrill of anticipation! ~ an inner excitement! an inner calling! "I want to get going! I want to jump into the unknown!"

The following year, Fabien Maman, in Grindelwald, would receive the shakti from Teres' cosmique storm, as the Sun went down, the Moon rose and Venus shone in the middle of the evening sky.

Seven years later, Terres Unsoeld, standing in Grindelwald, would receive the memory of her cosmic storm of birth, which inspired Fabien's vision for Tama-Do Academy.

The Invisible Light Beings sealed their Destiny in the sky.

Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld frolicking amongst the flowers in the Swiss Alps photo from one of her Shamanique Journeys of the Light
Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld frolicking amongst the flowers in the Swiss Alps
photo from one of her Shamanique Journeys of the Light

Soul Consciousness

When Terres Unsoeld was barely 1 year old, she remembers looking into a mirror in her Grandmother's house, and seeing the eyes of her Soul, filled with the memories of other worlds, shining back. She knew she was here for a mission that was much bigger than her tiny body.

Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld looking into the eyes of her Soul 1959
Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld looking into the eyes of her Soul 1959

When Terres Unsoeld was four years old, she discovered that her 3rd eye could see into the future. While her father told the family that they would be moving to Nepal, she felt a blue Light emanating from her third eye, shining into her future like a flashLight. She saw everything that would be, as if it had already happened.

When Terres Unsoeld was seven years old, the Invisible Community of Light Beings initiated her into the multi-dimensionality of Life. Terres was looking at a baby pine tree, when she felt a flash. Her Soul rose up in the sky and saw herself as the little girl below, looking at the tree. She was the little girl. She was the tree. She was her Soul. She knew that she has been given the gift of a portal in time, which she could access for the rest of her life. She could imprint moments in her daily life which could open to Soul consciousness.

"I knew that from this day forward, I was a Conscious Being, and that I had been placed on this earth to learn and to observe in order to transmit the Light to others.
The trees would be my Guides. They have always been with me."

Recognizing the Face of God in the Heart of Nature

Terres Unsoeld'S Rainbow Photo, from her book Initiatique Trees
photo copyright Terres Unsoeld
from her book Initiatique Trees of the Light

There is no better way to see the face of God than to see it through the face of Nature.

Terres Unsoeld

Terres Unsoeld's first Home was in the Nature ~ among the faeries, flowers, devas and trees.

She remembers the smell of the pine needles on the soft earth... the wind in the trees that would sing her to sleep and the merry little breezes that would kiss her awake and ask her to play... the call of the river in the valleys below, answering back to the wind in the trees... the thrill of the fireflies and the power of thunder and lightning ricocheting through the mountains...

Terres Unsoeld's Soul flourished in the carpets of flowers that reflected the tapestry of stars in the sky... and the tiny faery flower gardens nestled amongst the rocks and mosses, ferns and heather.

Because she was so tiny as a child, she could see into the faces of the flowers and see tiny faeries smiling up at her. She could hear the tiny faery bells of the heather dancing in the wind... the marmots whistling across the valley... the eagles calling in the sky... and the laughter of the faeries with the laughter of a thousand stars...

Healing the World

Terres Unsoeld, Spiritual Healer and Revealer, Color therapy for the Soul
Terres Unsoeld, Spiritual Healer and Revealer

Terres Unsoeld had an idyllic childhood. Her parents were both mountain climbers. Her grandfather loved the high seas. Summers were spent hiking and climbing in the wilderness and sailing in the wilds of Alaska.

She grew up in Nepal in the ‘60s. One could still see Mt. Everest from the hills around Kathmandu valley. There was no separation between earth and sky.

Everything changed when she turned 16. Through a course of three years, she lost her grandmother, sister and father, all through a series of accidents.

She spent the next 25 years trying to heal herself. She tried all forms of psychotherapy, gestalt, channeling, body work, philosophy and religion. Nothing worked.

She dove into healing others, helping others, teaching others, hoping that focusing on other's would heal herself. This didn't work either.

