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Practice Protocol

Tama-Do Practitioner Candidates must complete the following Practice Protocol before being eligible for the Level I Review and Test and Level II.

  1. Practice Tao Yin Fa, or Qi Gong every day;

  2. Read and comprehend all four of Fabien Maman’s books;

  3. Show understanding and ability to apply Tama-Do techniques in practice;

  4. Be “in the field” of the Tama-Do work:

    • Learn to embrace compassion, understanding and good will in their daily practice.
    • Show an openness and willingness to learn and provide energetic support for the teachings, the teacher and the group.
    • Honor the purity and the integrity of the Tama-Do work.
  5. Be on the path of the New Consciousness of Tama-Do, which is necessary for furthering the vibrational work of the Academy… This means furthering one’s self awareness work through additional practices such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation, reading, music, etc…

  6. Complete 50 client sessions. (Diagnosis sheets must be handed in)

  7. Honor the Tama-Do Practitioner Ethic:


It's a pure illusion to try to change others.
You can only change yourself through
Tai Chi…

Love. Ask nothing. Expect nothing. We are a channel of love, like the sun pouring its rays on the Earth; like the rains watering the plants. We are filled with compassion. We are not different from the ones we heal. We are the same.

Cultivate purity of intention.

Respect our client's process. They are the ones on the journey, not us. They must follow their own rhythm of healing.

Honor the laws of Nature. Nothing must be forced before it's time.

Let go. Have absolute confidence in and complete love for the Great Force which presides over life. It doesn't mean "do nothing", but demands that one agrees to live what is to be lived and that there is no such thing as chance. Once we have done everything in our power to prepare, the rest is "in our hands", guided by the powers of the Universe.

Perseverance, Practice and Patience!

Become Transparent. Leave yourself at the door.


Humility. We serve. We make mistakes. It is not about us. We serve.

Obstacles to watch out for:

Knowing it all. It leads to power.
Desire to "heal" or "fix" your client.
Will power. "I want to know it all or fix it all!"

"We can teach people nothing. We can only help them discover that they already possess within themselves everything there is to learn."


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