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Highlighted Practitioners!

The Tama-Do Practitioner’s Association consists of students who have completed Levels I and II of the Tama-Do training, including all the practice protocol. They are dedicated to our work, and continue their training by participating in at least one advanced Master Class each year.

We recommend that you experience a Tama-Do Session with one of our Highlighted Certified Tama-Do Practitioners!

This is a partial list of Highlighted Practitioners. For more information about a Tama-Do Practitioner in your area, please call us at 310-456-1014.

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Carrie Mitchell

Carrie Mitchell
+44 (0)07814036314

East Midlands region, UK

I am in daily awe of how the Tama Do techniques bring so many positive physical, emotional & spiritual benefits to everyone. I feel it is an honour to play my part in helping Tama-Do to become more accessible to a wider audience.

My childhood home was the Lakes District and I spent much of my early years walking the hills, listening to the sound of the trees and in awe of the wonders of nature all around me. Fascinated by people and how to help them, I studied psychology and then worked as a teacher for over 10 years, specializing in advising parents & children with Special Educational Needs. Even within the conventional school system, my role has so often been to bring self belief & hope to those who most need it. I like to offer practical solutions or a higher perspective to difficult situations.

I was a Holistic Practitioner of Vibrational therapies, as well as a Teacher of Reiki & Meditation, but as soon as I connected to Tama-Do, it has become my passion, because Tama-Do makes such a difference to me and to everyone I treat & teach. It is always a joy & inspiration to give & receive Tama Do, ‘the way of the soul’.

Carrie Mitchell is a 2010 LVL II Graduate and Certified Tama-Do Practitioner. She has participated in at least 5 Tama-Do Shamanic Journeys of Light, in Switzerland and UK. She is our First UK Certified Tama- Do Teacher, available to teach Tuning Forks on the Acupuncture Command Points, Tuning Forks on the Musical Spine, TEP, Psychology of Chinese Temperaments. She is also certified to teach Tama-Do Academy’s Qi Gong of the Light: Tao Yin Fa Series I and does review courses to prepare for the LVL I exam.

Lorne Auber
+1 657 210 1076

Montreal, Canada and France

Lorne Auber


Every new generation needs appropriate tools to have support in critical moments as our world goes through a number of mutations. Sound & Colour are certainly the link that will help us to connect the tangible world to our inner experience.

Now living in Montreal, my own path started in France working as an Acupuncturist and Osteopath, and this led me to many places in the world to help improve my personal practice and allowed me to meet amazing teachers such as Fabien Maman & Terres Unsoeld, who have shown me that a space of consciousness for new generations is already happening.

There is a role for each of us to support this movement of expansion, as either a practitioner or as a patient, ready to assume personal challenges through relationship and daily situations of life, all mirrors of our connection with the universe.

On this way of transformation, Tama-Do is a wonderful source of inspiration for everyone.

Lorne Auber graduated from Tama-Do in 2014. He is a Tama-Do Certified Practitioner and a Tama-Do Certified Teacher in the Tama-Do Tuning Forks on the Acupuncture Command Points, Tuning Forks on the Musical Spine and Tao Yin Fa Series I Qi Gong. He has been very helpful to Tama-Do by organizing a Kototama workshop and maintaining the Tama-Do spirit in Montreal, Quebec.

Pour la soutenir dans les moments de mutation tel que traverse le monde de nos jours, chaque nouvelle génération nécessite des outils appropriés. L’expérience subtile de la musique et de la couleur est le support idéal pour nous aider à connecter le monde matériel à celui de notre vécu intérieur.

Résident aujourd’hui à Montréal, mon chemin a commencé en France où j’exerçais l’acupuncture et l’ostéopathie, pour me mener par la suite en de nombreux lieux du monde afin d’améliorer mes pratiques, mais aussi faire la rencontre d’enseignants extraordinaires tels que sont Fabien Maman et Terres Unsoeld, qui ont su me montrer qu’un espace de conscience pour les nouvelles générations est déjà présent.

Que ce soit en tant que thérapeute ou en tant que patient, chacun avons un rôle dans ce mouvement d’expansion, pourvu d’assumer nos challenges personnels au travers de nos relations et des évènements du quotidien, miroirs de notre connexion intime avec l’univers.

Sur ce chemin de transformation, Tama-Do est une magnifique source d’inspiration pour tous.

Lorne Auber est diplômé de Tama -Do en 2014. Il est un praticien certifié Tama -Do et un professeur certifié Tama -Do dans le Tao Yin Fa série I Qi Gong . Il a été très utile à Tama -Do en organisant un atelier Kototama et le maintien de l'esprit Tama -Do à Montréal , Québec.

Christo Peilani

Christo Pellani

Los Angeles, CA 

Recognized internationally as a master drummer/percussionist, educator, and healer, Christo facilitates human potential by creating products and experiences that blend principles of rhythm and sound awareness, energy healing, and expressive movement for personal expression, growth and well-being.

Across his diverse career as a social worker, classroom teaching artist, music teacher, and energy healer, Christo specializes in quality expressive and healing arts services for schools, retreats, and conferences through unique experiential classes, seminars, ceremonies, and play-shops. His has facilitated events for retreats world wide, including the Men’s Center of Los Angeles, LIVE Yoga/ Wellness, the California Academy of the Healing Arts, as director of the Earth and Sky lodge healing arts center, and with the TAMA-DO academy.

