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Terres Unsoeld's
A New Paradigm of Healing

Master Guide and Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld during one of her Shamanique Journeys of the Light® in the Swiss Alps
Terres Unsoeld greeting the Sun in the Swiss Alps with Josefina de Andrade by her side.
Photo copyright Tama-Do Academy 2017

Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld
has created a new paradigm of healing
for Tama-Do Academy
which expands our consciousness through
Energy Work, Spiritual Practice,
Self Knowledge and Creative Soul Expression
in the Heart of Nature.

We call this subtle approach
to the vibrational realm
~Shamanism of the Light ~
for it is the Light from whence we came,
and where, as Souls, we are going.

Traditional Therapies are Not Enough

--excerpt from Shamanism of the Light by Terres Unsoeld

All the traditional therapies I have experienced over my 25 years of self-exploration had one common theme: identify the problem.

In traditional therapy, we focus on the diagnosis of the negative. “Where does it hurt?” “What is out of balance?”

It’s no different than an auto mechanic or western medicine: “tell me your problem and let’s fix it.” Now certainly there is a time and place for this kind of “technicianship.” If I have a cavity, I go to the dentist. Western medicine can be very efficient.

When it comes to the human Spirit,
we need more than what traditional therapies offer.

Traditional counseling is largely based on identifying and talking about the negative. We spend 25 years talking endlessly about our childhood relationship with our mother ~ but where does that get us? We become very knowledgeable about our problems. We become an eloquent historian that can repeat and repeat the “bad things that have happened in our childhood” “the wrongs that have been done to us.”

Organized religion likes to claim the Soul as their domain. Go to a church to find God. Yet in most churches, we learn that we are unworthy, and must rely on the mercy and justice of the priest. Where does that get us?

Social-emotional is only one level of consciousness.
It’s not enough to talk about the negative. We must talk about the Light.
We must take the old paradigm of healing and flip it!

It’s in the Energy Field

In Tama-Do, we believe that sickness begins in the energy field.
Toxins in our environment, negative thought and emotion
all send negative energy into our aura, which, over time, if not cleared,
can create negative crystallizations of energy that eventually permeate the chakras,
acupuncture meridians, organs and cells, causing sickness and dis-ease to occur.

On a Spiritual level, dis-ease can happen when we lose our faith: our faith in the Light, in the Guides, in ourselves and in the healing powers of the Universe. We no longer believe in prayer. We no longer believe in faeries.

On a psychological level, dis-ease can happen when the shock of an unexpected trauma is too much for a person to metabolize.

In the ‘80s, Candice Pert, an American neuroscientist, conducted research that established a bio- molecular basis for our emotion, leading to the mind-body medicine revolution of today. She found that there are neuropeptides (or transmitters) inside the human brain that are created when we have a shock. These bio-molecular pathways (see Molecules of Emotion, Candice Pert) deepen, the more we talk about the shock.

For example, we experience a shock as a baby. Our mother leaves us by mistake in a train station. A neuropeptide will be created in our brain that will record the feelings we have of being abandoned.

We record the physical reactions to the shock. We also record the emotions of the shock. Each time in life, when a situation arises that triggers our abandonment neuropeptide (our mother forgets to pick us up from school, our boyfriend is late to meet us at the movies), we will have flashbacks of our original abandonment. Our neuropeptides will be reactivated.

When Dr. Hamer, a German medical doctor, lost his son in an unexpected tragedy in 1979, he developed testicular cancer. The diagnosis led him to study the connection between stressful events and disease by investigating the histories of his cancer patients. He found that all his patients had a similar experience to his own.

If a shock is not too big, most of the time we naturally heal our self. But if our reaction to a shock is really big ~ unmanageably big ~ (like the shock of the death of Hamer’s son) it is difficult to naturally heal our self. We either give up, or shove the experience under the carpet and forget about it. Many of us bury our reactions to trauma so deep, that we think we are “fine,” only to end up later in the hospital!

