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Fabien Maman's
Tama-Do Academy Level II

Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld's INITIATIQUE TEACHINGS OF THE LIGHT® for Tama-Do Academy

To be in harmony with ourselves and the Universe, we must each develop
our own relationship with the vibratory energy of nature and the Cosmos
from Star to Cell, and then back out to the Cosmos from Cell to Star.

Within this center is the Whole.
Herein lies our true essence, the seed of our Soul.
Fabien Maman

Soul Awakening

excerpt from Musique of the Sky, by Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld

Since the beginning of time here on Earth, when we first began to stand on our own two feet, our inner noble Being has aspired to reach beyond that which we already know.

Each time we lift our eyes up to the sky and see the beautiful celestial Lights shining down on us ~ the Sun, the Moon and the stars ~ we know that we belong to something larger than life itself... The fires within yearn to return to the very source of creation...

Fabien Maman's Initiatique Teachings of the Light become a map to help us find our way.

Accessing the Energy Field of the Soul

In Tama-Do, incarnation of the Light can only be achieved through the practice of energy. It is not enough to study and memorize the ancient knowledge, we must learn to recognize and receive it in our energy fields and ground it in the daily life.

How we elevate our level of consciousness depends on our commitment
to self practice, our conscious efforts to elevate our vibrations
from the density of the physical and emotional to the Spiritual, and back again.
This takes practice, patience and perseverance.

Ancestral energy rises from our roots through our spine,
connecting with the Divine Source and beyond...
then grounding the Soul in our physical bodies.

Tama-Do ~ it’s a beautiful journey which is never finished.

Fabien Maman's
Initiatique Teachings of the Light
Tama-Do Academy Level II

Tama-Do Academy offers a transformational Professional Certification Training Program in Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Tao Yin Fa Qi Gong® (Level I) followed by the ancient Initiatique Mystery Teachings of the Light (Level II) and Shamanique Journeys of the Light®(Level III).

Whereas the Level I training focused primarily on healing techniques, Level II offers the foundation of Spirituality through energy and creativity. Through self knowledge we manifest our destiny . We take a stand in the Universe.

The Level II Courses, taught by Tama-Do Masters Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld, include:

1) Channeling the Light through the 3 Crystalline Ethers of the Head®

Fabien Maman opens our minds to the Light by introducing his energy practice with the 3 Crystalline Ethers of the Head®, which are structures in our brain through which the Light can be received.

2) Fabien Maman's Etheric Chart of Divination®

Fabien Maman teaches us how to work with his Etheric Chart of Divination®, a simple tool based on the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine and Spiritual Astrology, that reveals to us the energetic Path of our Soul Destiny, which was determined in Earth and Sky before we were born. Fabien will give each of us a reading of our personal chart, and conduct his special Meditation to Welcome the Soul.

3) Sound and Color in the Energy Field

Fabien Maman takes us on an auditory journey through his vast library of musique from different origins, to "feel" their vibratory consciousness in our aura. Then Fabien guides us through a color exercise to receive Light in our aura. The session ends with Fabien's guided meditation to Rise to a Higher Perspective.

4) The Cycles of Time

Fabien Maman initiates us into the Ancient Mystery Teachings of Time. With his ancient charts, we open to his Cosmic Chart of Transformation (the Tama-Do map for Level II), the Cosmic and Human Cycles of Kototama, the Energy Field of the Zodiaque, the 7 Cycles of Growth from the I Ching linked to Terres Unsoeld's 8 Initiations of a Noble Hero's Journey and the 4 branches of the 12000 Cycles of Brahma in Vedic Astrology. This time travel situates our journey from a Cosmic perspective.

5) Energy Field of the Soul ~ Astrology based on classic and initiatique tradition

It takes 2,160 terrestrial years to move 30 degrees within our zodiaque. Over many lifetimes, we will accomplish the complete tour in 25,920 years. This makes the zodiaque an important witness to the evolution of our Soul. It is also the blueprint of the energy field through which our Soul will incarne in this lifetime. The Universe is our home and we need to know it.

Fabien Maman elevates astrology beyond the social aspect of divination by making his own synthesis of the Ancient Mystery Teachings of Druidic Astrology (Nicole Bartolucci), Lunar Astrology (A. Volguine) and Esoteric Astrology (Elienne Lefort and Djwhal Khul) and Vedic Astrology (Sri Yukteswar).

He initiates us into the Spiritual meanings of astrological signs, planets, asteroids and other Luminaries, houses and the 8 Master Stars of Tama-Do - for the purpose of standing in the center of the Energy Field of our Soul.

We learn how to interpret our Natal Soul charts with its gates and gifts. We learn how to read our Solar Return so that we can transform challenge into possibility. We learn how to use our Zodiaque as a magical starscape into which we can plant our dreams for the future.

Astrology is a central pillar in Level II, and Fabien Maman is a Master of his craft. He has spent more than 40 years exploring Astrology and Acupuncture, Astrology and Sephirotic Tree, and Astrology and Musique, as spelled out in his book, Musique of the Sky, written with Terres Unsoeld. Fabien will give each of us an astrological reading to help us find our way.

