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32 years of providing
Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Chi Movement for the Soul!

The Way of the Soul to the Light

Tama-Do Initiates of the Light'
Tama-Do Initiates of the Light
Photo Julian Melanson

Our Cosmic Journey, from Star to Cell creates a perfect mirror
between Heaven and Earth ~ incarnate in the human being.

We, as humans, have always had the insatiable desire to touch the Light and bring it Home. And once we touch it, we never forget.

For nearly 40 years Tama-Do Academy has offered Professional Certification Programs in Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Chi Movement to ground the Soul in the daily life (Level I).

And yet we are much more than a practical school.

Hidden beneath the power and effectiveness of our tools and techniques, seekers can find a hidden door, which opens to the foundations of our school: The Ancient Initiatique Teachings of the Light (Level II) and Shamanism of the Light(Level III).

Tama-Do means The Way of the Soul to the Light.
It's a round-trip Journey.

We rise our consciousness from the physical/emotional up to the stars, in order to touch the Light of God and bring it back Home into our subtle energy fields (aura), chakras, acupuncture meridians, organs, cells and DNA.

To succeed, we are fully aware that it takes time to awaken each Soul to his/her true potentiality.

This journey from Cells to Stars ~ and then back again, from Stars to Cells, can only be achieved through the practice of energy.

It is not enough to study and memorize the ancient knowledge of the Masters. We must learn to PRACTICE it in our energy fields and ground in the daily life.

We use Energy Work (Sound, Color and Qi Gong), Spiritual Practice (Prayer, Mantras and Meditation) and Self Knowledge (Shamanism of the Light) to receive the Light in order to pass the Light on to others.

When we are in tune with our Soul, we feel deep joy, love, compassion, wonder, self power and calling to serve the Light. There is simplicity and Unity. Everything is one.

How we elevate our level of consciousness
depends on our commitment to self practice:
our conscious efforts to elevate our vibrations
from the density of the physical and emotional
to the Spiritual, and back again.

This takes practice, patience and perseverance.

Ancestral energy rises from our roots through out spine,
connecting with the Divine Source and beyond...
then grounding the Soul in our physical bodies.

Tama-Do, The Way of the Soul to the Light is a beautiful journey which is never finished.