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Tama-Do Chakra Re-Alignment Tubes®

Fabien Maman's Chakra Re-Alignment Tubes®

Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy, created the now famous "Cycle of Fifths" sound sequence to empower and energize the chakras.

His "Tama-Do Chakra Sound Tubes® uses the Cycle of Fifths for the Chakras® , beginning with a low F and moving upward toward the head. The Cycle of Fifths for the Chakras® is the most empowering and expanding of all notes in Classical music tradition.

Fabien Maman found that he needed a different combination of notes to concentrate and ground the chakras in the physical body, rather than expand them outward. By changing the order of the sequence of the Cycle of Fifths for the Chakras® , he created the Chakra Re-Alignment Scale®.

The specific order of sound brings back the energy to the central axis in a very fine way. It takes two octaves on the piano to play the Chakra Re-Algnment Scale® , rather than five octaves for the Cycle of Fifths for the Chakras®.

Listen to the Chakra Re-Alignment Sequence® on the piano:

D (Heart) - G (Solar Plexus) - A (Throat) - C (Tantien) - E (3rd Eye) - F (Root) - B (Crown)

Track 10 Chakra Re-Alignment Scale® by Fabien Maman (Piano) (P.178 - The Tao of Sound):

Now listen to the Cycle of Fifths on the piano:

Track 9 Cycle of Fifths for the Chakras® by Fabien Maman (Piano) (P.178 - The Tao of Sound):

Feel how the Chakra Re-Alignment Sequence® pulls the energies of the chakras inside the physical body, while the Cycle of Fifths for the chakras expands the chakras outside the physical body.

Fabien Maman designed Tama-Do Chakra Re-Alignment Tubes® to ground the chakras inside the physical body. They are fabricated from the highest quality, music-grade brass.

Here is a clip of the Tama-Do Chakra Re-Alignment Tubes®:

Track 15 Tama-Do Chakra Re-alignment Tubes® (P.197 - The Tao of Sound):

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