She escaped into relationships, business, and adventure travel. She saw the wildebeest migration in Tanzania, climbed Kilamanjaro, traveled cross country through Tibet to visit the sacred pilgrimage sites of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, trekked into the sacred back country of Bhutan, traveled overland to Darjeeling, hiked in the Swiss Alps, white water rafted down the Colorado River of the Grand Canyon and revisited her home in Nepal, 40 years after she had lived there as a child.

"While I had amazing experiences in the nature ~ I was missing what I was looking for: a practice that would keep me connected to my Soul Path and the Divine.."

Terres Unsoeld

Looking for Spiritual Community

Masters Fabien Maman, Terres Unsoeld on a Shamanique Journey of the Light photo by Carrie Mitchell
Masters Fabien Maman, Terres Unsoeld and the Fredville Oak
photo by Carrie Mitchell

Terres Unsoeld's close ties to God in the Nature made her eager to find a community of like-minded Souls.

Her father had been a wilderness guru in the ‘70s before he died, but Terres didn’t want to be a mountain climber. She was looking for something more refined... poetic... sensitive...

In 2000, the Tama-Do Guides finally arranged for Terres Unsoeld to meet her Destiny.

Terres Unsoeld's aunt had had breast cancer and was treated by a French musician/composer and acupuncturist named Fabien Maman. She healed herself and became impassioned by Fabien’s school, Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®.

"It was Thanksgiving when my aunt and uncle
introduced me to Fabien’s work.
They cleared the dining table and put me on it ~
giving me an energy session
which involved touching key zones of the body.
I was laughing my head off in recognition.
I knew this work! I had done it before!
I knew I was Home."

Terres Unsoeld cleared out her life ~ throwing everything away she no longer needed ~ husband, career, politics and friends ~ and embarked on her Tama-Do Journey to the Light.

She was 42.

Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld in Domaine des Courmettes, 2001
Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld in Domaine des Courmettes, 2001

The Way of her Soul

Tama-Do means "The Way of the Soul to the Light."
Through Sound, Color and Movement®, and Creativity,
we expand our consciousness to the stars,
then bring the Light back Home, inside our physical bodies, grounded in the daily life.

Terres Unsoeld, with the help of the Tama-Do Guides and the Invisible Community of Light Beings, fast-tracked her way through the Initiatique Teachings of Tama-Do. Everything happened quickly and intensely.

Masters showed up to help Terres Unsoeld to remember who she was and what she had come to accomplish: Nicole Bartolucci (Druidic Priestess and Master Astrologer), Patricia Janusz (Color Sensitive and Channel for the Tama-Do Guides) and of course, Fabien Maman, who transmitted to Terres all the Tama-Do Initiatique Teachings of the Light and entrusted her to transmit and protect the integrity and purity of the Level I teachings of Tama-Do. In 2002, Terres Unsoeld became Tama-Do Academy's first full-time Level I Teacher.

Terres Unsoeld and Fabien Maman both realized that they had been together before, doing the same work of healing, in a distant time and place.

Memories came quickly. The work exploded as two Masters, united with one mission: Tama-Do.

For Fabien, Terres arrived during the nadir of his work. Moving to America had been challenging to his Soul. He did not fit in with the big business that had become Sound Healing.

In the late 90s, early turn of the century, the Divine Light, which had inspired Fabien to make his wonderful healing tools in the first place, had been lost.

Nobody wanted to talk about God or the Soul, much less the research or the quality of the work. The Sound Healing world had become a morass of competing Sound Healing Gurus - all trying to sell their own tuning forks and techniques. The Way of the Soul had become the Way of business, PR and marketing.

Fabien Maman had ejected himself from this "sharky" world, but could not see his way toward a new future for Tama-Do. He had been calling to the Tama-Do Guides and the Invisible Community of Light Beings for help.

When Terres Unsoeld arrived, Fabien said it was a breath of pure Light appearing. He knew that the Academy was going to continue.

Masters Terres Unsoeld and Fabien Maman conduct a Tama-Do Sound Harmonization®
Masters Terres Unsoeld and Fabien Maman conduct a Tama-Do Sound Harmonization

Nobody dies in the Light...

In 2001, while in the Druid Wood, an ancient oak forest behind Domaine des Courmettes in the south of France, where the Tama-Do home was located, Terres Unsoeld was once again contacted by an ancient Master tree.