Christo has extensive film, TV and international concert performance credentials with a variety of World, Rock, R&B, and Devotional Singing music artists including Air Supply and Mary Wells. He is a regularly featured festival performer at the World Festival of Sacred Music, Esalen, and Bhakti Fest. He has performed with the esteemed LUNA NEGRA ballet. And scores of dance companies internationally. Christo is currently the music director and lead drummer for the esteemed “SACRED DANCE LIVE” movement meditation theatre specializing in world music sound-scapes.

As a recording artist, he produced 3 critically acclaimed “Soundscape Pyramids” world/ambient albums on his SOUNDFORMATION label. Christo is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and is affiliated with many community service and non-profit organizations providing services for at risk youth and people with disabilities. Christo studies music with various teachers in Africa, Brazil, India, and Bali, and his interests and passions include Kriya Yoga, world music, poetry, teaching children, sacred geometry, and traveling the world. He maintains personal wellness and music instruction practices in Los Angeles, CA.

Christo is a Certified Tama-Do practitioner, and an Instructor of Tao Yin Fa Series I Chi Gong, and Kototama. He completed his second level Tama – Do training in 2002.

Aaron Gannon

Aaron Gannon

Encinitas - Pacific Beach, California

The frequencies of music, song and movement have blessed my field since my formative Montessori pre-Kindergarten mornings in the tranquil hills of Los Gatos, California.

I am reminded of these early and profound connections to vitality, clarity, synchronicity and joy through a continued mastery of Tamado’s alchemy: tuning forks, colored light, chi movement and vocal sound.

I discovered Tama-Do during a spiritual awakening in Asia where I first experienced a Tama-Do Sound Harmonization and Vipassana mediation. The energy that went through my body during these experiences began a journey within and beyond the five senses to realizations of how incredibly connected I, We, All are.

I am truly grateful to Fabien and Terres for this opportunity to facilitate this revolutionary soundcolor-scape for healing and self-realization during this incredible time in human history.

Aaron Gannon is a 2017 Level II Graduate, Certified Practitioner and Certified Tao Yin Fa-Qigong Instructor based in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Tamara Ramirez DAOM, L.Ac
Doctor in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Dr. Tamara Ramirez

Galería Suchville
Guaynabo, PR

Tamara is a Doctor in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, License Acupuncturist and Herbalist, with over 10 years of health and wellness experience. Originally from Puerto Rico. Received her education at the Acupuncture & Massage College in Miami, FL and the prestigious Five Branches University, in San Jose, CA. Specializing in Pain Management, Neuro-vascular diseases, and Women's Health.

In addition to her formal education in acupuncture and herbs, she is a Tama-do Practitioner and Tao Yin Fa Instructor. Also, completed training in sports injury & accident rehabilitation, Medical Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, and Energy Kinesiology.

Tamara has a genuine caring desire to support her patients in achieving a level of wellness that creates a greater sense of ease and vitality in their lives. She has witnessed the profound and transformative power of self-healing, and is excited to offer these opportunities to others.

Jean-René Covis
+33 (0)6 21 455 770

Grenoble, France

Jean-René Covis


I am a musician with a Conservatoire qualification and I practice Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan. I teach these activities in various institutions and associations.

Music, energetic arts and teaching have enabled me to develop qualities such as harmony, attention to others, presence : the importance of links between individuals.

Several determining encounters have defined my journey (masters, teachers and spiritual friends) which have all helped me to recognize the therapeutic dimension naturally present in me and that I personify.

This is where Tama-Do comes into the equation, the perfect synthesis of the ensemble of my skills, proving to me that my journey has been coherent and unified.

I have found here rigorous and deeply transforming teachings that enable the unfolding and the emergence of that which is true and also beautiful within.

That is what I dearly hope to pass on to those who come for a consultation with me, and what I hope to help them perceive.

Jean-René Covis is a 2018 Level II Graduate and Certified Tama-Do Practitioner. He is also a Certified Tao Yin Fa Series I Qi Gong Instructor.

Musicien diplômé de conservatoire, pratiquant de Qigong et de Tai Chi Chuan, j’enseigne ces disciplines dans différentes structures institutionnelles ou associatives.

Musique, arts énergétiques et enseignement me permettent de développer des qualités comme l’harmonie, l’écoute de l’autre, la présence : l’importance du lien dans les relations.

Plusieurs rencontres déterminantes ont jalonné mon parcours (maîtres, enseignants et amis spirituels) qui toutes me font prendre conscience de la dimension thérapeutique naturellement présente en moi qui se manifeste et à incarner.

C’est alors qu’arrive Tama-Do, parfaite synthèse de l’ensemble de mes compétences, me montrant ainsi la cohérence et l’unité de mon parcours.

J’y ai trouvé un enseignement rigoureux et profondément transformateur permettant de se déployer et de laisser émerger ce qu’il y a de vrai et aussi de beau en soi.

C’est ce que j’ai à cœur de transmettre et faire toucher du doigt aux personnes qui viennent me voir en consultation.