Candice Pert, like Fabien Maman and all of us in Tama-Do, believe that sickness and disease occur when the molecules of negative emotion supersede the molecules of positive emotion.

The act of “talking about it” or “emotionally releasing” or “emotional detoxing” about the abandonment that occurred, when the fires are still burning hot from the trauma, only reinforces and amplifies the neurotransmitters related to the trauma!!

Psychotherapy, gestalt and other forms of “talk” therapy made popular in the ‘80s can only deepen the negative patterns in the brain and in the energy field of the aura.

If we believe that all sickness begins in the energy field,
then we must learn to clear the field first,
before talking about our problems.
Talking about our trauma,
before we are free of the trauma,
only pollutes our subtle energy fields
with additional pain and suffering.

If we want to heal,
we must discover our energetic,
Spiritual and psychological reaction to
our initial trauma, and make sure that all three levels are healed.

Paradigm Shift: Flip It!

Don’t talk about the dark. Go to the Light!!

If we spend our whole life complaining and running away from all the bad that has happened to us in our life, then the bad wins. We have nothing to define ourselves except by that which we do not want. We are living by the negative ~ not the positive. We are living in the dark ~ not the Light.

Too Dark? Turn on the Light! drawing by Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld-Tama-Do Academy

The Power of 3X3X3

In Tama-Do we work with 8 levels of consciousness: the physical body and the subtle energy bodies which make up the energy field of the aura: etheric, astral, mental, causal, Buddhic, Atmic and Sri.

When working with our energy fields, it is important to remember the magical power of 3X3X3. It is more commonly known as the Law of Attraction. We attract magnetically to ourselves what we imagine with power.

If we suffer from solitude, we send “solitude” into our field, which rains back down on us with the force and velocity of falling 100km: “solitude!” Solitude!! SOLITUDE!!!”

If we have no money, we send the thought “poor, poor, poor” ~ and we get 3X3X3 more poor! And so it goes! If we imagine negative and do so with power, we will attract negative to us 3X3X3.

If we imagine positive and do so with power, we will attract positive to us 3X3X3. The key is in how powerfully we think, feel and believe.

To heal trauma, we have to practice the positive strong enough to shoot like a rocket beyond the dense negative we have built up in our field. By not talking about “our stuff” when the fires are hot, we give our energy fields space to breathe, our cognitive powers time to assess the situation and our Spirit time to arrive and guide the way.

In our Shamanique Journeys of Light,® we practice forms of “attitude enhancement” ~ being a child again with Faery Magique and story telling, or singing and dancing, or pulling our ears up in qi gong and laughing like elves. Through creative Soul expression we learn to take back our childhood, where most of our trauma took place.

Carrie Mitchell, Tama-Do UK Teacher practices the Energy of the Light with Tama-Do Faeries during one of Terres Unsoeld's Shamanique Journeys of the Light® in the UK.
Carrie Mitchell, Tama-Do UK Teacher practices the Energy of the Light with Tama-Do Faeries Farah Jifri and Yrmgard Cossin

By practicing (obsessively!) the Light,
we enLighten our field, which, in turn,
sends Light, love, health and harmony back to us

Shamanism of the Light®:
A New Paradigm of Healing

Shamanism of the Light® - A New Paradigm of Healing by Master Guide Terres Unsoeld incorporates Energy Work, Spiritual Practice, Self Knowledge and Creative Soul Expression in the Heart of Nature, to extract the Light from all aspects of the Life.

Shamanism of the Light® is a new paradigm of healing,
which incorporates Energy Work, Spiritual Practice, Self Knowledge
and Creative Soul Expression in the Heart of Nature,
to extract the Light from all aspects of the life.

Spirituality alone, when not combined with energy practice, can take us too far out of our bodies. Energy work can be misinterpreted as physical exercise if there is no Spiritual purpose. Self knowledge, like psychology, can become too mental and too self oriented without a Spiritual goal and an energetic practice.

