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Level III: Tama-Do’s Teacher Training Program

“Tama-Do is more than techniques…
We are on a continual journey, opening ourselves to the ancient wisdom of the Guides,
who offer wisdom, peace , acceptance and Love.”
Fabien Maman

As you know, Tama-Do (“Way of the Soul”), The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement® is a virtual academy with a summer base in the South of France and a Sound Garden in Southern California.. We use Sound, Color and Movement® and Seasonal Healing Concerts to ground the Soul in daily life. We are dedicated to the evolution of Human Consciousness through research, teachings and creativity.

We offer two paths of training: the Practitioner path, for those wishing to become Certified Tama-Do Practitioners or Certified Tama-Do Instructors; and the Soul Path, for those who wish to further expand their consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration.


As a candidate for Tama-Do Academy’s Level III Teacher Training Program, you are expected to complete Levels I, the Level I Practice Protocol and Level II; be a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner, and be a current member of the Tama-Do Practitioners’ Association.

You are also expected to have:

  • A background in the field you wish to teach (ie: sound, color or movement);
  • Two years experience with the technique you wish to teach;
  • Two years minimum experience performing, teaching or being in front of an audience;
  • A recommendation from a Tama-Do teacher for this program;
  • A pledge to uphold the Tama-Do Teacher Ethics;
  • A commitment to fulfill all steps of the Teacher Training Program.

Preliminary Steps

1) Choose your field. Do you want to be certified to teach Sound, Color or Movement? Which of the 8 Level I Courses do you wish to be certified to teach? You can also become certified to direct Seasonal Healing Concerts, or to teach children Sound, Color and Movement with the 5 Elements.

2) Write a letter to the Academy stating your “Declaration of Intent”. As Fabien says, “Tama-Do is more than technique. It is…a way of life - involving the evolution of one's consciousness.” This is an opportunity to clarify why and how teaching with Tama-Do fits in with your Soul Path. Let us know how you meet our requirements.

Technique Proficiency

3) You will be tested and certified on the technique you have chosen to teach.

4) You must repeat this Course at least twice before being tested.

5) You will be tested and certified as a Tao Yin Fa Series I teacher. This can only happen after two years’ practice. This is important, as every Tama-Do Course begins with Tao Yin Fa, Series I.

Energy Field

The most important part of being a teacher is how you carry yourself as a human being. What do people feel from your energy field when they stand next to you? It is your energy field that determines what kind of teacher you will be.

6) You are required to take Shamanic Journey in the South of France at least once. (This is the best way to “be in the field” of Fabien Maman’s vibrational heritage and the Masters’ Lineage..)

7) Take at least three Master Classes or Soul Path Classes.

Teacher Internship

8) As a Teacher Candidate, you must learn how to represent Tama-Do. We ask that you assist Fabien or Terres at least once, while they teach your chosen course.

9) During this time, you will not be expected to teach. You are asked to “hold space”. You will be expected to assist in any and all manners of ways, as the situation arises, preparing the room and keeping the physical and energetical space clear. This is very important, as we need this support. You will assist with the practice sessions, help with administrative work, and give support to students who need extra care. During this time you will be asked to lead the TYF I, for your certification.

Service to Tama-Do

10) Commit to Service with the Academy. Tama-Do is based on service. We serve the higher good, we serve the people, we serve evolution of consciousness. Tama-Do Level III students must offer Service to the Academy. Possibilities include: answering the 800 number, the Tama-Do emails, translating the website, editing the Gazette, coordinating workshops, or helping to set up a center. Once certified as a teacher, we expect a continued involvement in the running of the Academy. We all work together to perpetuate this knowledge. This is intended as a commitment which lasts as long as you are teaching. All hours worked will be spent toward workshops you wish to take.

Tama-Do Teacher Ethics

As a Teacher Candidate we ask that you pledge to:

  • 11) Always remember the Masters’ Lineage.
  • 12) Honor the Guides of the Academy.
  • 13) Honor the purity and the integrity of Fabien Maman’s teachings, the Tama-Do work and the Master Lineage.
  • 14) Conduct your daily life according to the Tama-Do Practitioners Ethic.
  • 15) Be “in the field” of the Tama-Do work. Practice compassion, understanding and good will in your daily life. Be open and willing to learn. Provide energetic support for the teachings, the teacher and the group.
  • 16) Be “on the path” of New Consciousness. Practice what is necessary to further the vibrational work of the Academy… This means furthering your self awareness through additional practice such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation, reading, music, etc… This also means deepening your understanding of the coursework you have chosen to teach. There is always more to learn!
  • 17) Work on your energy field. Practice Aikido of Life. Be Light.
  • 18) Protect the integrity of Fabien Maman’s teachings and the Tama-Do work (do not mix the Tama-Do teachings with other modalities)
  • 19) Preserve the integrity of Fabien Maman’s teachings and the Tama-Do work for future generations;
  • 20) Always remember that the Soul of the Academy is the People. We are here to serve the consciousness of the people. As they change, we change. We are never static in our teachings.
  • 21) Help build the Tama-Do community. Help students feel safe and not alone. Communicate with the people through personal contact, phone calls, emails, etc…. Organize concerts! Reach out! You were once a beginner too!
  • 22) Agree to all terms of Level III training as spelled out by the Academy.


Tama-Do Academy understands that students have professional lives and need to make a living. We also understand that the Level III Training is like going back to Graduate school. Students are expected to pay for their own training, lodging, transportation, and materials. Tuition can be waived in exchange for service. If you cannot provide service, you can pay ½ price to repeat Level I courses.

Final Evaluation and Graduation:

If all requirements are met, there will be a final evaluation of your commitment, technical expertise, service and performance. The Tama-Do Ethics Committee will make the final decision about teacher certification.

Once a Tama-Do Teacher:

Once you have become a Tama-Do Teacher, certified to teach certain courses of Level I, you will work out an agreement to teach Tama-Do classes, through the Academy. Tama-Do must be notified of all Tama-Do workshops you teach. We reserve the right to oversee the quality of leaflets, advertising, etc.

In consideration, you will be supported by the Academy for all your workshops. You will be featured on the web as an Academy Teacher. As the Academy grows, you will be given opportunities to travel to teach in locations around the country. The Academy may set up your workshops, do your mailings, advertise on the web, etc. In exchange, you will pay Tama-Do a percentage of the NET profits of the workshop.

You will become one of the gate-keepers and bridge-makers of Tama-Do Academy – protecting the purity of the original vision; and ensuring that the vibration is passed on to future generations.

We thank you for your commitment to “The Way of the Soul.” It is indeed a wonderful journey!

Love, Light and Chi,

The Academy Directors