There had been a huge storm and there were dead and dying trees scattered throughout the forest. Terres remembers feeling overwhelmed with the death of the trees, when one of the trees spoke to her with a distinct New York accent:

“Get over it! Nobody dies in the Light.”

A shaft of gold Light appeared from the canopy of the forest and landed in Terres Unsoeld's hands.

“With this Light,” said a woman’s voice, “you are blessed. Use your healing hands. Heal the people. Teach them the ways of the Light...”

Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld dancing with the wind and the the Bowthorpe Oak during her Shamanique Journeys of Light®
Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld dancing with the wind and the Bowthorpe Oak
on her Shamanique Journeys of Light®
film clip from her 8 Movie Series, A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light

Shamanique Journeys of Light®

"As Souls, we come from the Light.
It is our task to remember who we are, and from where we have come ~
to know where we are going."
Terres Unsoeld

While teaching the Tama-Do Level I courses, Terres Unsoeld recognized the complexity of some of her students. Many had experienced terrible trauma. While the Tama-Do techniques with tuning forks, color light and qi gong in the classroom brought about amazing transformation, it was not enough to hold them in the Light when they returned home.

Terres Unsoeld created a series of Shamanique Journeys of Light® in the Heart of Nature to empower her students with the joy and wonder of being alive in their physical bodies on Mother Earth! These Journeys expand consciousness through physical, Spiritual and cosmic exploration.

Following the first three levels of incarnation according to the Sephirotique Tree, we learn who we are as Spiritual beings and how to practice and express our true joy of being alive here on Mother Earth and in the Cosmos.

Click here for more on Shamanique Journeys of Light

Shamanism of the Light®:
a new paradigm of healing in the Heart of Nature

Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld, Spiritual Healer and Revealer from her 8 Movie Series, A Noble Hero's Journey to the Ligh
Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld, Spiritual Healer and Revealer
film clip from her 8 Movie Series, A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light

When we are in alignment with our destiny ~ all is Light ~ all is harmony.
We shoot like an arrow along our path.
We shine like the sun, knowing that we are a part of,
and have always been, One with the Light."

Terres Unsoeld

As an extension to her Shamanique Journeys of Light®, Terres Unsoeld created Shamanism of the Light®, a new paradigm of healing, which incorporates energy work, Spiritual practice, self knowledge and Creative Soul Expression in the Heart of Nature, to extract the Light from all aspects of the life.

Click here for more on Shamanique Journeys of Light

As a Spiritual healer and revealer, Terres Unsoeld works with the 8 Initiatique Rites of Passage of our Soul (Birth, Ages 7, 21,33,42,50 and Death), which correspond to the 8 Master Trees and Stars of Tama-Do.

We awaken to our Arrow of Destiny. We learn how to flip life's challenges (gates) into Gifts.

Through creative acts of Soul expression we shine like the Sun ~ sharing our Light with others, that they, too, might be inspired to follow The Way of the Soul to the Light.

A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light®

Shamanism of the Light®, upon which Tama-Do Academy is now based, is expressed in Terres Unsoeld's book, Shamanism of the Light, and her 8 inspirational films, Noble Hero's Journey to the Light.

This is the 4 minute trailer of her 8 Movies.

A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light : 8 Inspirational and Spiritual Teachings of the Light by Master Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld


Today Tama-Do Academy is a global Academy, with the Mother Ship and Sacred Sound Garden in Malibu, California, a summer base in the Swiss Alps, and Satellite Centers in UK, France and Canada.

Tama-Do Academy offers a transformational Professional Certification Training Program in Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Tao Yin Fa Qi Gong Movement® (Level I) followed by the ancient Initiatique Mystery Teachings of the Light (Level II).

Our advanced work culminates in three Shamanique Journeys of the Light®, created by Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld, offering Sacred Initiations in the Heart of Nature.

Through our deep teachings and daily practice, we realize our Arrow of Destiny. We know who we are and where we have come from. We shoot like a rocket into our future. We Joyfully, Wondrously, Powerfully and Nobly offer ourselves in service to the Light through Tama-Do.

It’s a beautiful journey, which is never finished.