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Resonance of Ancestral Memories


The Resonance of Ancestral Memories II
By Fabien Maman

This brilliant healing CD by Fabien Maman uses 21 acoustic instruments to realign the chakras and subtle energy fields - moving up the body from the feet to the head. 45 minutes long, this is the perfect CD for practitioners who wish to "hold the energy field" for their clients.

After more than 7 years' research, Fabien Maman developed the now famous system of using "The Cycle of Fifths" (starting with low F) instead of a diatonic scale (do, re, mi) to balance and empower the chakras. He has also developed a method to align the subtle energy fields (Aura) through an Overtone Progression. This bio dynamic system of moving energy up the body to balance the chakras, as well as expanding energy around the body in the subtle energy fields creates a whirlpool of energy, allowing deep transformation.

This version ends with a beautiful arrangement of the monochorde, crystal bowls and the Tama-Do Giant Pyramid. $22


Breathing the Soul


Breathing the Soul
By Fabien Maman

“To be in harmony with ourselves and the universe, we must each develop our own relationship with the vibratory energy of Nature and the cosmos. Herein lies our true essence, the seed of our Soul.” - Fabien Maman

Master Guide Fabien Maman and Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld have been leading Shamanic Journeys in France, UK and Switzerland for more than ten years. Created for Tama-Do ("The Way of the Soul") Academy, these journeys expand our consciousness through physical, spiritual and cosmic exploration in the Heart of Nature. We call this subtle approach to the vibrational realm - Shamanism of the Light® - for it is the Light from whence we came, and where, as Souls, we are going.

This CD is a meditative journey to re-Source our Inner Light. The quiet sounds of Nature wash our auric field as acoustic instruments played by Fabien Maman, Terres and Benza call our Souls to wake up and breathe. $22


Fabien Maman Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts

Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy, draws on Sacred ancient Chinese, Greek and Indian traditions to perform his Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts around the world. Inspired by Chinese medicine, Fabien has developed a system of correspondences between the elements, meridians, chakras, directions and stars and the musical key, mode, instrument, rhythm and energy of each season. When played, these acoustic sounds bring human beings, nature and the cosmos into healing harmony.

According to Chinese medicine, there are five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), each of which resonate with an organ, acupuncture meridian and season. Fabien's research also includes the stars, subtle bodies and chakras. For him everything is fundamentally connected. He always says that all the components of life are inseparable, for each of them plays the role of an instrumentalist in this immense orchestra, the universe, under divine direction!

For more than thirty years, Fabien has been performing his Seasonal Healing Concerts around the world. In 2003, Tama-Do Academy decided to produce a series of 4 live recordings of Tama-Do Seasonal Harmonizing Concert; one for each season. Only acoustic instruments are used, as they best resonate with the human body and the energy fields. Performers attend a 2-hour workshop, one day rehearsal, one day tech... and then performance/recording!

The results are pure magic, as can only be found in a live recording. 2 of the 4 CDs are complete. Stay tuned!

Winter Concert


A Winter "Soulstice" Harmonizing Concert with Fabien Maman & Friends
By Fabien Maman

On December 22, 2003, Fabien joined forces with 50 professional musicians, singers and dancers to perform this historic Winter "Soulstice" Healing and Harmonizing Concert at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. Members of Sound Tribe Sector Nine, Hamsa Lila, TranceZenDance, Foxgluv, and many others, donated their artistic services in this ground-breaking collaboration to demonstrate the full potential of music as medicine. This amazing piece of symphonic harmony is based on Pentatonic modes of Winter in the key of D. The master instrument is the drum. (9 drums!). This live recording brings energy, vitality and joy to the darkest time of the year!

This CD empowers the kidneys and brings focus to the mind. It is good for energy any time of the year! $15

Sound Clips


Summer Concert


Summer Harmonizing Concert with Fabien Maman & Friends
featuring the Music for Healing and Transition Program Orchestra with 50 Harps and Choir
By Fabien Maman

Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy, follows his Winter Soulstice performance with a Summer Harmonizing Concert. This time, 50 Harps and Choir of the Music for Healing and Transition Program Orchestra in the Chapel of Notre Dame College of Cleveland, Ohio, join Fabien for this live acoustic concert celebrating the energy, vitality and chaotic joy of Summer!

Based on Fabien's Pentatonic modes of Summer, and using only acoustic instruments in the key of C, this Bossa Nova jazz and Debussy-like CD empowers the heart with the joy of being alive! $15


Autumn Concert


The Autumn Harmonizing Concert with Fabien Maman & Friends
By Fabien Maman

Tama-Do Academy presents Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy, with MJ Greenmountain & Friends in this live acoustic concert to harmonize with the season of Autumn. With ancient Sanskrit, Tibetan, African, Brazilian, Rastafarian and Yoruban chants, this CD is a meditation and celebration of Peace and Love from around the world.

Rejoice in the Light of the Autumn energy! $15






Discover this new "Benza-Style" of music! These pieces, composed by Benza Maman (Fabien's 15 year old son) between 1999 (when he was 7 years old) and 2006, blend Cuban, African and Brazilian rhythms with his own sensibility gathered from memories collected from his world travels since he was 2 months old. "Voyage" debuted live at Tama-Do Academy's Spring Harmonizing Concert at Agape International Spiritual Center, March 20, 2004.

When we ask Benza from where he got such an inspiration so young, he always answers: "I am from Benzaland!"

This is an exhilarating, fun! and uplifting dance CD! Sure to be a collector's item! $15


"Accessing The Way of the Soul through Color"

12 CDs of Music, Meditations, Affirmations, Poetry and Self Practice

Color CDs

more than 6 hours of listening...

This set of 12 Color CDs will guide you to access the Consciousness of each Color.

Red * Orange * Yellow * Green * Turquoise * Blue
Indigo * Violet * Magenta * White * Gold *Pink

In each CD, you will be led on a progression of exercises taking you through the different levels of consciousness, from the physical to the spiritual.

Music * Poetry * Color Concentration * Affirmations
Self Practice * Color Meditation * Master Meditation

"The Divine story is written in the Rainbow of the Sky and imprinted in our DNA.
Everything we know comes from this light. We are just star light.
And because we are divine in nature, we are just beginning to remember...
--Fabien Maman

Special introductory rate: $40


(See our Color Book and Color CD Offer in our Color Book Section.)



"Qi Gong of the Light®"


Tao Yin Fa Series I & II
(Movement for Health & Vitality)

created by
Master Fabien Maman


Zhineng Qi Gong

created by
Master Pang Ming


In 1984 musician/composer, acupuncturist and martial artist Fabien Maman received Tao Yin Fa® Series I. He received 5 Series in all, bringing his own form of Qi Gong of the Light® to the world.

Terres Unsoeld is Master Teacher of Tama-Do Academy and Master Teacher of Tao Yin Fa

Tao Yin Fa® Series I (Movement for Health) and Series II (Psycho-Spiritual Movement) are practiced every day by students of Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®.

We offer the teachings to you for the first time on DVD, so that, wherever you are, you can join us each morning, as we do our daily practice!

We have added Zhineng Qi Gong, which Fabien received from his Master Pang Ming and the Acupuncture Meridian Stretches which Terres received from her Master Wataru Ohashi.

"The seed of the spiritual is rooted in the physical.

When practicing Qi Gond such as Tao Yin Fa®,
the inner movement of your body mirrors
the movement of the Universe,
producing a fusion which allows you to step into your Soul."
Fabien Maman

Nearly 2 hours of Teachings and Practice filmed at Mysty Haven, California and Courmettes, France

Price: $33
($20 for Tama-Do Certified Practitioners with Coupon Code)


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