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Fabien Maman's Monochorde Table® created for Tama-Do Academy

Tama-Do Monochorde Table®

Fabien Maman's Monochorde Table® created for Tama-Do Academy
Fabien Maman's Monochorde Table®
Photo copyright Tama-Do Academy

The distance between the earth and any planet of our solar system
is measured in harmonics (overtones) instead of miles or kilometers.
When we realize that these harmonics or overtones come from pure sound,
we understand the need to create acoustic instruments
that can bring us back into total resonance with the universe of which we belong.
I created the Tama-Do Sound Instruments®, to take my work back to the source, following the rules of Sacred Geometry.

When we ‘tune’ with these magnificent instruments,
we return to our natural health and inheritance linked with the energy of nature
and the cosmos. We return to the roots of our original Soul Path.

Fabien Maman

The monochorde is an instrument first designed by the ancient Greek mathematician, musician, philosopher, Pythagoras.

Inspired by a dream about Pythagoras, Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy, designed the first modern monochorde and monochorde table with a wood base and 52 strings, all tuned to one note. When strummed, these strings produce overtones which follow the logarithmic progression of vibration, from earth to sky.

Fabien Maman's Monochorde Table is tuned within the first octave of a piano, sometimes to F¹, which corresponds to the vibratory frequency of the circumference of the Earth. This frequency has an incredibly nurturing and grounding effect.

Since the spine is the most important reflex zone of the body, Fabien Maman thought it would be appropriate to have acoustic sound through overtones vibrating directly into the spine. This would affect not only the physical body structure, but also the subtle energy field around it.

Listen to Fabien Maman's Monochorde Table:

Track 11 Monochord Table (P.195 - The Tao of Sound):

The interaction of the monochorde's strings creates an extraordinary symphony of harmonic overtones. Listen closely - you'll hear what sounds like a choir of angels.

Fabien Maman leading a sound meditation with his first monochorde, which he created in 1984.
Photo copyright Tama-Do Academy

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