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Steven A. Ross, Ph.D.

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July 7, 2004

Re: Nomination of Support for Fabien Maman

Dear Awards Nomination Committee:

The World Research Foundation first became aware of Mr. Maman's research in 1987. We were told by various scientists in Europe about a man who was showing the effects of sound, on not only cancer cells, but on different systems within the human body. Upon meeting Fabien and directly learning about his research we became convinced of the important need for his research to be more fully disseminated throughout the world. Here is a man who is a musician/composer that has played inspiring music in concert halls around the world; a martial artist who understands about control of the body; a healer that has developed a non-intrusive system of bringing sick and out-of-balance bodies back to their natural harmony.

Our organizational mandate is to identify all healing techniques from ancient times to the present, representing all areas from traditional to non-traditional. Here with the important work of Fabien Maman we have a researcher that is not only showed us the importance of acoustic sound as it is a part of creation, but he has been able to utilize his awareness to bring an individual back into harmony with their own nature, with Nature, and this can only lead to a more harmonious world as a whole. As he has stated, "within each harmonizing concert, the individual is not only tuned and harmonized within his/her own cellular DNA, acupuncture meridians, organs, Chakras and energy fields, but is also tuned in a greater expanding spiral including the elements of nature, the seasons, the community and beyond." The only other person that had such awareness of sound and the Universe was the great Pythagoras.

Since 1984, the World Research Foundation has accumulated over 30,000 books dating to the 1400s in a variety of health and philosophical regimes, we have an Advisory Board that has been comprised of accomplished and world recognized scientists and medical doctors including a past Chairman of the Nobel Assembly; the head physician for NASA, and many other highly qualified specialists. We consider the research and practical applications of Fabien Maman work to be as important, as necessary, as beneficial as anyone whom we have been associated with or gathered information about.

In this time and era in the world it seems that many of our new innovations, while supposedly making our lives better and easier, often have a complexity attached to them. What is truly remarkable about the work of Fabien Maman is that there is simplicity in the application. This should not be taken to mean that it was easy for Fabien to develop this work. But that he is surrounding us with sound and music. How very natural is this!

We ask for your strong consideration of our nomination of Fabien Maman.

Thank you.
Steven A. Ross, Ph.D.
World Research Foundation