Diplômé en 2018, Jean-René Covis est Praticien Tama-Do Certifié ainsi qu’Instructeur Certifié pour le Tao Yin Fa Series I Qigong.

Emma Salah
+33 (0)6 51 26 92 03

Certifiée Praticienne Tama-Do
Naturopathe Cenatho Fena
Paris, France

Emma Salah

Après un parcours très médicalisé de plus de dix ans, j’ai été amenée à mieux comprendre les difficultés à surmonter lors de la maladie. Aujourd’hui, je n’oublie pas ce que je dois à la médecine et à ses acteurs qui se sont investis pour me soigner.

La naturopathie permet d’accompagner les patients dans leur retour à la santé, mais elle peut aussi prévenir de la maladie en corrigeant le terrain favorable à certaines prédispositions.

Aujourd’hui, je suis également praticienne Tama Do, savoir énergétique développé par Fabien Maman, le père de la Médecine Quantique avec une technique d’acupuncture aux diapasons et Terres Unsoeld, initiée au Savoir Druidique des Arbres Maîtres, aux couleurs des soies thérapeutiques et aux essences auriques.

J’exerce à Paris 18e et dans le 93.

Le plus important pour moi : faire briller le soleil !

Valérie Müller
+ 41 79 275 24 21

Fribourg, Switzerland

Valérie Müller


My meeting with Fabien and Terres allowed me, with Tama-Do, to merge different worlds that had an impact in my life.

Nurse by profession, I chose to practice in the accompaniment of old age and end of life; not only for the sharing of the experiential wealth of the people I met, but also because these areas allowed me to combine, in the same caring, different aspects of the person, be they physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

The notion of harmony has always intrigued me. My experience as a nurse, manager, trainer and mother, as well as various researches led me to understand the reliance in all things and that Harmony begins from Ourself.

I feel fulfilled to have in Tama-Do, a unique and coherent concept that connects the whole of the human to the universe. I also feel privileged to witness, during the sessions, the emergence of this unity and harmony, among the people follow. Thank you Fabien! Thank you Terres! For all your marvellous work.

Ma rencontre avec Fabien et Terres m’a permise, avec Tama-Do, de fusionner différents univers qui ont régi ma vie.

Infirmière de profession, j’ai choisi d’exercer dans l'accompagnement du grand âge et de la fin de vie; non seulement pour le partage de la richesse expérientielle des personnes que j’ai côtoyées, mais également parce que ces domaines me permettaient de conjuguer, dans une même prise en soin, différents aspects de la personne, qu’ils soient physiques, émotionnels, sociaux et spirituels.

La notion d’harmonie m’a toujours intriguée. Mon expérience d’infirmière, de manager, de formatrice et de maman, ainsi que différentes recherches m’ont amené à comprendre la reliance en toute chose et que l’Harmonie prend racine en Soi.

Dès lors, je me sens comblée d’avoir en Tama-Do, un concept unique et cohérent qui relie l’entier de l’humain à l’univers. Je me sents également privilégiée d’être témoin, au fil des séances, de l’émergence de cette unité et de cette harmonie, chez les personnes que j'accompagne. Merci Fabien ! Merci Terres !

Manuel Rogan
06 43 90 51 84

Manuel Rogan

Le barrage
38680 Auberives en royans
Exerce à partir de 2019 à la villa pagnon à Romans sur isère

J’ai débuté ma vie professionnelle comme menuisier. Désireux de me tourner vers l’humain et de participer à l’élaboration d’un monde nouveau je me forme alors aux métiers de la solidarité internationale puis travaille dans une association d’éducation populaire. Passionné depuis toujours par l’exploration de la conscience, la musique et les mécanismes qui régissent le vivant je suis un chemin intérieur depuis 2007 par le biais de plusieurs traditions. Ce chemin a été nourri par différentes rencontres, initiations et formations. D’abord le taoïsme, l’énergétique chinoise et le Qi gong. Le kriya et le nada yoga. Un travail vocal par la psychophonie et l’apprentissage de chants de guérison amérindiens. L’utilisation des bols chantants. J’étudie depuis 2016 au sein de l’institut TamaDo dont je suis aujourd’hui praticien certifié et enseignant du TaoyinFa série 1. Cette approche globale m’a permis de faire des ponts entre les différentes voies explorées auparavant et de vivre un profond processus de transformation. Je partage aujourd’hui en toute humilité le fruit de ces expériences auprès de toute personne en recherche d’harmonie. Tout est mouvement, vibration et rythme. Ce travail thérapeutique consiste à s’accorder avec le vivant afin qu’il circule librement en nous. C’est avec une immense joie que je vous propose de faire l’expérience de ces belles vibrations pour petits et grands.

Manni Dillon
+44 (0)7973177103

Manni Dillon

Warwickshire, UK

I am a seeker by nature, gathering many gems along the way in the self-development & spiritual fields. I came across Tama Do’s colour, sound & movement which beautifully bought all the many teachings together, steeped in Indian & Chinese traditions. My mind was already full of abundance, however my heart found its home & cracked open to the beauty of Tama Do, its Masters & to the inner/outer dimensions.