It is through the alchemy of the trinity of Energy Work, Spiritual Practice and Self Knowledge that we awaken to the Arrow of our Destiny. And what wraps everything together in a golden bow is the process of sharing our “creative Soul expression” with others.

It is not enough to heal ourselves. The final act of healing is to pass it on ~ to give to someone else who has shared a similar trauma ~ and to give to the Universe in thanksgiving for being alive on Mother Earth.

Through creative acts of Soul expression we shine like the Sun ~
sharing our Light with others, that they, too, might be inspired to follow
The Way of the Soul to the Light.

Shamanism of the Light® is the foundation upon which Tama-Do Academy is based. Tama-Do means The Way of the Soul to the Light. It is a journey toward Divine Light.

Through our Levels I and II and the Shamanique Journeys of the Light®, we expand our consciousness to the stars, then bring the Light back Home, inside our physical bodies, grounded in the daily life. With these three levels of training, Tama-Do offers a new alternative to classic therapy.

Tama-Do Level I:
Healing the Energetic Aspect of Trauma

Tama-Do Academy Level I - Healing the Energetic Aspect of Trauma with Sound, Color and Movement®

Level I heals on an energetic level. We work with energetic, non-invasive techniques using Sound, Color and Chi Movement® as well as creativity expressed through dance, art and musique such as Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts, to dissolve negative patterns in our aura so that health and harmony can appear. We use Sound, Color and Chi Movement® to awaken the Divine within that we can shine like the Sun!

On a physical/etheric level, Tama-Do energetic techniques help the body to engage in its own unique ability to heal. We become more vibrant and alive.

On the emotional and mental levels, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

On a more subtle level, we enter a state of deep peace and awareness, knowing that we are one and in resonance with the Universe.

We don’t talk. Not yet. Many students who participate in my Level I courses will remember my frequently expressed command, “Don’t talk about the “stuff!” Don’t share your “drama/trauma” with those around you.”

Many who come from a psychotherapy background are shocked and surprised by my seemingly “limiting” approach to healing. They take me aside and whisper, “Don’t we have to talk about our stories in order to heal?”

My answer is always the same: “Yes, but not yet. Not in Level I. Not when the fires are still burning hot from the trauma. We need to clear and clean out the garbage in our energy field and build our house of Light first, before we can look at the "bad".”

Healing begins in the silent space between the sounds.

Tama-Do Level II:
Accessing the Higher Purpose of the Soul

Tama-Do Academy Energy Practitioners greet the Sun during Master Guide Terres Unsoeld's Shamanique Journey of the Light® in the Swiss Alps.
Tama-Do Energy Practitioners of the Light greet the Sun in Switzerland
photo copyright Tama-Do Academy 2018

Whereas Level I focuses primarily on healing techniques to clear and empower the energy field, Level II offers the foundation of Spirituality through energy work and beyond. We explore the Ancient Mystery teachings of the Séphirotique Tree, Soul Astrology, Kototama and the 8 Cycles of Cosmic Energy, as well as Fabien Maman's Initiatique Teachings of the Light, which include his Etherique Chart of Divination® , Law of the 8 Elements® and Fundamental Movement®, as well as Mantras, Meditation and Prayer. Through self knowledge, we manifest our destiny. We learn our place in the Universe.

With mindful dialogue we start the process of self knowledge. We speak for the first time in group. The purpose is not to regurgitate the trauma in our lives, but begin to analyze and comprehend what is happening to us, as a Soul. We do not speak for long. We end our sessions of dialogue with the Tao Yin Fa, Fabien’s own form of qi gong, in nature so that any hidden negative emotion can silently release from our aura and be transformed by the Universe.

In the evenings, we gather together in group to practice sacred chanting, overtoning and meditation. We end the training with our Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts ~ an opportunity to express our Soul creativity.

Healing continues as we know our Spiritual purpose
and our place in the Universe.

Level III:
Shamanique Journeys of the Light®

Master Guide and Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld during one of her Shamanique Journeys of the Light® in the UK
Faery Shaman Terres Unsoeld receives the gift of Fire
photo copyright Tama-Do Academy 2018

The Shamanique Journeys of Light® expand our consciousness through physical, Spiritual and cosmic exploration in the heart of Nature. We take off where Level II left off and go outside into the glory of Mother Earth.

