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From Star to Cell:
A Sound Structure for the Twenty-First Century

by Fabien Maman

"These books, amazing and passionate, describe a fundamental research which finds an astonishing application in cellular biology. A new axis for exploration is discovered which should certainly interest the medicine of the future."

--Rene Gandolfi, MD
Founder of the School of Pragmatic Anthropology
Paris, France

"This research may turn out to be one of the most significant and exciting discoveries of this century."

- Subtle Energy Magazine

Although each book is complete in and of itself, when read together, these four books create a living structure which is based in the physical body on the laws of music and acupuncture and continues through the five elements of nature to the subtle bodies and even to the vibrational essence of cosmic energy.

Book I

Book I:

The Role of Music in the Twenty-First Century (3rd Edition)

ISBN: 0-9657714-0-7
Paperback, 118 Pages, Published in by Tama-Do Academy

Offers guidelines for music and musician to take full advantage of the healing power of acoustic music to bring human beings into harmony with nature and the cosmos. Included in this book are over 100 color photos showing for the first time under microscope that acoustic sound can revitalize healthy cells and destroy cancer cells. $27.50


Book II

Book II:

Raising Human Frequencies:
The Way of Chi and the Subtle Bodies
(3rd Edition)

ISBN: 0-9657714-1-5
Paperback, 79 Pages, Published in by Tama-Do Academy

Written for those who choose to consciously evolve their consciousness and bodies by raising the vibrational rate of their own frequencies through the awakening of subtle body energies. Includes illustrations of Tao Yin Fa, Fabien's unique exercise for health, a series of exercises which work on five levels: from the internal organs through the subtle bodies to the energies of specific stars in the eight directions. $27.50


Book III

Book III:

The Body as a Harp:
Sound and Acupuncture

ISBN: 0-9657714-2-3,br /> Paperback, 118 Pages, Published in by Tama-Do Academy

Fabien takes acupuncture based healing to a new dimension, adding sound and color. Described in exacting detail, this book guides the reader through Fabien's unique techniques such as tuning forks on the acupuncture Shu Points; tuning forks on the ear points; the Musical Spine; Kototama, the Science of Pure Sound; and Celestial Acupuncture. $27.50


Book IV

Book IV:

Healing with Sound, Color and Movement:
Nine Evolutionary Healing Techniques (3rd Edition)


ISBN: 0-9657714-3-1
Paperback, 133 Pages, Published in by Tama-Do Academy

For the Tama-Do practitioner, this book is an excellent guide through nine of Fabien Mamans unique healing techniques, including tuning fork protocol; sound and the spiral of the ear; chakras; T.E.P. (Tama-Do Extra Points); the Musical Spine, Healing with Chi; Healing with Voice; Healing in the Subtle Bodies; and the Sefirotic Tree of the Kaballah. Included are photos of several sound healing and sound initiatory instruments created by Fabien Maman. $27.50


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