Life's black & white canvas became vibrantly colourful dancing with the harmonies…

Becoming a Tama Do practitioner is a special string to my bow of self-inquiry. It's a great way to declutter the mind & body allowing energy to vibrantly flow; creating space for creativity, joy & abundance.

Tama Do is truly transforming, from its therapies & exploration it’s a complete wholistic wellness programme, which I am honoured to be a part of.

Certified Level II Tama Do practitioner and a Tao Yin Fa Series I Qi Gong Instructor.

Sylvie Gantheret-Fournier
+ 33 (0)6 30 92 93 64


Sylvie Gantheret-Fournier

Née à Montmartre, j'ai vécu ensuite en montagne, y puisant énergie, quête d'absolu.

« C'est par l'alchimie du travail énergétique, de la pratique spirituelle et de la connaissance de Soi que se révèle l'expression de notre âme créative afin de partager notre lumière avec les autres. » (T.U). Mon parcours de plus de 40 ans m'a amené à cette absolue nécessité.

« Tombée dans le chaudron » des pratiques psycho-corporelles à 18 ans, après 2 formations para-médicales (psychomotricité..) puis 3 ans d'études à Genève ( Eutonie G. Alexander), afin de trouver efficacité et pertinence dans l'art thérapeutique, je me suis formée en psychologie clinique et psychopathologique, à l' EFT, à l'« écoute centrée sur la personne », conjointement à un parcours psychanalytique.

Mon travail de psychothérapeute agréée ARS s'ancre dans la pratique corporelle , l'écoute, et la présence à Soi.

La qualité du mouvement, les dimensions vibratoires, spirituelles, et la Re-connaissance de Soi m'ont mené, comme une évidence, à l' Académie TAMA-DO qui en offre une synthèse remarquable. Praticienne Tama-Do depuis 2018 ,cette alchimie s'opère dans ma pratique professionnelle ,comme un chant innovant faisant son œuvre, pour se libérer, se révéler et accomplir son chemin...

Kestrel John Needham

Kestrel John Needham

Santa Barbara, California

Each cell in the human body contains more atoms than there are stars in the Milky Way! Our ancestors have long intuited in myth and medicine what astrophysicists and cosmologists are now clearly articulating: That the universe vibrates like music, and every particle has a note that can communicate harmonically to every other particle across time and space. Our incredibly intelligent and well-mapped energetic and somatic anatomies are responsively engaged in a constant dynamic resonance with our environment from “star to cell”, and if allowed can play a profound role in our healing.

As a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner since 2003, Kestrel John is an initiated Instructor whose work strives to faithfully harness and convey the Academy’s profoundly coherent Sound, Color and Movement modalities designed to engage our body’s own unique ability to heal. His two decades of formal education and apprenticeship in Traditional Chinese and Indigenous Medicine, combine with degrees in Biogeography and Cartography to offer a unique naturalized approach to vibrational medicine that is grounded in the vast and excellent Nature-based roots of Eastern medical tradition, classical music theory, mathematics, astronomy, and the great “mystery schools” like those of Kototama and Pythagoras. With uniquely sensitive diagnostic techniques and understandings of pathogenesis, the root causal relationships of disharmonies can be identified and addressed with specific tools offered to patients that empower a self-healing that is both long lasting and well integrated.

From his office in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, Kestrel’s clinical work expands to nearby flowering mountain places where we gather wild medicine and curative songs, reinforce clinical sessions, and peer deeper into the very soul of the Beauty we are courting and feeding within ourselves. True and lasting wellness is tied to our capacity to awaken to an enchanted present where sacred realities are contained everywhere at all times. When we as patients and practitioners find ways to drink together from this bowl of Amazing Things, we can begin to discover lasting antidotes to the depression, disharmony, and disease that thrive in the absence of Wonder.

René Bertron
+ 33 (0) 671 73 25 83

René Bertron

La Croix en Touraine (près de Tours)
pays de la Loire – FRANCE.

When I was 12, I had the chance to live a near death experience. That was the point which make me following an atipic way. My focus was always to associate an inner meditation or introspection with physical practice like, Seitaï, harmonics voice or Aikido of Me Itsuo Tsuda. My nature push me to always conciliate all things or beings, and understand everything which undergo by nature, like a special intelligence, in the sciences, religions and spirituals ways.

During 25 years, I practice many technics like regenerator movement with the « School of Breathing » of Itsuo Tsuda, the diaphonic songs, or the meditation on Light and Sound with Thakar singh, disciple of Kirpal Singh. Through all these experiences, I could develop a real empathy with all kind of living beings and with the expression of our supreme sustainer who his behind. The emphatics sound revealed to me to be a very powerful tool for self-knowledge through the fusion of sound between people and the harmonics who come spontaneously.

Since 2016, 2017 I follow the experience of Tama-Do Academy with Sound, Color and Movement. It’s opened me to some new sky I never reached before, particularly with the Sound, Color and Light. Beside that I could realize some wonderful experiences with nature through the shamanic teachings of Terres Unsoeld. The Earth, her beauty and the energies become closer to me and the Rainbows started to speak…I have great pleasure to share all these joy during the individuals or collectives sessions with sound, colors and movement through external forms and theirs internal « resonances ».