Following the first three levels of incarnation according to the Séphirotique Tree, we learn who we are as Spiritual beings and how to practice and express our true joy of being alive here on Mother Earth and in the Cosmos.

In the beginning, we practice non-stop wonder and joy and power and nobility with the faeries, flowers, devas and Master Trees in the heart of Nature. We do this to build up our energy field with the Life Force, so that we can become more vibrant and alive. We learn to shine like the sun. We clear the ground and prepare the field for our Soul to be welcome.

We practice flexibility. We live on the edge. We seek to be exposed. Whether it’s climbing the Knife Edge or singing our Soul song on the trail or receiving feedback in the Sacred Circle, the Shamanique Journeys help us to get naked.

We expose our body, mind and Spirit by practicing flexibility. We jump into the unknown!

And by doing so (with full gusto!) we build up the strength of our energy field.

We practice to become more prepared
for the next time we experience a shock.
Life will happen.
But our energetic muscles of wonder, joy, power and nobility
will be ready to experience and metabolize the next life experience ~ Lightly.

All this is done in the heart of Nature, because we need the wide open spaces to feel the joy of being alive. The five elements, faeries, flowers, devas, trees and stars act as our mirror. What we give to them is what we get.

By singing to a tiny flower, or jumping in an icy stream, or flying over a mountain, we easily release our toxic patterns because the Nature is such a more beautiful alternative! Each Being of Light has a different consciousness. By tuning to their higher vibration, we rebuild our inner Light.

Creative Soul Expression

We must live our lives with the same creative energy,
the same power that gave birth to the Universe.
Our ultimate success depends on our ability to participate effectively, actively
in the creativity that brings harmony to the world.

Terres Unsoeld
The Musique of the Sky

As a classical Shakespearean actress, I was rigorously trained in body, mind and emotional self awareness. We had to observe every move, every breath, every syllable expressed on stage so that we could repeat our actions over and over, night after night.

As Spiritual Light Workers, we must have the same keen ability to remember everything about ourself. This is fundamentally important in the process of healing and creativity.

Whether we are healing ourself or creating something, we have to start from nothing and then build something, piece by piece ~ like pearls on a necklace. If we forget the last pearl, the necklace falls apart. It’s the same with music, or dance, or poetry, or any of the creative acts of expression that we cultivate in Tama-Do.

The key to creativity is to stay on one piece until it is done. We must not spray out in all directions. We remember each step as we build our dream.

Creative Soul Expression is the act of creating our Spiritual selves.
We don’t express everything just because we feel like it ~
we express only that which cultivates the Light of our Soul.

We sing and dance and create artistically so that we can shine like the sun,
inspiring others that they might express their own Way of the Soul to the Light.

In the Shamanique Journeys of Light®, by channeling the songs of the flowers and devas and sharing our songs in the Sacred Circle, we share our Light with others. By practicing the affirmations of our Soul ~ we yell them with our full being from the top of a mountain or on a cliff by the sea ~ we are expressing our Souls so that others can hear ~ visible and invisible. Our songs rise up on the wings of a bird who carries it into the spiral of our future.

Soul creativity is an act of love that is transmitted to others and to the Universe.
We receive the Light and pass it on, beyond ourselves.
How successful we are to shine like the sun depends on our participation.
We have to dare to jump. Dare to fly. Or dare to fall.
It is only when we stand naked on the mountaintop,
singing and dancing the Song of our Soul ~
that we can merge with the Light.

Terres Unsoeld

Healing the Psycho-Spiritual
Aspect of Trauma

Christina Chrencik - Healing the psycho-Spiritual aspect of trauma during one of Master Guide Terres Unsoeld's Shamanique Journey of the Light® in the Swiss Alps
Tama-Do Practitioner Christina Chrencik dances with the Water Devas
photo copyright Tama-Do Academy 2018

The Way of the Soul is to realize our gifts.
The key to healing is to practice our gifts!