6) Activating our Celtic Power Date with Sound and Color

In Tama-Do we work with the 8 Celtic Power dates that coincide with the eight main cycles of the seasons, when strong cosmic energy manifests itself. The 8 Power Dates are portals through which we can travel to access the Cosmic chi of the Masters of Light, who are closer on these dates than any other time. Fabien Maman initiates us with his special tuning fork and color light technique, based on the 8 Qi Mo, to activate our Light within on these auspicious dates of the year.

7) Channeling the 8 Sacred Stars of Tama-Do®

Druidic astrologer Nicole Bartolucci, Fabien Maman's friend and colleague, created a system to find the Source and Guide Stars in our astrological charts to help guide us on our Spiritual Development. Together, Fabien and Nicole chose the 8 Sacred Stars of Tama-Do. Fabien Maman introduces the ancient mystery teachings of each star ~ and then initiates us into the energy practice of channeling each of the 8 Stars to receive their Spiritual Power.

8) Fabien Maman's Qi Gong of the Light®: Tao Yin Fa Series I-II- III- IV-V® and Zhineng Qi Gong

"The seed of the Spiritual is rooted in the physical. When practicing chi movement, the inner movement of our body mirrors the movement of the Universe, we produce a fusion which allows us to step into our Soul." - Fabien Maman

Fabien Maman created five series of his own form of Qi Gong of the Light®: Tao Yin Fa®. The first two series as well as Zhineng Qi Gong, we continue to practice as we did in Level I. In Level II we receive series III and IV through initiation. Series III tunes us with the 8 Sacred Stars of Tama-Do in the 8 directions; and Series IV helps us to give back to the Earth and the Universe.

9) Sound and Celestial Acupuncture: Fabien Maman's Law of the Eight Elements®

Fabien Maman has developed a tradition that raises Chinese Medicine's Law of the 5 Elements to a higher degree. He has added three additional elements to the five, which he calls the Three Ethers of the Soul®.

Fabien Maman initiates us into the vibratory promise of The Ether of Light, The Chemical Ether and The Ether of Life. We are inter-dimensionally catapulted beyond the physical into the subtle world.

10) Kototama, the Ancient Language of Light®

Traced back to Celtic and Druidic tradition, Kototama, the Ancient Science of Pure Sound, was transmitted secretly and orally within the Japanese culture for the last 2000 years. Fabien Maman, initiated by his Japanese Master of Aikido and acupuncture, Sensei Nakazano, back in the early 70s, has spent nearly 50 years refining the practice of Kototama into his own Language of Light®.

Students will be initiated into the energetic meanings of vowels and consonants, in order to work with the resonance of their own names as a mantra. They will practice in Sacred Circle, Sacred Orders of Sound to awaken ancestral memories and open the Way of the Soul to the Light.

11) Mantras, Meditation and Prayer ~ Activating the Light Within

Mantra is the first expression of the Divine before the written word. It comes to us from the Light ~ which we hear in the overtones of the Nature. A true mantra activates the God within. Meditation opens our consciousness beyond our physical, taking us to the memory of the Universe. Prayer is to find the inner space of silence in connection with the Divine.

Fabien Maman has spent nearly 60 years practicing mantras, meditation and prayer from different Spiritual sources. He has refined his teaching to the essential and initiates his students to create their own mantra of power. He guides us through various meditations to situate ourselves in our Soul. We activate the Light within through prayer.

12) The Ethics of a Spiritual Life

How we carry ourselves in the daily life reflects our inner work as a Spiritual Being. Terres Unsoeld continues her deep work which began in Level I. We refine our personal moral compass which is the Central Axis and Guiding Light of our Soul expression.

13) The Sephirotic Tree

The Kabbalah is the most ancient of all Mystery Teachings, which Fabien Maman was initiated into by his family lineage of great Rabbis. The Sephirotic Tree helps us to define the undefinable: God's creation of the Universe. Fabien Maman gives us the map. He initiates us into the secrets of its 10 Emanations and 22 Pathways.

We learn how to receive the Light of our Incarnation, in order to unfold and express our Soul as we travel back to the Source. Like Soul Astrology and Prayer, The Sephirotic Tree is a central pillar in Level II. It is a map that ties together beautifully the Initatique Teachings we have already received.

14) The Sephirotic Tree with Terres Unsoeld's Noble Hero's Journey to the Light®

Terres Unsoeld expands on Fabien's work by blending the 32 Pathways of the Sephirotic Tree with the 8 Initiatique steps in her Noble Hero's Journey to the Light®. She teaches us to channel the 10 Sephirot who best support each stage of our life. This is a powerful Initiation of Soul Realization, which can only happen at the end of Level II.

15) Fabien Maman's Fundamental Movement of the Soul®

In the heart of Nature and in Sacred Circle, we receive our Guide in our Dance of our Soul® through Fabien Maman's powerful initiation of our Fundamental Movement®.

16) Fabien Maman's Fundamental Sound of the Soul®

Fabien can find your Fundamental Sound of the Soul® in a private session. Ask us for more information.

17) Tama-Do Seasonal Harmonizing Concert®

The course will end with a Summer Seasonal Harmonizing Concert®. Everyone participates either by playing instruments, singing or "dancing" with qi movment!