Tracie Storey
+44 (0) 7958 327 893

London, Brighton and Lewes, UK
Tracie Storey email:

I have always been connected to the effect of vibration and frequencies on the body. Listening to music and playing the piano from an early age were key signs for me that music was to play a big role in my life. Finding Tama Do has been evolutionary to my musical journey as I now have an understanding of the various pentatonic modes and the importance of the third/fifth intervals and their effect on the body at cellular level. This form of vibrational therapy has transformed my way of working with the body as well as incorporating the findings of Fabien Maman’s research on Music Theory, Mathematics, Chinese Medicine, Kototama and Astrology into the Tama Do sessions.

Before coming to Tama Do I travelled extensively with my work as a professional DJ with regular tours of the States, UK, Europe and Australia. Whilst doing this I was aware of connecting with chi and consciousness whilst playing music and how it had an effect on people. I focussed on empowering women by holding the first all female DJ workshops in London and have helped many people learn techniques to help discover their musical creativity.

Tama Do has provided me with valuable tools for my daily life from chi gong to meditation and a plethora of techniques which have helped to improve my life and the life of others!

I hold one to one client sessions in London, Brighton and Lewes and can also be contacted for group harmonizing sessions as well.

Tracie Storey graduated from Tama-Do in 2014. She is a Tama-Do Certified Practitioner and is certified to teach Tama-Do Academy's Tao Yin Fa Series I. She is helping to organize Tama-Do workshops in the UK.

Barri Lester

Barri Lester
(415) 755 – 0541

Tampa, FL
Website Coming Soon:

As a musician and artist, I have always felt the power of sound and color as tools for transformation. As direct, vibrational energies, sound and color can remove blocks, inspire, restore and heal processes of the body, mind and spirit with grace and ease. It has been a lifelong quest to synthesize these modalities into a practice that is personal and expansive. I have studied and taught painting, music, and acupuncture, holding an MFA from Yale University and a MS from Southwest Acupuncture College.

Since completing Tama-Do Levels I & II, I am filled with joy that I now have more tools to assist in the unfolding of my path, supporting me to connect higher into the Cosmos while grounding deeply into the Earth. As a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner, I am honored to support others who are remembering and rediscovering their true essence. I am most grateful for the teachings of Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld as I launch a new practice in Tampa, Florida. I look forward to sharing such integration using Tama-Do techniques, acupuncture and qi gong to support others as they embrace their true potential!

Barri Lester graduated from Tama-Do in 2016. She is a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner as well as a certified Tao Yin Fa Series I Qi Gong Instructor.

Sarah Smith

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Sarah Smith email:

Tama-Do truly is “The Way of The Soul”. Walking my Soul Path as a facilitator of healing led me to the Tama-Do Academy, which in turn helped me awaken more fully to peace, joy, wonder and power in my life.

I am a dedicated seeker who is willing to go deep. I create a container where people feel safe, holding space for them to release, change and transform, allowing for deep healing to occur. I navigate through life full of wonder and curiosity, bringing these qualities to the work I do, and helping to awaken the same in those I work with. When a person is on their Soul Path, there is room for balance, growth and health. The Tama-Do techniques touch a person on many levels. Illness is multidimensional and the combination of sound, color and movement of Tama-Do allows for healing and growth in all dimensions. I work with these energies to help facilitate healing that allows a person to find their health and therefore the freedom to walk on their Soul Path.

Sarah Smith is a 2014 Level II Graduate and Certified Practitioner. She participated in the Tama-Do Shamanic Journey of Light in Switzerland in 2011.

Julian Melanson

Julian Melanson

Los Angeles, CA

As a child growing up, I was always loved how watching movies effected the way I felt and thought. Feelings of excitement, joy, inspiration, all occurring in my body because of the mixture of sights and sounds playing in front of me.

This fascination led to my career as a film maker, creating colors and visuals paired together with music and sounds that made people really feel something. Exactly what created wonder an awe for me as a child!

I enjoyed this for many years but one day I realized I wanted to take my career to something deeper, more beneficial for others. This is when my passion evolved from entertainment to healing and I began my journey with The Tama-Do Academy.

I now live in Los Angeles, serving my clients as a Level II practitioner. I’m so thankful that The Tama-Do Academy has given me the tools to heal others through, sound, color, and movement!

Julian Melanson graduated from Tama-Do in 2016. He is a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner as well as a certified Tao Yin Fa Series I Qi Gong Instructor.

Sathari Kam
+44 (0)751157169

North London, UK
Sathari Kam email:

BA Hons, PGCE, MSc Education, M.A Creative writing. MOCH, Certified Tama-Do Practitioner.

Sathari came to healing through kundalini yoga and tai chi and has been interested in vibrational healing and energy work since qualifying as a healer in 2002 at the College of Healing. She developed this further to working with sound healing and combined this for a time with training in music therapy. Her instruments of choice were the dulcimer and the voice.

She believes Tama-Do completes her understanding of sound healing though integrating sound, colour and movement.

Sathari Kam is proud to be a certified Tama-Do Practitioner from the graduating class of 2014. She practices privately in North London.

