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Tama-Do Soul Path

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From Star to Cell: "The Way of the Soul"

Within each cell of our body is written the divine story;
within the heart of our soul is the blueprint of the DNA.
Fabien Maman


Tama-Do Academy's Soul Path is for those who wish to further expand their consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration.

We are proud to introduce a series of Master Classes on "The Way of the Soul." This Soul Path is for people wishing to deepen their Path. Extremely personal, this series is open to all. There are no requirements.

The Fundamental Dance of the Soul with Fabien Maman:
Linking your Ancestral Lineage through the Zodiac

It takes 2,160 terrestrial years to move 30 degrees within the zodiac. Over many lifetimes, your Soul will accomplish the complete tour in 25,920 years. This makes the zodiac an important witness to the evolution of your Soul.

It is also the blueprint of the energy field through which your Soul will incarne in this lifetime.

The universe is your home and you need to know it.


Dance of the Soul

8 Master Stars
and the Bagua

Sephirotic Tree and
Arche of Sound

Accessing the Invisible
World through Color

Shamanic Journey
In South of France

The Devas of Nature

Join Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy (Webster's Dictionary), as he connects the planetary sound correspondences in your astrological birth chart, and creates the Song of your Soul. Open to your ancestral lineage as you discover your very personal Dance of the Soul.

Fabien will also help you to incarnate your soul in a more panoramic way. By understanding the relationships of the planets around your Zodiac, you can learn to allow your Soul to rearrange your energy field…giving you the maximum of space possible…to be completely in the center of your Zodiac… your life…and to reintegrate your field of power.

It is an uplifting, unforgettable start for The Way of Your Soul.

The Initiation of the 8 Master Stars of the 8 Directions in the Bagua with Fabien Maman

Tama-Do's Bagwa, a magnificent eight-sided, 13' high cathedral of sound

We are all stardust - we are all part of the universe. Knowing the universe will help us to know our Soul; and knowing our Soul will lead us on a wonderful journey back Home.

This is Tama-Do, the "Way of the Soul."

Using Tama-Do's Bagwa, a magnificent eight-sided, 13' high cathedral of sound, Fabien Maman will lead you on an initiatic journy in the eight directions to the corresponding Druidic Master Stars. This is our personal "Feng Shui for the Soul".

Using the Tao Yin Fa Qi Gong, Series II and III, with specific mudras, sound and color will help to link us with the eight directions, the five elements of Nature, the Chakras, subtle energy fields and pure light of the stars, awakening the vibrational messages of our Soul.

This is the only Bagwa Sound Temple® in existence in the world today.

Originally, the 10 Sephirot were the Etheric blueprint of the planets for our solar system. In the Kaballah, the Sephirotic Tree describes different initiatic stages through which human beings must pass, to fully incarne their pathway of the Soul.

As the son of four generations of Sephardic Rabbis, Fabien Maman's roots are firmly planted in the mysteries of the Kabbala. In this revealing workshop, he will help you to be able to recognize the divine aspect of your Soul, the consciousness of your own essence.

You will be able to resituate yourself on your Soul Path in the grid of the Tree of Life. Explore your spiritual temperament as it relates to your Chinese Temperaments, Chakras, Subtle Energy Fields, and planetary aspects.

Where are you on your path today? Where is your consciousness leading you?

This course will propose new ways to redirect your energy by staying closer to your real purpose of life.

Using Tama-Do's magnificent 13' Arche of Sound®, with the Crystal Sefirotic Tree®, Fabien will imprint the divine message of your soul in your subtle energy field.

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Accessing the Rainbow World of Color New Soul Series Master Class!

Introducing Tama-Do's newly released book and 12 CDs: "Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color"

We know that the speed of penetration of color is faster than sound and movement - and since everything in the invisible world is very fast - it is clear that color is the link to the universal consciousness through the 7 Rays…

This course takes you on an amazing journey through the Rainbow Colors using Tama-Do's special Rainbow Etheric Essences and Silks. Explore the impacts of color on Chakras and the Subtle Energy Fields (Aura). Learn to balance the energies of your clients, family and friends. We will learn exercises to help us to discover our Soul Potentials and to work with the Master Rays of the twelve colors. This course is tailored for practitioners as well as those who just wish to experience color.

Everyone is welcome!