Once we have learned how to clear our aura and physical bodies of negative energy (Level I) and empowered ourselves by knowing our place in the Universe (Level II) and learned to shine like the sun, expressing the wonder and joy and power of being alive (Level III: Shamanique Journeys of Light®), we are ready to address the psycho-spiritual aspects of our trauma.

When we have prepared the ground in our energy field and committed to our Spiritual Way, we are ready to step back and address our past “wrongs” left unhealed, transforming and transmuting them into Light.

In the Shamanique Journeys of Light®,
healing occurs when we transform our “gates” into “gifts.”

Gates are portals through which we must pass to progress on our Spiritual Journey. How we find our gates is through the 8 Initiatique Rites of Passage in the Tree Zodiaque. (Terres Unsoeld)

These cycles of time in our lives (birth, ages 7, 21, 33, 42, 50, 64 and death), which are linked to the 8 Master Trees, 8 Master Stars and 8 Celtic Power Dates, offer a tremendous convergence of Divine energy, which supports the growth of our Soul. It is in these moments of our lives that we can identify our “gates” and the “gifts” which lie hidden, waiting to be revealed.

When we take time to look back on our lives and study the patterns of the gates we have experienced, we can begin to define the true essence and trajectory of our Soul Path, which I call the Arrow of our Destiny. This is the purpose of why we are here, as a Soul. This part of our healing cannot be done alone. We need the Sacred Circle to help us on our way.

The Sacred Circle

All sacred groups practice their alchemy within a Sacred Circle. There is no pattern in the Universe more powerful. We, alone, are only the power of one. A circle channels the energies of the Universe and magnifies the power of the individuals in the group exponentially.

Being seen in witness by fellow travelers is so important. The Sacred Circle does not lie. It acts as our mirror. We know as we speak whether or not we are true. We see it in the eyes of the people who hold space. They help us to become conscious of our vulnerability and our patterns in order to avoid future shock. Sometimes, we learn for the first time that we are still in shock. The negative neuropeptides of our trauma are always lurking in every corner of our cells and DNA, ready to jump out and surprise us all. Members of the Sacred Circle cannot fall into this trap. They hold the Light, rising us up to a higher level of consciousness.

Sacred Commitment

Once we commit to the Spiritual Way, there is no turning back. Once we touch the Light, we never forget. The way in which we commit to the life is what we get from the life ~ there is no cancellation possible on the Way of the Soul.

We respect our Soul. We respect the Souls of others. And we respect the Sacred Circle.

In magique, if the circle is broken, so is its power and protection. We must never break the Circle.

The Final Test

Within the Sacred Circle, we practice the final test. We tell our story of trauma ~ from a Light perspective. We tell our story of the gifts we have received from our gate.

When we can share the story of our gate in the Sacred Circle and not feel a catch in our throat, or in our solar plexus ~ when there is no more strong emotional reaction when we talk about it, because we live in the gift of the story, then we know we are out of the trauma.

When we are able to feel deep love and forgiveness
and can radiate our Light to the Sacred Circle ~
When we can appreciate that the person who shocked us
was just the messenger who helped us to open our gate ~
When we are grateful
for all we have learned from our gate ~
Then is our gift manifest.
That’s when the trauma is over.
That’s when we truly are healed.

Those who become successful do so because they did not know it was impossible - Mark Twain (slightly revised by Terres Unsoeld)

Those who become successful do so
because they did not know it was impossible.
Mark Twain
(slightly revised by me)

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as whole, experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength unfeatable. Helen Keller
End Left Collage

Security is mostly a superstition.

It does not exist in nature,
nor do the children of men as whole, experience it.

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run
than outright exposure.

Life is either a daring adventure,
or nothing.

To keep our faces toward change
and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate
is strength unfeatable.

Helen Keller

End Right Collage
End Right Collage
End Middle Collage
End Right Collage