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Tama-Do Sacred Bagwa of Sound®

Fabien Maman's Sacred Bagwa of Sound® - creates sound of pure golden Light, linking us with ancestral memories from this life and beyond.
Fabien Maman's Sacred Bagwa of Sound®
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"It's like I was standing on top of a mountain,
feeling the energy and power beneath my feet,
but feeling the bliss and wonder of this sweet pure golden light all around me."

The Sacred Bagwa (which means 8 sided) of Sound® was created by Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy. The geometric octagon shape allows the people to "capture" the energy in the eight directions, each of which brings a different quality of universal Chi. This is our own "Feng Shui for the Soul". In fact, without even ringing the tubes, just by standing in the middle of this shape, the energy has been measured to raise up to 50,000 gauss. When you use a magnet on an acupuncture point instead of a needle, the medium average energy level is 1000 gauss.

Tama-Do students initiated in our work use the Bagwa to link with the memories of this life and beyond. Students have described their experience in the Bagwa as that of "pure golden light."

Listen to the Sacred Bagwa of Sound®:

Track 18 Tama-Do Bagwa of Sound® (P.201 - The Tao of Sound)

Feel how the Sacred Bagwa of Sound® expands you in the 8 directions - pulling energy into Mother Earth and stretching you to the sky.

The Cycle of Fifths for the Bagwa®

The Sacred Bagwa of Sound® uses Fabien Maman's Cycle of Fifths for the Chakras® for the eight directions.

The fifth interval between notes is the most empowering and expanding of all notes in Classical music tradition. It is also one of the most important factors of expansion in sacred geometry. The pentagram is the fundamental model for the human being.

This magnificent instrument, standing 15 feet high with 24 sound tubes (over 10 feet high each), is a "circle for Light."

There are three tubes per direction, two tuned to the fifth interval at incredibly low frequencies (less than 19 HZ), and one tuned to the fifth interval at a high frequency. The combination of low and high frequencies expands our energies in all directions - reaching to the stars.

Tama-Do Academy advanced Initiates of the Light use the Sacred Bagwa of Sound® to open the 8 directions, which link to the 8 Seasons, 8 chakras, 8 subtle energy fields (levels of the aura) and 8 Master Stars. All these levels of consciousness link Initiates of the Light to the very essence of their Soul Path.

Learn who you are and shoot like a rocket toward your Destiny.

For more about the 8 Master Stars of Tama-Do, please see Musique of the Sky by Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld

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