Ying Liu

Mission Viejo, CA
Ying Liu email:

I have been exploring spiritual and healing traditions from both the East and the West for the past 12 years. My journey of self-discovery and healing took me across the world to Tibet, China, India, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and Europe. I am a certified yoga teacher, conscious dance and meditation facilitator, vibrational sound healer, and Reiki practitioner. Over the past 8 years, I also worked as a language interpreter for many teachers and healers, transmitting spiritual and healing wisdom, and building bridges across cultures.

As a certified Tama-do practitioner working with Traditional Chinese medicine, vibrational sound healing, color therapy, and Qigong movement, I find the teachings and practices of Tama-do beautifully bring together wisdom from both the East and the West. My journey with Tama-do opens up my life in many wonderful ways. I feel more connected to nature, high wisdom, and my own essence. More balance is created in my life at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

I am inspired to guide and empower others on their journeys of healing and self-discovery, finding the light within.

Ying graduated from Level II and became a Certified Practitioner in 2017. She is also certified to teach Tao Yin Fa Series I (Fabien's form of qi gong).

Jessica Leaf

San Diego, CA
Jessica Leaf email:

As the stars aligned, stardust settled and led me to Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement, after many years of studying, facilitating, coaching and teaching a number of healing modalities including Eurythmy, holistic health, voice and sound healing, Tibetan singing bowls and breath work.

Tama-Do provides the framework and tools with which we may open up and illuminate our inner pathways to awaken our self potential and re-member our levels of consciousness that are available for each of us to explore and integrate through sound, color, movement, breath and nature which engages our body’s own unique ability to heal.

I am here to facilitate and coach you in healing yourself.

Jessica Leaf is a 2017 Level II Graduate and a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner.

Julija Runnels-Moss

Market Harboroug, UK
Julija Runnels-Moss email:

Tama-Do came into my life at a difficult time and showed me the way back to my path, my power and well-being. I was used to questioning and relying on the intellect for answers to life, but eventually had to face questions for which psychology, philosophy and logic had no answers. I needed to go beyond and Tama-Do came in when everything else no longer worked. As I practiced Qi Gong and embraced the colour and sound techniques I realised that together they were far more transformative than any modality I have encountered before while trying to heal and grow spiritually. I was given the knowledge and support to create a powerful and authentic life for myself and to help others see their potential, as mine was shown to me. Carrying this knowledge forward and inspiring others to spread the light is what drives me and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.'

Julija graduated from Level II in 2015 and is a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner.

Mariona Comas
34 937 075 804 ó
34 670 289 538

C/ Cervantes, 83, 1º 2ª

Mariona Comas

He obtenido el certificado de Tama-Do Practitioner en julio de 2009. Terapeuta de Shiatsu desde 2003, nivel III de Reiki, certificada en Técnica Metamórfica y en The Reconnection®.

La Música ha formado parte de mi vida desde la niñez, con estudios de piano y canto.

Mi pasión por la Música y por todo lo que ello comporta, me ha llevado a formarme a partir del 2001 con Thomas Clements, entrando en contacto con el aspecto terapéutico de la voz, así como la meditación.

Y el camino de mi alma me lleva en 2007 a ponerme en contacto con Fabien Maman, paso definitivo para aunar los conocimientos de la Medicina China (aprendidos en Shiatsu) con la Música, los efectos de la Vibración en nuestro Ser (desde la Célula y su ADN hasta los Cuerpos más sutiles), el Color, las Esencias, y el Movimiento a través de las 5 series del Tao Yin Fa que nos conecta con el Universo entero y sus Estrellas.

Tama-Do está provocando un cambio profundo en mi vida aportando más claridad a mi camino y una gran fuerza interior.

Mi experiencia como practicante de la Técnica Tama-Do me ha dado grandes satisfacciones por la contribución a la mejora de muchas dolencias físicas y a la toma de consciencia de la conexión que existe entre ellas y nuestro mundo interior, permitiendo que surja un espacio de paz donde la Sanación es posible.

Mariona Comas is a 2009 LVL II Graduate and Certified Tama-Do Practitioner. She participated in 2 Shamanic Journeys of Light in Grindelwald.

Deidre Brooker

Long Beach, CA
Deidre Brooker

My life’s work has been a balance of creative energy, achieving a M.A. in Art, the joy of raising a family and a twenty-three year Electrology business.

Electrology work is intimate so I created a comfortable, safe and compassionate environment. Years into my practice I found clients were coming to me for guidance with issues beyond my electrology services. This helped me on my quest to do my own enriching work, while looking for techniques that would be of help to others.

My ultimate goal was to find peace and balance in my life. In my quest I was guided to Tama Do. I completed Level I classes and then went to Switzerland to be certificated and to do Level II work. I now know I have something wonderful to bring to others so they too can find their light within, through color, sound and QiGong.

Deidre Brooker is a 2011 LVL II Graduate and Certified Tama-Do Practitioner. She has participated in Tama-Do Shamanic Journeys of Light In Grindelwald and Scotland.

Deidre Brooker Studio

Barbara Iwanaga

Long Beach, CA

Barbara Iwanaga

I have always believed in a higher source that influences our lives. Three years ago I started practicing QiGong and began feeling a connection to this higher source, or chi energy. This changed the path I was currently on towards a direction I never could have imagined. Then, I was introduced to Tama-Do and my path changed even more. I knew I wanted to be a part of Tama-Do. I love the integration of using sound vibration, color silks, color essences and movement to bring emotional, mental and physical balance to all of us.

