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VISIONS Magazine

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February 2005


FABIEN MAMAN: From Star to Cell - The Way of the Soul

By Terres Unsoeld

Read about Fabien Maman's Cellular Research

“When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic expression work together, heaven and earth are in resonance. This is the vibratory promise which is the gift of our Universe.” -- Fabien Maman

Within each cell of our body is written the Divine Story. Within the Heart of our Soul is the blueprint of our DNA. This is the spiritual work of the Coming Age: Bio-Spiritual Cosmology – where biology, physics and cosmology open to the “Way of the Soul” and where spirituality finds its roots grounded in physical reality. The key that links these is vibration, and leading the way in this field is French musician/composer, acupuncturist, researcher and bio-energetician, Fabien Maman.

For nearly 30 years, Maman has created research and practical applications using Sound, Color and Movement® to balance the body, mind and spirit through the subtle energy fields (auras). In 1977, he created the now famous system, which uses tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture command points. In the early ‘80s, Fabien Maman conducted biology experiments at the University of Jussieu in Paris, showing the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields. What he found was that through a series of acoustic sounds, cancer cells would explode and healthy ones would become energized and empowered.

Using a Kirlian camera, Maman was able to document what happens to the energy fields of healthy human cells when exposed to a chromatic scale of sound frequencies. To his amazement he discovered that the color and shape of each cell and its subtle energy fields changed according to the pitch and timbre of each musical note. He also discovered that when the cell felt a ‘vibratory affinity’ with a certain note, the cell’s aura would transform into a mandala shape with vibrant colors of pinks and blues. Maman concluded this was the cell’s ‘fundamental note’, and if the person ‘tuned’ with it, harmony could be achieved within the cells, the energy field of the person and the outside world.

Shortly after this research, Maman met French physicist Joel Sternheimer, who discovered the vibratory frequency of elementary particles. Long before the “string theory”, Sternheimer was transposing certain molecular structures into musical patterns, creating “the music of the molecules.” Like Maman’s cellular research, Sternheimer found that if there was a problem in an organic structure, the molecules of that structure did not vibrate, but if they heard the string of notes they recognized as their tune, they began to vibrate again. Inspired, Maman began to deepen his research: If physical cells and their energy fields can recognize and respond favorably to vibration, is it possible, that they have consciousness? What is the link between cells and the Soul? Is it possible that vibration is the key?

Maman became fascinated with the theory that blockages in our subtle energy fields can result in physical imbalance if they are allowed to crystallize, and sound, color and movement are the most effective tools we can use to dissolve these negative energetic patterns. Once our energy fields are clear, we can link with the original plan of our Soul. Bio-Spiritual Cosmology-sound penetrating the cells and reaching to the stars-became the life work of Fabien Maman.

In 1988, Maman founded Tama-Do, (“Way of the Soul”), Academy, to promote the evolution of consciousness through vibration. His research and practical application of more than 30 techniques using sound, color and Chi movement in the energy fields, are slowly finding their way to other modalities. His tuning fork techniques and color lights on acupuncture points are now commonly used. And when tuning forks were not enough, Maman created magnificent sound instruments to bring us back into total resonance with the Universe to which we belong. While standing in the Arche of Sound in the Tama-Do Sound Garden in Malibu, a 13’ high cathedral of sound with 15 sound tubes, each over 10 feet high, one can feel the earth and sky energies expanding our awareness.

Today, Maman is exploring new ways to heal and harmonize on a more global level. Returning to his musical roots, Fabien has developed a system of correspondence between the elements, meridians, chakras, directions and stars and the musical key, mode, instrument, rhythm and energy of each season. When played, these Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts bring human beings, nature and the cosmos into healing harmony.

For more information on Fabien Maman and Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement: 310-456-1014