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A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light
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A Noble Hero's Journey to the Light


Faery Shaman TERRES UNSOELD has created a new paradigm of healing which expands our consciousness through energy work, Spiritual practice, self knowledge and creative Soul expression in the heart of Nature.

She calls this subtle approach to the vibrational realm,
~ Shamanism of the Light ~
for it is the Light from where we have come, and where, as Souls, we are going.

NOW Terres Unsoeld brings us A NOBLE HERO’S JOURNEY TO THE LIGHT, 8 Inspirational & Spiritual Teachings in the Heart of Nature.

Visionary, Inspiring, Provocative and Profound, these 8 MOVIES (more than 3 hours of Sound, Color and Musique) inspire us to “Wake UP!” and “Go to the Light!”

Based on her two Masterful books, SHAMANISM OF THE LIGHT and INITIATIQUE TREES OF THE LIGHT, Terres takes us on a Noble Hero’s Journey through the 8 Initiatique Passages of our life: Birth, Ages 7, 21, 33, 42, 50, 60 and Transformation. These auspicious occasions offer a tremendous convergence of Divine energy, which supports the growth of our Soul.

Exquisitely and breathtakingly filmed by Julian Melanson, during Tama-Do Academy’s Shamanique Journeys of Light in the Swiss Alps and UK, we plunge into the heart of Nature and find ourselves at HOME in the Light of the Divine.

STREAMING movies are available as a course of 8 movies, or individually.

The Complete 8 Movie Course



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USB card

The USB key is inside the flash card. Flip it open as shown in the photo above, with the gold filament facing up. Insert it in either a PC or a MAC. It will show up in your computer as an external drive named Tama-Do. All 8 movies will be waiting for you. We have numbered them in sequence of age.

It is best to view the movies in sequence. As in life, they build upon themselves.

Enjoy the Journey!

Dear Terres and Fabien

The usb with the movie parts didn’t look like a regular usb stick, so I didn’t know where and how to plug it in. I asked someone else who said ‘just plug it in like a normal usb stick’. So I did and finally I had a chance to watch all 8 parts. I watched them in one go, at the ending of each one wanting to see and hear more of the next part.

At the end I can only say that it’s awesome. I’m not only talking about the cinematic part, which is beautiful and often stunning, but especially about the content and the way in which you deliver it. Everything I’ve come across that you and Fabien write, has the power of transmission, passing on a truth, the Truth that reveals itself between the words, the lines and the sentences. Now, in this 8-part movie you let Truth sound itself again, this time between the images and the spoken words. But that is also the message of Tama-Do: healing takes place in the overtones, in the space between the notes. So one could say: “You are the fundamental note”, n’est-ce pas ?

Often, while watching, I found myself thinking: ‘I wish I had known this. If only someone had told me and explained to me the way of the soul, the stages on the path that we, vulnerable mortals, have been invited to walk…’. Would then my life have been different, would I have taken the other path? Could it be that the scales of my Libra ascendant would have weighed in favor of intuitive knowing?

I sense that many people are struggling to make the choice between an intuitive knowing of Truth and a mentally-distorted perception of Reality. This movie could make a difference for them, a real difference. To me it deserves a place among the true Wisdom Teachings that this planet has brought forth. It will resonate for a long time.

with respect and love,

Oh Terres,

This is the most powerful, wonderful, inspirational work of your's ever!!!!

Such a creative, enchanting storyteller, I hope the whole world can embrace your wonderful film.

Great collaboration of talent, but mostly, of you... your vision, dreams and LOVE. For all generations to share and realize the value of of each one of our incarnations. To open our eyes to the magic and wonder all around us and to live in the NOW of it.