I’ve exited the familiar highway and now I’m traveling the back roads ready for new adventures and welcoming the nuances of life on a higher level of consciousness through Tama-Do.

My goal as a practitioner is to help my clients negotiate their path in this fast paced world. I want them to be grounded and balanced so they too can experience the wonder and joy of their life adventures.

Barbara Iwanaga is a 2011 LVL II Graduate and Certified Tama-Do Practitioner. She has participated in three Tama-Do Shamanic Journeys of Light: one in Grindelwald, UK and Scotland.

Estelle Bieswal

Estelle Bieswal
+32 (0)485/646835

Bruxelles - Belgique

Céramiste et sculpteur professionnelle, passionnée par l’humain je suivis des formations de gestion de conflits, de communication non violente, je découvris Jung et l’inconscient collectif. Je m’aperçus que plus que la parole c’est l’aspect vibratoire qui résonne encore plus profondément en moi.

Je m’initiai aux sons avec Pat Moffit Cook « Cross-Cultural Sound & Music in Healing Trainings » et fais partie du « Advanced Sacred Sound & Music Institute. »

Je fis la rencontre d’Arno Stern, du Closlieu et me formai à une toute autre fonction de la Trace et de l’Expression.

Je crée « Almapola », un espace dédié à la rencontre avec notre nature profonde au travers des sons sacrés et le jeu de peindre.

A la lecture du “Tao du Son”, je ressentis un profond écho, une magnifique synchronicité. Les recherches de Fabien et Terres étaient sérieuses; suivre la formation intensive Tama-Do fut une évidence.

Terres et Fabien font partie des ces personnes lumineuses, humbles et passionnées qui ont des pratiques et des expériences à transmettre à tous ceux qui s’impliquent à changer intérieurement afin que l’harmonie revienne.

Estelle Bieswal est Diplômée du Niveau II de Tama-Do Academy depuis juin 2016. Elle est praticienne Tama-Do certifiée.

León Serna
(011 571) 613 1647
y mobil 318 397 1884

Bogota, Colombia

León Serna

"I Speak English and Spanish".

Mi trabajo es una combinación de Ciencia, Arte y Tradición Antigua que permite que llegues a un espacio intimo y seguro donde puedes comenzar suavemente a desprenderte y a liberarte de ese viejo e indeseado bagaje emocional.”

“Somos un compuesto muy complejo y sofisticado de memorias. Todas estas memorias son esenciales para nuestro bienestar, pero algunas de ellas se han manchado por el trauma de algunas de las experiencias de la vida. Yo te ayudaré a aclarar y a liberar estas manchas que opacaron estas memorias para que puedas tener “una visión transparente de la vida.”

El Cuerpo, la Mente y el Espíritu son alineados para que puedas tener una conexión clara y poderosa con la Energía Suprema, “Dios”, que es, cuando la Sanación sucede en el plano Físico, Mental y Espiritual.

En 1989, y después de haber sido músico profesional toda mi vida, mi alma me convenció a que tomara un desvío para sumergirse en el Viaje del Héroe. Me encontré con un reto muy importante que me hizo cambiar a un camino muy diferente en mi vida.

Me volví un terapeuta y le pude brindar a mis clientes diferentes modalidades tales como Reiki, Johrey, Hipnoterapia, Terapias de Regresión, Qigong, Masaje Neuro-Linfático. Durante los últimos 7 años unicamente utilizo en mi práctica las técnicas de Tama-Do®.

Yo me especializo en asuntos y dificultades Emocionales, Mentales y Espirituales, y como éstas afectan nuestra capacidad de auto-sanar nuestro Cuerpo Físico. Trabajo en Bogotá y en Medellín Colombia. A larga distancia a cualquier lugar del mundo.

Leon Serna graduated from Tama-Do Academy in 2009. He participated in the Tama-Do Shamanic Journey of Light in Switzerland in 2009. He has been an enormous help to Tama-Do.

Jan Kinder, RN, BA, HN-BC, CMT
(954) 830-2121

601 N. Congress Ave Suite 426
Del Ray Beach, Florida 33445
Jan Kinder email:

“Tama-Do opened me to a deeper understanding of my existence.” - Jan

As a Tama-Do practitioner since 2004, I support you in your healing process and assist you in opening to the light of your empowered Spirit, so you can live in harmonious balance with a sense of wholeness, inner peace and joy.

Drawing from a lifetime of learning, personal practice, and my own self-healing episode, I offer adults and children a comprehensive blend of approaches from holistic and integrative wellness practices, sound and color vibrational therapies, the healing arts, the wisdom of ancient healing modalities, music as medicine, modern science, and quantum physics.

I am a licensed registered nurse with a BA in psychology; board certified holistic nurse; certified music therapist; certified guided imagery practitioner; among the first Chopra Center Instructors; and master-level clinician in the musical development philosophy of Dr. Carl Orff; classical pianist; composer; and vocalist.

Farah Jifri

Farah Jifri
+44 (0)779 555 8238

United Kingdom

I first came to Tama Do as a client, seeking a way to make sense of a world in which the disconnect with nature, our inner selves, our relationship to the world around us and the cosmos as a whole is ever greater.

