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Tama-Do Sacred Arche of Sound®

Fabien Maman's Sacred Arche of Sound® with Crystal Sephirotic Tree® - a magnificent instrument that opens us to the Ancient Teachings of the Light
Fabien Maman's Sacred Arche of Sound® with Crystal Sephirotique Tree®
Photo courtesy Sharon Little 2001

“"The energy was so strong; I could feel myself flying
out the top of my head, yet being pulled deep into the womb of the Earth.
It changed my life."

Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational therapy, created the Tama-Do Arche of Sound® to clear energy fields and realign people with their central axis.

For those trained in the Tama-Do work, standing in the arche, feeling the earth and sky energies expanding our awareness, is a Shamanique journey taking us back to where we have come from and reminding us of where we are going.

This magnificent instrument, standing 13 feet high with 15 sound tubes (over 10 feet high each), is a "womb of sound".

The Tama-Do Arche of Sound®'s sound tubes produce extremely low frequencies, less than 10Hz (excluding the high A). When rung one time, the sound can last more than 15 minutes! These low frequencies also produce very high overtones.

Listen to the Sacred Arche of Sound®:

Track 17 Tama-Do Arche of Sound® (P.199 - The Tao of Sound):

Do you feel the deep resonance of Mother Earth beneath your feet?

Tama-Do's Sacred Arche of Sound®
and Initiatique Teachings of the Light®

Hidden beneath the power and effectiveness of our Tama-Do tools and techniques, seekers can find a hidden door, which opens to the foundations of our school: The Ancient Initiatique Teachings of the Light

There are many ways to use the Sacred Arche of Sound®. These different levels are pathways to our Soul, that can only be revealed through the practice of energy, Spirituality and self knowledge.

Tama-Do's Sacred Arche of Sound® becomes a key witness to our Initiatique Teachings of the Light.

Like Fabien Maman's Classical Steel Tuning Forks® on acupuncture points, sound will be attracted and absorbed to a certain level or it will be rejected out of the fields.

Sometimes vibratory messages remain on hold, hanging in the aura for “Soul Purpose.” They will stay there until the consciousness allows its final integration for energetic change. Some sounds are reprocessed through subtle levels. Some other sounds are reprocessed through density, going down to the earth. This will depend on the pitch and overtone quality.

These manifestations are understandable only in practice. Since everything is timing, one experiences it in one’s own time...

In Tama-Do Academy's Initiatique Teachings of the Light, we use Fabien Maman's Crystal Sephirotique Tree®, based on the Kaballah, hanging in front of the Sacred Arche of Sound® to further align the subtle fields with our soul's purpose.

Fabien Maman's Sacred Arche of Sound® with Crystal Sephirotic Tree®
Fabien Maman's Sacred Arche of Sound® with Crystal Sephirotique Tree®
Photo Julian Melanson 2017

The Sephirotique Tree
Crystal Healing Structure®

I created my own Sephirotique Tree using crystal balls which I hung in a fine structure in front of the Arche of Sound®.

Each ball represents one branch of the Tree of Life. Each branch has a sound correspondence, using the Cycle of Fifths. The sacred geometry of the tree completes the experience by integrating all the different levels of energy through the resonance of sound.

When we stand in the Arche at dawn,
the sun’s rays shine through the crystal balls,
awakening the crystal energy and activating the memory
of each of the Sephirot in our subtle field.
We sound the tubes, activating the light energy of each crystal sphere,
which helps to integrate the exact quality of energy needed
in the subtle and physical bodies down to the DNA.

In the Crystal Sephirotique Tree®, colors are the overtones of the Light.

The sun opens a part of the spectrum of color in each crystal sphere which will enter the body. When we connect with the Light from the sky and the movement generating the inner structure of sacred geometry, then we may understand how everything in the universe can come together and how we can integrate this knowledge into our own inner structure...

We receive exactly the right intensity and the right amount of energy needed to readjust our energy in the moment. Although there is a result on the physical level, the main alignment takes place in the subtle bodies, linked with the karma and Dharma of each person.

Fabien Maman's Sacred Arche of Sound® with Crystal Sephirotique Tree®
Fabien Maman's Sacred Arche of Sound® with Crystal Sephirotique Tree®
Photo courtesy Day Schildkret 2007

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