You are brilliant, thank you for all that you do and bring to all in your lifetime.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and Congratulations,


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The Complete 8 Movie Course (in English & shipped within the USA): $100
(delivered on a USB memory drive) (shipping not included)

Hero's Journey image

The Complete 8 Movie Course (in English & shipped to the EU and UK): $120
(delivered on a USB memory drive) (shipping included)

Hero's Journey image

The Complete 8 Movie Course (in English): $100
(delivered by STREAMING anywhere in the world) (no shipping)0

Hero's Journey image

The Complete 8 Movie Course (with French subtitles & shipped to Canada or EU): $120
(delivered on a USB memory drive) (shipping included)

Hero's Journey image

The Complete 8 Movie Course (with French subtitles): $100
(delivered by STREAMING anywhere in the world) (no shipping)

Hero's Journey image

The Complete 8 Movie Course (with Spanish subtitles & shipped to EU): $120
(delivered on a USB memory drive) (shipping included)

Hero's Journey image

The Complete 8 Movie Course (with Spanish subtitles): $100
(delivered by STREAMING anywhere in the world) (no shipping)

Individual Movie Courses


Individual Movies STREAMING $25

(Each movie is about 30 minutes long.)

Birth image

BIRTH is the time when our Soul enters our baby body and we anticipate the joy of being born. It is a powerful initiation. It takes a huge act of will to come into the world. WAKE UP! to the joy of being alive in the Heart of Nature! Remember the miracle of who you are!

Faery Magique
Faery Magique! (age 7)

FAERY MAGIQUE is the time when our Soul is mirrored by the magical realm of the faeries. It is a potent initiation. Many of us are happy to be born, but once we arrive, we receive a shock. We either become a good soldier, losing our inner faery, or we check out and become a faery disincarnate. Feel the magical wonder of faery magique and rejoice in the wonder of being alive inside our physical bodies, on Mother Earth, NOW!

Becoming of Age image
Becoming of Age (age 21)

BECOMING OF AGE is our rite of passage into adulthood. It is the time when we become who we are as a Soul. This is a powerful initiation. It is like the quest of the knight. We are physically strong and ready for adventure. Exhilarated to be free at last from family, community and structure, we “fly free,” yet often have no clue to where we are going! This is a time when the Universe offers a time out from our busy-ness, so that our true life, our Spiritual life can begin.

Spiritual Awakening image
Spiritual Awakening (age 33)

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING is when we open to the poetical aspect of our Soul in the daily life. We are in the peak of our phsycial chi. We have the power of action to do whatever we want in our life. We are faced with choices. What do we put first: the social/emotional aspects of family, children and career, or the exalted creativity of our Spiritual path? We must, as a Noble Hero, make choices at this age that align with our Spiritual Destiny – our Way of the Soul to the Light.

Master's Path image
Master's Path (age 42)

The MASTER’S PATH is when we stand in the truth of our Soul. We walk the path of our Destiny. This Path is not for everyone. If we have answered the call of our Soul; if we choose to step on our Master’s Path, with the Masters who have come before; we shoot like a rocket into our future. WAKE UP! to your Lineage. Know from where you have come, and they shall give you such support! Welcome HOME! On your Way of the Soul to the Light!

Spiritual Re-Alignment
Spiritual Re-Alignment (age 50)

SPIRITUAL RE-ALIGNMENT is the time when our Body of Light is unfolding and our physical body is experiencing change. It is a time to reach out to the Universe and ask for Spiritual help. It is the time when we reap what we sowed in our 30s. Choices made about family, children, career and Spiritual path resurface. Challenge will force us to accept that we are not eternal. For some, this is the “dark night of the Soul.” For others, it is a time of great opening. We learn to pray. We receive the Light of the Universe.

Masterhood (age 60)

MASTERHOOD is the time when our Soul is in full power. We have no choice but to embody our Spiritual Way. If we have prepared ourself, this is an exciting moment in our lives when we become the Master of our Destiny. We have metabolized our gates and turned them into gifts. We become a channel of Light from the Divine – inspiring others to open to their Way of the Soul to the Light.


TRANSFORMATION is our final passage to the Light. It is a time when we transmute all dark into Light. Death is the ultimate initiation. It is the last (end of things) that opens to the first (rebirth). This is a time to remember all our Light memories here on Mother Earth. We let go of our physical vehicle and pass to the other side, into our Luminous Body of Light. The Way of the Soul to the Light is a beautiful journey, which is never finished…

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