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Tama-Do Sacred Sound Pyramid®

Fabien Maman's Sacred Sound Pyramid® made exclusively for Tama-Do Academy
Fabien Maman's Sacred Sound Pyramid®
Photo copyright Tama-Do Academy

“I stood in the pyramid, and within two minutes,
all my mental chatter ceased.
There was a silence within the sounds that I have never heard before.
It made me completely quiet and at peace.”

Tama-Do Academy's Sacred Sound Pyramid®, designed by Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy, was constructed in the scale of 1/100 of the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

We use the pyramid to clear the three first auras of the head, specifically the etheric, astral and mental subtle field.

The Tama-Do Sacred Sound Pyramid® is tuned with the energy of the four directions and the four seasons. Each side is tuned using Fabien Maman's Pentatonic modes arranged to resonate with the key of each season. These are the same modes Fabien Maman uses in his Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts®.

Listen to the Pentatonic Mode of the Sacred Sound Pyramid®:

Track 16 Tama-Do Pentatonic Pyramid® (pg. 198 - The Tao of Sound):

What is a Pentatonic Mode?

A Pentatonic mode is composed of five notes within one octave, (penta = 5) using different intervals between each note.

It is used in all traditions, from the ancient Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Egyptian and Indian Classical.

In India, the modes (or Ragas) have been used to call in the energies of the day. There is a different raga for every two hours within a 24-hour period. Although India has used these modes for centuries, they never developed specific modes to harmonize with each season.

Fabien Maman was the first to link Pentatonic modes with the seasons.

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