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Walter Beebe

Founder and President, The New York Open Center

June 9, 2004

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Re: Recommendation of Fabien Maman for Support

Dear Nominating Committee:

Fabien is a visionary in the highest sense of the word. His knowledge, gleaned from nearly forty years of working with the ancient traditions of India, Japan and China, as well as from his own depth of inner knowledge, comes from the highest sources of wisdom.

A highly spiritual man, he tells us that he was just a French musician, playing music, when he 'got the call' to serve the higher good of the people. He was to build an Academy, Tama-Do, which means "Way of the Soul", for the evolution of consciousness using non-invasive vibration techniques with Sound, Color and Movement and Seasonal Healing Concerts, to promote peace and well being in the energy fields.

We have all sorts of teachers coming to the Open Center, but in all our years we have rarely met a person with a more comprehensive vision. He covers all aspects of well being in his teachings, making a unique synthesis from his vast body of knowledge.

He is a pioneer before his time.

Fabien's s life's theory -- that sickness, as well as healing begins in the energy field -- has taken more than twenty years to begin to sink into the collective consciousness.

His research and practical application of more than 30 techniques using sound, color and chi movement to break negative patterns in the energy fields, has slowly found its way to other modalities. His tuning fork techniques are now commonly used. Color lights on acupuncture points are now commonly used. Even Fabien's seasonal harmonizing concerts, using a certain key and mode linked to the element of the season, to bring human beings into resonance with nature, community and the cosmos, are beginning to appear.

What we have seen is that he somehow put these ideas together in one package, with great impact, over many years -- the sign of a creative genius.

The New York Open Center first presented Fabien in 2000. He comes twice a year to teach courses in sound, color and movement from his Tama-Do curriculum. With over 500 different programs every year, our feedback sheets and observations repeatedly report his very deep effect. Here's a leader who teaches the modes like an Indian master, the Kaballah like a Rabbi, meditation like a yogi, Qi Gong like a Chinese master….and he's just this simple French musician!

He does not believe anyone should suffer. So, through his sound, color and movement, as well as by example, he teaches and practices a simple form of 'Aikido of Life: Dodge the raindrops. Get out of your own way. Rise above the negative. Seek the light.'

He has created a serious paradigm to live by which demands that we cultivate joy and light. After 9/11, Fabien's teachings became a source of peace and comfort for New York and the Open Center's students. In his class, rather than allow people to dwell on their tragedies yet again, he was able to expand the energy of the room through gentle laughter and sound and color. For one moment in time, students were able to rise above the darkness…and from that place of stillness, healing was able to begin.v

We at the New York Open Center, urge the committee to award Fabien Maman for his research and teachings in holistic wellbeing, so that he can continue his life's work in bringing peace and harmony to the people.

Sincerely yours,
Walter Beebe
Founder and President