Having followed the path of energy healing, I returned to Tama Do as a student. Finally, here was something that felt like coming home! Tama Do has transformed the way I live my life, reigniting the connection to the vibration of the universe that lives within us all and enriching my relationship with myself.

As a Tama Do practitioner it’s an honour and a privilege to help others find their way back to their true selves. I’m always inspired by the transformational power of the Tama Do techniques. Not only have I benefitted from them for my own self-healing, but can see the visible difference they make to others.

The most amazing part is that this is just the beginning of this wonderful journey.

Farah Jifri graduated from Tama-Do in 2016. She is a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner.

Linda Pentland

Linda Pentland
+44 (0)7793 554 807

Yorkshire and Midlands, UK

I was introduced to meditation as a child so have long been aware of the mind body connection. I also practiced tai chi and various forms of Qi Gong over the last 15 years so have been working with moving energy for a while now on a personal level.

In 2012 I was introduced to reiki which furthered my experience of subtle energy effects on the body mind and spirit. Around the same time I discovered Tama-Do and the inspirational work of Fabien and Terres. Their research fascinated me and I found myself drawn to learning the techniques for myself.

I didn’t ever dream that I would be a healer, though I have often found myself inspiring others to be the best that they can be. So I am delighted that I can now offer these treatments as a certified Tama-Do practitioner and love seeing the transformations enabled by this truly amazing work.

Linda Pentland graduated from Tama-Do in 2016. She is a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner.

Candice Sumera

Candice Sumera

Seattle, Washington

I discovered the magic of vibrational therapy a short time ago, but in many ways I have been on the path of healing for over a decade. My journey began as a dancer and an actress, but ultimately I realized that what once gave me joy was causing me pain and mounting frustration. Not wanting to continue down that road, I turned inward to reflect on my soul purpose, and had the epiphany that what I truly sought was to heal and to be healed. It was a powerful revelation, and one that led me to the amazing Tama-do Academy.

Through the healing art of Tama-do, I am now able to meld my creative sensibilities with my innate desire to assist people with their own inner transformation.

I greet each opportunity to help others and share this wonderful work with much gratitude and awe.

Candice Cheadle is a 2011 LVL II Graduate and Certified Tama-Do Practitioner.

Julia Hutchings

Julia Hutchings
+44 (0)7956 940 742

London, UK

Tama-Do has risen me up from the darkness, like a phoenix rising from the ashes! I had a long way to go, and it took me a long time to get here. I can understand the many varying facets of daily existance and the strain they take on our minds, bodies and souls. But there is a way up...

In addition to Tama-Do, I am an insured and qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Voice Practitioner and Sacred Drumming Practitioner and hold a BA(Hons) in Commercial Music. Im passionate about the music of nature.

Out of everything I've learnt and experienced, Tama-Do has rocked my soul... and empowered me to remember who I am.

I am delighted to to be able to offer the gifts of Tama-do to you. Please come and experience for yourself.

Julia Hutchings is a 2011 LVL II Graduate and Certified Tama-Do Practitioner. She participated in Tama- Do Academy’s Shamanic Journey of Light in Switzerland in 2012 and repeated Level II in 2014.

John Woods
John Woods United Kingdom

I am a Spiritual healer Registered with H P A I (UK)

I believe that everything in life needs to be in balance. Physically, Mentally and spiritually for the Whole person to be in good health.

Without this balance we are restricted in our personal growth.

When we are ready we also need to be on our path in life in order to progress as a complete person.

I have searched for many years, to discover the tools that achieve this balance and have found the Tama Do teachings and practises, provide the opportunity for health and personal growth that I have searched for.

I thoroughly recommend this path (The Way of the Soul).

John Woods is a 2011 LVL II Graduate and has participated in the Tama-Do Shamanic Journeys of Light in the UK in 2011 and Scotland in 2014.

Dorethy Hancock

Dorethy Hancock

Topeka, Kansas

All my life I've been on a quest for knowledge, which evolved into a viewpoint about the inseparability of body, mond and spirit. As I sought to find practical application of this learning for the benefit ro teaching of others, I explored the field of sound therapy. As a long time singer, I have always understood some of the healing effects of music. I discovered Fabien Maman at a national sound healing conference. His research was not limited to the idea of toning "do-re-mi" up the chakras, but encompassed the entirety of musical harmonics (i.e. vibrations of sound energy). My satiable seeker-self said "Bingo!" THIS is the teacher I've been waiting for!" Tama-Do Academy offers a totally integrated approach to so many fields of study: harmonics of music and color; the elements, seasons, astrology, meridians and Feng Shui from Chinese philosophy and medicine; the subtle energy fields - and even the Sephirotic Tree of the Kaballah! I love the closer study of all these, plus the fact that my not-so-limber body can maintain pefect health with a daily regimen of Qi Gong with added tones and visualizations of color and energy flow.

It is with excitement, humility and a spirit of compassion that I share this knowledge with my friends in the Midwest. Call me in Topeka, Kansas at the Center of the Rainbow!

Dorethy Hancock is a 2008 LVL II Graduate.