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Tama-Do Chakra Sound Tubes®
for the TEP®
(Tama-Do Extra Points)

Tama-Do Academy is proud to announce the availability of our beautiful


Made in the USA at affordable prices.
Crafted from the highest quality seamless yellow brass.
We can ship to Europe and Canada as well!

The tuning is in strict adherance with
Fabien's sound protocol for the Chakras.

Resonance of Ancestral Memories
Meditative healing CD
by Fabien Maman
using the Cycle of Fifths and Overtone Progression

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Tama-Do TEP Chakra Tubes® with F & E Overtones

TEP Chakra Tubes® Full TEP set-up with Cycle of Fifths, F Overtones and E Overtones


Tama-Do Chakra TEP Tubes®

After more than 7 years' research Fabien Maman developed the now famous system of using "The Cycle of Fifths" (starting with low F) instead of a diatonic scale (C,D,E etc) to empower and energize the chakras. The low F corresponds with the vibration of the circumference of the earth. The fifth interval between notes is the most empowering and expanding of all notes in Classical music tradition.

Fabien developed the TEP Chakra Tubes® specifically for his TEP technique, which harmonizes the chakras. The TEP Chakra Tubes consist of 8 sound tubes made from instrument-grade brass starting with the note for the root chakra and progressing up to the crown.

F (Root) - C (Tantien) - G (Solar Plexus) - D (Heart) - A (Throat) - E (3rd Eye) - B (Crown) - F# (Bindu)

For those interested in purchasing the TEP Chakra Tubes® with the F and E Overtones, we ask that you be trained in our Tama-Do sound protocol first. We require that you become a Certified Tama-Do Practitioner before purchasing these tubes.

The F Overtone Scale® Tubes®

Fabien Maman developed the F Overtone scale to ground the Root Chakra. Studies have shown that low F is the vibrational frequency of the circumference of the earth. With 15 sound tubes, the F Overtone Scale works to stretch the energy from the first chakra down to the earth, as it expands consciousness in the energy field. It is the perfect complement to the TEP Chakra Tubes®, grounding the client after they have been expanded and energized.

The E Overtone Scale®

With 9 sound tubes, the E Overtone Scale® works to clear the energy around the head, opening the third eye, crown chakra and Bindu. It reharmonizes in a very fine way the first 3 auras of the head.

Sound Clips

The full TEP Set with F and E Overtones is the perfect combination of sound to reharmonize sky and earth energy around the body.


Tama-Do TEP Chakra Tubes® $1200
F Overtone Series $1000
E Overtone Series $700
mallet $25
Full set of TEP, F and E Overtones: $2700 plus shipping and tax if applicable

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