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Tama-Do Sound Healing Certification

The Tama-Do Academy Practitioner Certification Program consists of Level I and Level II Training (210 hours), Practice Protocol (50 Practice Sessions) and Level I Review and Test. Training is 5 weeks worth of material spread over 1-2 years.

Upon graduation, students become Tama-Do Certified Practitioners. They are certified as Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Chi Movement Therapy Practitioners.

TAMA-DO SOUND HEALING CERTIFICATES announce to the world that, as a Tama-Do Certified Practitioner, you are fully trained in Fabien Maman's Sound Healing Protocol for the Twenty-First Century.

This evolutionary body of work, Divinely inspired, yet grounded in Sound/Cellular Research, as well as the Classical traditions of Music Theory, Mathematics, Chinese Medicine, Aikido, Kototama and Astrology, offers the most complete and in-depth training in acoustic Sound Healing Therapy, existing today.

Fabien Maman has created more than 30 techniques in Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Qi Gong - Movement Therapy through his Academy, each of which, took nearly seven years of clinical testing to apply. New techniques are being researched and tested every year.

Some of Fabien Maman's Sound Healing Techniques include Kototama, The Science of Pure Sound; Healing the Aura with Musical Instruments around the Body®; Musical Modes, Mantras and Meditations®; and Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts®. Fabien Maman also has unique sound protocols for the Chinese 5 Elements; acupuncture meridian command points; chakras; subtle energy fields (aura); seasons and stars.

We are in the process of developing a Sound curriculum for children: teaching creative self-expression using Sound, Color and Movement® according to Tama-Do Academy.